EGO ST1511E 38CM Cordless Line Trimmer Review

EGO ST1511E 38CM Cordless Line Trimmer Review

Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Genuine alternative to petrol (no fumes, low noise, no maintenance, lower cost).
New Powerload™ feature for easy line load.
Powerful dual line cutting.
Wide 38cm cutting width.
Great warranty on both the tool and battery.
What I Don't Like
Non foldable handle (180cm long).
Non swivel head for edge cutting.
My Overall Rating

EGO ST1511E 38CM Cordless Line Trimmer Review


EGO ST1511E ReviewThe EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer has a powerful 56V Arc Lithium battery, has variable speed, soft start and the line is automatically loaded in under 10 seconds using EGO Powerload™ feature. It has an auxiliary quick to adjust handle, large 38cm cutting width and provides up to 30 minutes of run time with the 2.5Ah battery.

It was great to get my hands on this EGO trimmer, new to the market in 2019. I was particularly interested in the performance of this trimmer and whether or not it is a real contender as a replacement for petrol line trimmers. I was also interested how well EGO’s line feed technology (Powerload™ feature) works, as you know loading a line trimmer can be very frustrating and time consuming.

EGO has a reputation for building strong, robust and powerful garden tools, and this Line Trimmer was no exception. The moment I took it out of the box, I could see and feel that the built quality was made to last. In my review below we will take a look at all the features and functions of this Line Trimmer, the good and perhaps not so good, so you know exactly what you are getting and who this Line Trimmer is best suited for.

Key Features

  • Powerful alternative to petrol
  • New Powerload™ feature
  • Wide 38cm cutting width
  • Adjustable loop handle
  • Interchangeable battery with other EGO tools
  • Shoulder strap and extra line provided with this kit

Power and Performance

EGO ST1511E 38CM Cordless Line Trimmer Power
This EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer has market leading 56V Lithium-Ion battery technology and combined with the 2.5Ah battery and the brushles motor, delivered some incredible power as you can see from my video below. I have tested many other cordless trimmers, and many of them are simply not up to the job of dealing with anything but the grass edging in your garden that has been missed by your mower. This Line Trimmer from EGO is in a different class and is designed to deal with much tougher conditions, I can honestly say that it didn’t disappoint. At no point did I feel that the line trimmer was under-powered or was struggling, even in the most challenging conditions as you can see from my video below.

This kit is supplied with the 2.5Ah battery and a standard charger that will deliver around 30 minutes of run time. The battery will charge in an impressive 50 minutes and only 30 minutes with the rapid charger. You do have the option to purchase additional batteries including 5.0Ah and 7.5Ah. The 5.0Ah battery will increase your run time to 60 minutes, the 7.5Ah battery will increase your run time to 90 minutes.

Please note that the 5.0Ah battery and 7.5Ah battery will increase the weight of the line trimmer significantly, and therefore you may want to consider purchasing EGO’s battery back pack.

The charge times vary depending on your battery and charger, the chart clearly indicates these differences. Please note that with this kit you will receive the standard charger.

EGO ST1511E Charge Times

Remember, these batteries are exchangeable with other EGO tools, such as their lawn mowers, leaf blowers etc.

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EGO ST1511E Video Review

To see the EGO ST1511E Trimmer in action and to learn more about the features of this cordless trimmer, please see my video review below.


Can EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer really compete with a Petrol Line Trimmer?

EGO ST1511E SuppliedYes, I think it can, and in some ways has many distinct advantages such as lower running costs, no fumes, lower noise levels, zero maintenance whilst still providing lots and lots of power to get the job done.

This line trimmer does have variable speeds from 4,000 – 6,000 rpm, that can be adjusted simply by how much you press the green trigger on the shaft. This is a nice addition, however I found that I didn’t really utilise it as I required the full speed.

I hope you can see from the video, just how well this large duel line, 38 cm, cuts on a single pass. The thicker 2.4 mm line diameter provided an efficient cut, whilst being strong enough to not only cut thicker growth but also to last longer and not to continually break.


The weight of the EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer is 3.2 kg bare and 4.4 kg with the 2.5Ah battery. As stated above larger batteries are available but they will increase the overall weight of the line trimmer and purchasing a battery back pack may be a good idea.

