BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551-GB Review Hover Mower

Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Great for small gardens, compact and lightweight
Long power cord
Easy to manoeuvre
Works very well on sloped or bumpy lawns
Comes with replacement blades
What I Don't Like
Limited cutting heights
No grass collection options
My Overall Rating



The BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551-GB is an electric hover lawn mower with a 30cm cutting width and foldable handles for reduced storage. It has a 1200w motor, 3 cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 40mm and weighs just 7.5kg.

When you think of a hover mower, you probably instantly think of Flymo and while they were the pioneers of this design, other brands have followed suit and they do it well. One brand that does it very well is BLACK+DECKER and they bring us the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 which is a lightweight and convenient little mower perfectly designed for the small garden.

If you’ve only got a little lawn and don’t want to spend a fortune on a giant petrol mower that’s going to struggle to get into those hard to reach places, the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 might be the answer to your problems.

In my BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 review, I’ll run through the most important features of this lawn mower and help you make an informed decision on whether it’s right for your garden.

Main Features 

  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable
  • 3 cutting heights
  • 1200w
  • 30cm cutting width
  • Folding handles
  • Comes with replacement blades
  • Suitable for lawns up to 250m²

Power System And Performance

The BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 runs on a 1200w motor which is perfect for the size of this mower. It’ll make light work of smaller gardens up to around 250 square metres. However, this might not be suitable for all homeowners but if you want a decent non-Flymo hover mower that’ll meet your more demanding needs then I’d suggest the Lawnmaster MEH1836-01 which has an 1800w motor so is better for bigger spaces.

When you buy the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 hover mower, you get a 10 metre power cable. While this is the standard size, it gives you more than enough scope to get to the far reaches of the lawn without having to mess about with a long extension cable.

One of the things that instantly stood out to me about the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 was that it’s ideal for less than perfect lawns. If your lawn has lumps, bumps and slopes then this machine will make life so much easier. Its lightweight design and effortless manoeuvrability make it a dream to use.

On top of that, the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 is a quiet lawn mower so you don’t have to worry about giving yourself or the neighbours a headache when you’re tending to the garden.

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To give you a visual representation of the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551-GB please watch the video below.

Features In Detail

Deck and Blades

Like most hover mowers, the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 is made with a plastic deck. While you might worry that this would make it less durable, it’s actually an incredibly well made piece of equipment and unless you’re going to be bashing it against rocks on a regular basis, it’ll more than stand up to the challenge of domestic use.

The BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 also comes with plastic blades. Now, these do wear more quickly but they can also be easily replaced so you haven’t got to worry about sharpening them. You’ll get ten replacement blades with the mower but even after you’ve used them all, they’re incredibly easy to get hold of on Amazon and directly from BLACK+DECKER.

The BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 has a 30cm cutting width making it suitable for small lawns. While this will suit many UK homeowners, it may be too small if your garden is more than 250m². That said, the Lawnmaster hover mower I mentioned earlier comes with a 36cm cutting width so that could once again be an ideal choice.



If you’ve got a small lawn then the chances are that you’ve also got a smaller shed. If storage has been a problem for you in the past then the folding handles of the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 will be a dream come true as they make the footprint a lot smaller. Plus, the mower can be hung vertically for even better storage efficiency.

Height Adjustment

Hover mowers don’t tend to have as many options when it comes to height settings but the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 comes with a choice of 3; 20mm, 30mm and 40mm. This allows you much more control over how you cut your lawn and allows you to alter this according to the time of year and your personal preference.

Safety Features

While not equipped with anything mindblowing in terms of safety, the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 does require you to push a safety button before the machine will start up using the trigger handles.

This is great news if you’ve got children as it will avoid any accidental start ups which could result in a nasty injury or damage to the mower and lawn.


One of the best things about the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 is how lightweight it is. Weighing just 7.52kg, it’s so easy to move around and even the act of carrying it to and from the shed isn’t going to exert you.

The BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 comes with a two year warranty. This is pretty standard among mower manufacturers but is more than generous enough. I have read some customer reviews that have stated that the handle clips have snapped during the first uses so having a warranty to cover potential faults like this is important.


You can download the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 user manual here

What’s Included in the Box? 

  • 10m power cord

Pros and Cons

  • Great for small gardens, compact and lightweight
  • Long power cord
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Works very well on sloped or bumpy lawns
  • Comes with replacement blades
  • Limited cutting heights
  • No grass collection options


Should You Buy this BLACK+DECKER?


The BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 hover mower is a brilliant choice for people who need something lightweight and no nonsense. There aren’t any special features but that’s not always a bad thing for those of you that just want something that’ll cut the grass neatly and easily.

I would recommend the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 to people with a small lawn. If you’ve got anything over 250 square metres then the 30cm cutting deck might be too small. Instead, it may be better to go for the Lawnmaster hover mower which is slightly bigger and more powerful.


Black and Decker is a brand synonymous with power tools and garden equipment but it’s not usually the first company you’d think to buy from when purchasing a hover mower. However, if you want to move away from the traditional Flymo design then the BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551 is a nice alternative.

Its simple design and lightweight body make it a pleasure to use and mean that you can mow in all directions, around obstacles and up slopes without any hassle. No, it might not be all singing, all dancing, but that’s not always something you need.

Where Should I Purchase This Electric Hover Mower?

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BLACK+DECKER 1200W 30cm Electric Hover Mower, BEMWH551-GB
  • Compact, lightweight 30 cm deck electric rotary mower that is ideal for smaller gardens and lawns up to 250m2
  • Ideal for slopped and uneven gardens, offers more manoeuvrability to complete the job quickly and without extra hustle
  • 3 different cutting positions from 20-40 mm allowing flexibility depending on your lawn condition and individual preference
  • 10m long cable to allow mowing across the length of the garden without the need for extension leads
  • Supplied with 10 replacement plastic blades meaning hassle free maintenance as there's no need to sharpen in between uses

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4 thoughts on “BLACK+DECKER BEMWH551-GB Review Hover Mower”

  1. It’s very heavy, much heavier than my previous, Flymo, mower. The vibration while cutting my grass left me feeling unwell and it’s only a small area. The strong vibration also left me feeling very concerned about using it and very reluctant to use it again.

    Not at all impressed and will be returning it asap.

    1. Hi Susan

      Thanks for your feedback. This is very strange and would normally be as a result of a damaged blade that is not balanced correctly.

      Thanks again.

  2. Good afternoon,
    Just small query. Not sure how to replace cutters. Instructions I feel could be clearer. Would be grateful for your advice. Thank you .Kind regards

    1. Hi Ann

      Your mower should have come supplied with a blade bolt spanner. This is used to remove the hole plate. With regard to the blades, you need to push them towards the centre of the mower to unclip them. When replacing them, do the opposite and first hook them in place and then pull away from the centre of the mower to lock them in. Hope this helps.

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