Cobra RM43SP80V Review

Cobra RM43SP80V Cordless Review
Cobra RM43SP80v
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Powerful motor and battery interchangeable with other Cobra garden tools.
Perfect for a great striped lawn appearance
Up to 50mins Run Time (No Load)
Self-propelled drive
Low 17mm cutting height
Very powerful 80v brushless motor
Comfortable and easy to use
2 Year Warranty.
What I Don't Like
Extra batteries can be expensive for this model.
Larger upfront investment (but still good value)
Only has single speed self-propelled drive
My Overall Rating

Cobra RM43SP80V Review


The Cobra RM43SP80V is a cordless battery lawn mower that has a 43cm cutting deck and comes supplied with a large 2 x 40V 5.0Ah battery that will give you around a 30-40 minute run time. The mower comes provided with a large 50 litre grass collection box and a wide range of cutting heights (7 stages, 17mm to 75mm), weighs 29kg and is provided with a Cobra 2 year warranty.

I was really excited to get my hands on the Cobra RM43SP80v as this is a high end, extremely well performing mower. I would say it was a pretty simple design in terms of mowing features and addons but what it does have is done incredibly well.

For people with medium to large lawns, a robust and hard working mower is a must and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Cobra RM43SP80v. It’s one of the most powerful cordless mowers on the market with an 80v mower and gives a great running time of up to 50 minutes.

The Cobra RM43SP80v has a lot more features to get us talking so in my Cobra RM43SP80v review, I’ll go through everything you need to know to figure out if this is the lawn mower for you. If you prefer to see the product in action, you can check out my video review of this lawn mower (coming soon).

Main Features

  • 80v motor
  • 2 x 40v 5.0Ah batteries included
  • 2 x fast chargers included
  • 50l grass bag
  • Full rear roller
  • Quiet operation
  • Self-propelled drive
  • Fan under deck
  • 43cm cutting width

Power System & Batteries

One of the main selling points of the Cobra RM43SP80v is how powerful it is. If you have a bigger garden or slightly more demanding needs then this isn’t a mower that’s going to let you down. It’s also one of the reasons that this is a higher priced lawn mower but you get what you pay for and in this case, that’s ultimate power!

The 80v motor runs on two 40v 5Ah batteries which easily slot into the top of the Cobra RM43SP80v. What I love about these batteries is that the lithium ion technology means they do not discharge when in storage so there’ll be no nasty surprises when you come to mow the lawn and don’t have any power.

Moreover, when you do need to charge the batteries, there won’t be any guess work as there is a button you can press that activates the battery lights so you always know how much power you have. The Cobra RM43SP80v also comes with two fast chargers so both batteries can charge quickly and at the same time.

Cobra RM43SP80v Video Review

To give you a visual representation of the Cobra RM43SP80v, please watch my video review below:


Features In Detail

Deck and Blade

Cobra RM43SP80V Deck and Blade

The Cobra RM43SP80v is kitted out with a steel deck which offers excellent stability and feels really rough and ready to go. Steel is a far better option for rugged lawns as the material can stand up better to heavy duty use.

This is a lawn mower that is designed for medium to large lawns and as such benefits from a 43cm cutting width. However, if your garden is slightly larger, you might opt for the older brother that I mentioned earlier, the RM51SP80v or, if your garden is a little on the smaller side, there’s even a 41cm version; the RM4140v so you can still enjoy pretty much everything this mower has to offer. That said, you should keep in mind that the smaller version does only run on a single 4Ah battery so it’s not quite as powerful and is NOT self-propelled. Please see the comparison table below for the difference between the RM Cobra range.

One of the things that really stood out to me and that you’ll be able to see in my video review of the Cobra RM43SP80v is the built-in fan within the mower deck. This is great as it improves airflow under the deck and allows for the clippings to be easily sucked into the collection bag; no clogging or blockages.

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Height Adjustment

What I really love about the Cobra RM43SP80v is that it’s perfectly designed for all mowing conditions. Whether you need to chop your way through grass that’s been left to grow for a while or simply want to maintain that bowling green lawn, the choice of six cutting heights will give you what you need.

They can be alternated between using a simple central lever and you have heights ranging between 17mm and 75mm; that’s what I call versatile!


If you’re looking for a powerful lawn mower that’s easy to use then the Cobra RM43SP80v won’t let you down. The handles are foam padded for comfort and all of the controls are within easy reach so you won’t have any trouble getting started.

There is another battery indicator button on the handles so you can keep an eye on the remaining power as you mow without having to actually look at the lights on the batteries themselves.

When you’re finished with the Cobra RM43SP80v, the handles fold down so that the machine is easier to store.

Roller (Stripes)

Another feature that makes the Cobra RM43SP80v so special is the built in full width rear roller. This isn’t something you see on every cordless mower although more and more manufacturers are including them. This roller will allow you to create that neat, manicured striped lawn that’ll make your garden look immaculate.

Again, take a look at my video review to see the excellent stripes created with this Cobra RM43SP80v.

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Grass Collection Box

The Cobra RM43SP80v benefits from a large 50 litre grass box which is more than sufficient for the size of the lawn mower. I love that this is a cloth collection bag so you’re easily able to fold it down for convenient storage.

The collection box slots easily on and off the mower without any fuss and locks into place so it feels really secure while you’re mowing. There’s also a full flap indicator so no more guesswork when it comes to emptying.