I found that I could balance this line trimmer very nicely with the adjustable look handle, and that the 4.4 kg was easily manageable without having to use the provided EGO shoulder strap.

Feed Type

EGO ST1511E LoadingAnyone how has used a line trimmer will know just how fiddly, frustrating and time consuming loading a new line can be. I was intrigued to see just how well the promise of an easy load system would actually work in practice on this EGO Line Trimmer as it uses the world’s first Powerload™ technology.

As you can see from my video, this worked extremely well and was not simply a gimmick that caused more frustration with loading the trimmer.

You simply insert the line through the head of the trimmer up to the half way point, press the wind button on the head, and within less than 10 seconds the line is loaded – nice one EGO!

The system EGO have used to extend the line is the “bump feed” method. This works really nicely and does not extend the line too long or too little. It is good that EGO have chosen this method, as the 2.4mm line thickness seems to last forever and you don’t want it feeding an additional line every time you start the machine like some other line trimmers.

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EGO ST1511E Practicalities

Although this line trimmer is incredibly powerful and is robust and effective even in the toughest conditions, it may not be for everyone. If you are simply looking for a line trimmer that you can use in your garden to tidy up a few edges after mowing, then there are lighter, less powerful and more cost effective cordless options. If however, you are looking for a line trimmer to replace a petrol trimmer and need something to deal with challenging conditions then this line trimmer from EGO has all the practicalities you would need.

Compared to a standard petrol line trimmer, this EGO is lighter, performs just as well and has all the benefits of not having an engine to maintain and service.

One thing also to consider is the length of this line trimmer – 180cm. The EGO does not fold at the central point like some other EGO line trimmers, so storage and transportation will need to be taken into account.

The batteries are exchangeable with other EGO power tools with a wide range of other batteries available.

Support for EGO’s tools is excellent here in the UK, parts and consumables are also readily available.

For further piece of mind this EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer is provided with 5 year tool warranty and 3 year warranty on the battery, if you register your purchase within 30 days.

Pros and Cons

  • Genuine alternative to petrol (no fumes, low noise, no maintenance, lower cost).
  • New Powerload™ feature for easy line load.
  • Powerful dual line cutting.
  • Wide 38cm cutting width.
  • Outstanding 56V performance and exchangeable batteries.
  • Great warranty on both the tool and battery.
  • Non foldable handle (180cm long).
  • Non swivel head for edge cutting.


EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer User Manual

Click here to access the EGO ST1511E User Manual

What’s Included in the Box?

  • EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer
  • Standard Charger
  • 56 volt 2.5Ah battery
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Additional Replacement Line
  • Instruction Manual
  • Allan Key

Should I buy this EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer?

EGO ST1511E 38CM Cordless Line Trimmer Conclusion
The simple answer is yes, if you are looking for a powerful, heavy duty cordless line trimmer. Yes, this is a more then adequate replacement for a petrol line trimmer with some of the advantages mentioned above. If you have other EGO power tools, then this would most certainly be a great addition to your armoury of garden tools.

You will not be disappointed with the power and performance of this line trimmer from EGO, just make sure you are not trying to crack a nut with a sledge hammer. If you just want a very lightweight trimmer to cut a little grass around the edges after mowing at the weekends, then no, this is not for you in terms of power, weight and cost. If however, you are looking for a trimmer to tackle longer thicker conditions, then most definitely this trimmer should be high on your shopping list!

If you have any questions about this EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer, then please pop them in the comments box below, and I will be happy to answer them.

Where should I purchase this EGO ST1511E?


Mowers Online have been providing outstanding customer service since 2000 and will be happy to assist and provide pre or after sales advice. Delivery is fast and usually within 2-4 working days.

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What is the length of the EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer?

180 cm

What charger is supplied with the EGO ST1511E Cordless Line Trimmer?

A standard charger (CH2100E)

What is the vibration measured for the line trimmer?

1.1 / 1.5 M/S

Can you swivel the head on this EGO ST1511E?


Is the ST1511E variable speed?


Where do I register my EGO to extend the warranty?


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Additional Specifications

RUN TIME 2.5AH30 minutes
NO LOAD SPEED4,000 – 6,000 rpm
AUXILIARY HANDLELoop and quick adjust
VIBRATION1.1 / 1.5 M/S
MOTOR TYPEBrushless Motor

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