Cobra S40C Scarifier Review UK (1)

Cobra S40C Scarifier Review

Cobra S40C Scarifier Review UK (1)
Cobra S40C Scarifier
What I Like
Great for large lawns
Excellent at removing thick thatch
Powerful engine system
Comes with starter kits and extras
2 in 1 function for year round use
Large 45 litre collection box
2 Year warranty
What I Don't Like
Heavy at 39 kg
Can be a little tricky to start
My Overall Rating

Cobra S40C Scarifier Review UK (1)


Scarifying your lawn is super important if you want it to be strong, healthy and to grow well. The Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator is a great tool for the job and is a powerful petrol model with some brilliant features.

The Cobra range is really impressive and, as well as this petrol model, they offer a cordless and mains powered version. But I’ll touch on these throughout this review.

The Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator comes with two interchangeable cartridges and a wide cutting diameter that’s great for larger gardens. The power of the petrol engine means it does a great job at removing even the most dense moss so let’s find out more about this amazing tool.

Main Features

  • 40 cm cutting width
  • 45 litre collection box
  • 212 cc 4 stroke engine
  • Recoil start
  • Dial assisted height adjustment
  • Forced air cooling system
  • Ergonomically designed folding handle
  • 2 year warranty



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Power and Engine System

Cobra S40C Scarifier Height Adjustment

The Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator runs on a 212 cc 4 stroke engine. 4 stroke engines do require the oil to be filled separately from the fuel, unlike a 2 stroke engine which uses a mix of oil and fuel. However, you get a 250ml bottle of oil in your starter kits and it’s simple enough to add.

What I love about the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator’s engine is how powerful it is. If you’re looking for something that’s going to make light work of a lawn that’s packed with thick thatch, this is going to do the trick.

On the other hand, if you need something a little less intense then there is a battery powered version available. This delivers a good amount of power and will also work well on bigger lawns but without the fumes or heavy weight of the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator.

The Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator uses recoil start which some people aren’t keen on. However, after turning on the fuel and pushing the start button, the recoil cord does seem to be pretty reliable. Of course, this may require a little practice if you’re new to petrol powered tools. But it’s not something I’d allow to put you off.
This model is not self propelled so you will need to push the weight of the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator around your lawn. However, since the engine is so powerful, there is a degree of movement in the machine so it’s a lot easier to manoeuvre than you’d initially imagine.

Height Adjustment

You’re not always going to want to dig into the lawn to the same depth but the good news is that the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator comes with a range of working heights between -15mm and 5 mm. This gives you the freedom to operate the machine in a way that works best for your lawn.

What’s more, it’s really easy to move between cutting heights thanks to the handy dial. There’s no messing around, just adjust the dial and get on with the task at hand.

Blades/Drum System

The Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator comes with two cartridges; one for scarifying and one for lawn aeration.

These can be easily changed and simply require an allen key to loosen the screws and remove the current cartridge. It’s then simply a matter of sliding the new one into place and refitting and securing the screws. It literally takes seconds to switch between them.

The scarifying cartridge is fitted with 18 robust steel blades that dig deeply into the lawn. This is ideal for spring or autumn lawn care and will help to remove even the most stubborn thatch.

You also get the aeration cartridge which comes with 18 steel tines and I’d recommend using this during summer when you want to give the lawn a bit of aeration but don’t want to pull everything up and make a mess.

Cobra S40C 2-in-1 Scarifier Video Guide 

To give you a visual representation of the Cobra S40C please watch the video below:

Scarifying and Raking Diameter

Cobra S40C Scarifying and Raking Diameter

Both the scarifying and raking cartridges have a cutting width of 40 cm (16 inches). This is the widest option from the Cobra range with the cordless and corded models having a slightly smaller width (and smaller collection boxes).

The great thing about the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator is that it’s wide enough for use on lawns up to 600m². So, if you have a larger garden and want to get things done as quickly as possible then this is the model I would recommend.

Collection Box Capacity

The Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator comes with a 45 litre collection box which will contain all of the moss and thatch you pull up. You can then empty this into your garden waste or onto your compost pile.

It is, however, possible to remove the collection box and allow the moss to fall directly onto the lawn. Of course, this will need to be raked up afterwards so it does create more work.


When I was checking out the online details of the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator, I noticed it was advertised as being lightweight. However, it actually weighs 39 kg which is pretty hefty, especially if you don’t have a lot of strength.

Now, once the machine is moving, the power of the engine will aid you in pushing it, even though it’s not self-propelled. But you’ve still got the task of getting it from the shed to the lawn which is something to keep in mind. If you want something truly lightweight then I’d suggest going for the corded model which is significantly lighter.

The Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator is fitted with an adjustable padded handle so this is a tool designed with user comfort in mind. What’s more, the handle can be folded when not in use so this is a real space saver if you’re limited on room in the garage or shed.

Petrol tools are notorious for making a noise but the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator runs at around 85 decibels. This is by no means super quiet but it is quieter than many other tools out there. Still, I would recommend wearing ear defenders, especially if you’ll be using the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator for long periods of time.

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Safety Features

Cobra S40C Scarifier Safety Features

One of the greatest features of the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator is that it comes with a forced air cooling system within the engine. This essentially means that the tool won’t overheat which is great news considering this is a piece of equipment designed for larger lawns and that will therefore be used for longer sessions.

The way this system works is thanks to air fins within the engine that force hot air out and bring cool air in, keeping the engine and all of its workings operating at a safe speed.

What’s Included in the box?

● 1 x Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator
● 250 ml Briggs and Stratton Fit Fuel
● 4 stroke engine starter kit
● Starter kit including fuel container and funnel

Cobra S40C Scarifier User Manual

Click Here to Download the Cobra S40C Scarifier User Manual

Pros & Cons

  • Great for large lawns
  • Excellent at removing thick thatch
  • Powerful engine system
  • Comes with starter kits and extras
  • Large collection box
  • Overheat protection
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Heavy at 39 kg
  • Can be a little tricky to start


If you have a large lawn with a lot of thick moss coverage then you’ll need a tool that’s going to get right underneath the grass to remove this. That is one of the main reasons I love the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator because it’s so effective at what it does.

With a super powerful engine and a wide working width, it’ll turn a lengthy job into something much more manageable.

What’s more, the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator is fitted with a forced air cooling system so there’s no worry about it overheating and the handle is designed for optimal comfort even with prolonged use.

While this tool might not be suitable for small gardens or for people who want a lightweight model, the robust and reliable design make it a real workhorse for challenging projects.

Specification – At A Glance

  • Engine: 212cc 4 Stroke
  • Drive Type: Hand Propelled
  • Working Width: 40cm / 16″
  • Working Height: -15mm – +5mm
  • 18 Bladed Cartridge
  • 24 Spring Tine Cartridge
  • Domestic Warranty: 2 Years
  • Weight: 39kg

Where Should I Purchase this Model?


Mowers Online have been providing outstanding customer service since 2000 and will be happy to assist and provide pre or after sales advice. Delivery is fast and usually within 2-4 working days.

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