Flymo Chevron 32VC Review

Flymo Chevron 32VC Review
Flymo Chevron 32VC
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Vision window lets you know when it’s time to empty
Rear roller + Lightweight
Choice of 5 cutting heights
Fully folding handle for compact storage
What I Don't Like
Grass box can be tricky to attach
No side grass combs for close edge cutting
No mulching option
My Overall Rating

Flymo Chevron 32VC Review


The Flymo Chevron 32VC is an electric lawn mower that has a 1200 watt motor, 32cm cutting width, 29 litre grass collection box and 5 cutting heights that range from 20mm to 60mm.

Flymo has some great lawn mowers on the market and many of them are incredibly affordable; the Flymo Chevron 32VC electric mower is a prime example of this. If you are looking for something that won’t break the bank, but will offer reliable and efficient cutting, then this review is worth reading.

This Flymo Chevron 32VC lawn mower has been designed for smaller gardens and has a 32cm cutting width, as well as a choice of 5 cutting heights. While it doesn’t have the benefit of fancy mowing features like mulching or rear discharge, it is fitted with a rear roller and has a handy vision window on the grass bag.

What’s more, I really like this electric mower because it doesn’t claim to be something it’s not. In short, this is an ideal model for anyone who is just getting to grips with how lawn mowers work or people who are looking for a “no fuss” mower, as it isn’t overly complicated. It is practical and easy to use yet the quality is evident in every aspect.

Main Features

  • 32cm cutting width
  • 1200 watt motor
  • Grass bag window
  • 29-litre grass bag capacity
  • Rear roller
  • Long 10m power cord
  • 5 cutting heights
  • Dual lever control handles
  • 2-year warranty


Flymo Chevron 32VC Performance

This is a corded electric lawn mower with manual operation and there are many reasons that you might think these features could be a disadvantage; but hear me out. Typically a corded mower will limit your reach but since this one has a 10m power cable, you aren’t anywhere near as restricted. Furthermore, this has been designed with the smaller garden in mind, so you likely won’t be mowing anything longer than ten metres anyway.

In addition to this, the Flymo Chevron 32VC mower features a rear roller which gives it a greater degree of stability. This means that when you need to mow right up to the edges of the lawn, the mower isn’t going to be wobbling all over the place, scalping the edge or affecting your precision. Naturally the rear roller will also provide that professional looking striped lawn appearance, just remember that this is a lightweight mower, so the stripes will not last as long as that of a much heavier mower.

The metal blades provide you with a powerful and efficient cut that will work excellently for well-maintained gardens.

Power System

This Flymo 32VC Chevron electric mower puts out 1200 watts of power and is incredibly efficient. I talked earlier about this being a corded model and one of the massive benefits of this is that, unlike battery-powered mowers, you aren’t going to be running out of power in the middle of the mowing session. While 1200 watts is not the most powerful electric mower, it certainly is capable of dealing with the average domestic lawn even if it has been left to grow a little out of control.

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Deck and Blade

The Flymo Chevron features a plastic deck, which is typical of this kind of tool and while this might not be as durable as those with a steel deck, it certainly has its place. For smaller gardens, like I’m assuming you’ll have if you are looking at a 32cm mower, the plastic deck is ideal. There likely won’t be any significant obstructions that could damage the deck and what’s more, plastic keeps things more lightweight and won’t rust.

The metal blade provides a clean cut and while it’s unlikely that it will get damaged, it could wear over time. But the good news is that Flymo has a selection of replacement metal blades that are readily available and reasonably priced. Anyone with basic DIY skills can easily replace the blade if required.

Cutting Diameter

Flymo Chevron 32VC Deck and Blade

The Flymo Chevron is not a massive lawn mower and with a cutting width of 32cm, it is ideally suited to smaller gardens that measure less than 250m².


While the focus of the mower is typically around its cutting ability and the blades, you cannot ignore the thought that has gone into the handles during the design process for this machine. The handles fold at both the midpoint and the bottom, which makes the mower very easy to store.

Furthermore, it comes with a carry handle to make transporting it around the garden so much simpler. The dual control levers offer improved comfort since you can use the mower with either hand, making it much more flexible and easier to manoeuvre.