Cobra RM43SP80V Performance

The Cobra RM43SP80v might be super powerful but how does that translate in terms of performance? Well I have good news! This lawn mower does a brilliant job of cutting the grass and makes light work of what could be a challenging chore.

For starters it has self-propelled drive which is great news if you have a larger garden or one that has a lot of hills and slopes. It’ll save you from having to exert a lot of effort. My only real issue is that you cannot alter the speed of the self-propelled drive so you’re stuck at 3.2kmph. That’s not the end of the world however, as it is an ideal mowing speed for most.

Owing to the fact that the Cobra RM43SP80v uses 5Ah batteries, you get a good running time of around 50 minutes. This is significantly more than the larger version of this mower; the RM51SP80v which has a larger mowing deck and uses the same batteries but doesn’t run for as long. I completed the cut of my 500m2 rear lawn and my 150m2 front lawn on a single charge.


For a self-propelled mower, the Cobra RM43SP80v is relatively lightweight at 29kg. I mean, I realise that isn’t something that you’re going to be able to just pick and throw over your shoulder but it’s light compared to some. Moreover, weight doesn’t really factor into things with self-propelled drive as you won’t need to exert any effort to push the mower.

In addition, the Cobra RM43SP80v is really easy to manoeuvre. I love how it glides around the lawn with minimal effort and this just makes the whole mowing experience that little more enjoyable.

Where comfort is concerned, the Cobra RM43SP80v is a very quiet mower. When you turn it on, you’ll notice how it doesn’t make a massive amount of noise so if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to disturb the peace then this might be the right choice for you.

Safety Features

The Cobra RM43SP80v comes with a safety key that has to be inserted and turned in the battery compartment before the mower will fire up. This is great as it prevents any accidental start ups when the mower isn’t in use.

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Cobra RM43SP80v Cordless Lawn Mower User Manual

You can download the Cobra RM43SP80v Cordless Lawn Mower user manual guide here.


What’s Included in the Box

  • 1 x Cobra RM43SP80v
  • 2 x 40v 5Ah lithium ion batteries
  • 2 x fast chargers
  • 50 litre hybrid grass collection box
  • Safety key
  • User manual

Pros and Cons

  • Powerful motor and battery interchangeable with other Cobra garden tools.
  • Perfect for a great striped lawn appearance
  • Up to 50mins Run Time (No Load)
  • Self-propelled drive
  • Low 17mm cutting height
  • Very powerful 80v brushless motor
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Stores easily
  • Sturdy steel deck with built in fan
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Larger upfront investment (but still good value)
  • Extra batteries can be expensive for this model.
  • Only has single speed self-propelled drive


Should You Buy the Cobra RM43SP80v?

Should You Buy the Cobra RM43SP80v

The Cobra RM43SP80v is not a cheap lawn mower so you’ll need to be willing to part with a decent amount of cash. However, it is an extremely good investment if you need a powerful self-propelled lawn mower that’s going to make garden care easy.

I would recommend this lawn mower for anyone with a larger garden, especially those that have slightly more challenging terrain. Rough ground is no match for the strong steel deck while hills and slopes won’t be a problem thanks to the self-propelled drive.

I also think that the Cobra RM43SP80v is a brilliant petrol alternative. Firstly, it’s got that amazing power that could rival a petrol machine. Plus, the long running time is great if you’re moving over from petrol. And of course, cordless is much more eco friendly.


I’ll be honest, this has to be the nicest cordless mower I have ever tested, and that’s saying something. Yes it does come at a price but, I hope you can see from this review and my video that it’s really worth it. The Cobra RM43SP80v is a brilliant investment if you want a powerful and reliable self-propelled lawn mower that produces well defined and long lasting stripes that are the envy of your neighbours.

Out of all the mowers I have tested this one is staying for my own personal use. Even my wife says “can you stripe the lawn?” instead of “can you mow the lawn?” and this Cobra is the machine to do it and do it well.

It almost feels like you are using a petrol mower, without all the noise, fumes and maintenance of course.

The batteries in this 40v range can be power shared with other tools such as hedge trimmers, grass trimmers and leaf blowers etc.

It’s robust and designed for a range of mowing situations so is perfect if you’re after something versatile and easy to operate and maintain.

It’s got everything you’d expect from a high end machine and a performance to match.

Where Should I Purchase This Model

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Cobra Rear Roller Lawnmower Comparison Table

ModelCobra RM4140VCobra RM43SP80VCobra RM51SP80V
Battery1x 4.0Ah2x 5.0Ah2x 5.0Ah
Battery Charge Time90 Minutes30 Minutes30 Minutes
Charger Supplied1x Standard2x Fast2x Fast
Mowing Time30 Minutes50 Minutes40 Minutes
Lawn Size400m²500m²600m²
Deck Size41cm (16")43cm (17”)51cm (20”)
Deck MaterialPolymer DeckMetal DeckMetal Deck
Rear Roller

No. Cutting Heights667
Cutting Height20-75mm17-75mm17-75mm
Grass Collector50L50L60L

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Cobra RM43SP80v FAQs

Does the Cobra RM43SP80v have a rear roller?


Is the Cobra RM43SP80v self-propelled?

Yes, a single speed drive

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Approx. 40 mins.

Does the Cobra RM43SP80v have a steel deck?


Is there an indicator on the grass box that tells you when it's full?

Yes, it has a grass bag full indicator.

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