Height Adjustment

Depending on the time of year, season and lawn conditions, you might want to cut your lawn at varying lengths. One of the great advantages of this lawn mower is that it comes with a choice of five cutting heights. These range between 20mm and 60mm and are easily changed using the single central lever, located near the back wheel.

Grass Box

For smaller lawns, you aren’t going to need a huge grass box as you’d simply never fill it. However, you are getting something relatively decent with the Flymo Chevron 32VC in the way of a 29-litre grass collection bag. This Flymo Chevron 32VC also features a handy vision window so that you can see when it is time to empty which eliminates guesswork.

However, I have to point out that the grass box does feel a little flimsy in comparison to some of the previous Flymo models. This makes it tricky to assemble the grass as it might feel as though forcing it will cause it to break. Once assembled the grass box is perfectly adequate.


Flymo Chevron 32VC Practicalities

There is a lot about this lawn mower that makes it incredibly easy to use and that has got to be a plus point! For starters, you’ll notice that the power cable is 10 metres long, which takes away any issues you may have previously experienced with shorter cords. You are much more free to move around the garden without the worry of flexing the power cable beyond its limits.

What’s more, the Flymo Chevron is a beautifully lightweight machine at just a little over 8kg. This makes it very easy to move and when you need to pick it up and put it in the shed, you aren’t going to be straining yourself.

The rear roller helps with the stability of this mower and as mentioned above prevents scalping the edges of your lawn.

If that isn’t enough to impress you, then you might be interested to know that this model comes with a two-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.

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Flymo Chevron 32VC User Manual

Click here to access the Flymo Chevron 32VC User Manual

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x Flymo Chevron 32VC mower
  • 29-litre grass box
  • Installation guide
  • Registration card

Pros and Cons

  • Vision window lets you know when it’s time to empty.
  • Affordable.
  • Rear roller for lawn stripes.
  • Ideal for smaller gardens.
  • Spares are easy to come by.
  • Choice of 5 cutting heights.
  • Fully folding handle for compact storage.
  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable.
  • Grass box can be a little tricky to assemble.
  • No side grass combs for close edge cutting.
  • No mulching option.


Should You Buy This Model?

Flymo Chevron 32VC Conclusion

If you have been looking for a lawn mower that won’t cost the earth and will do a great job at maintaining your smaller garden, then the Flymo Chevron should be something you seriously consider. It is perfect for people who have never used a lawn mower before and need something that will allow them to get to grips with how these machines work; perhaps someone who has just moved out of home.

What’s more, I think that this would be an excellent choice for those who don’t want a fancy mower with loads of unnecessary frills. This lawn mower offers great yet simple performance and does what a lawn mower is supposed to do; cut the grass. That being said, it does have a lot of handy features that make it easy to use, reinforcing my point that this would be good for a beginner.


Flymo is a name that is well known in the world of lawn mowers and has a reputation that is in good standing. Products like the 32VC Chevron prove exactly why this is. This is a lawn mower that gets things done without messing around and makes your life incredibly easy.

With features like a longer power cord, dual levers for control and a vision window on the grass box, mowing the lawn is far less of a chore and more of a pleasure. This Flymo Chevron 32VC mower doesn’t compromise on power and performance generating 1200 watts of power to deliver a very efficient cut and thanks to the rear roller that not only creates a striped lawn but improves stability.


Where Should I Purchase This Model?

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Flymo Chevron 32VC Electric Wheeled Lawnmower - 1200 W, 32 cm, with...
445 Reviews
Flymo Chevron 32VC Electric Wheeled Lawnmower - 1200 W, 32 cm, with...
  • Utilises a powerful 1200W motor and 32cm cutting width so you can tackle your lawn with ease
  • Choose your ideal cutting height with a choice of five settings between 20 to 60 mm for a perfect lawn
  • Equipped with dual lever handles allow you to comfortably operate the lawn mower with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability
  • It’s 10m cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around your garden area without the need to worry about reach
  • Equipped with a large 29L grass box so you can spend less time emptying as well as a rear roller for a striped finish to your lawn

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Additional Specifications
Working Area250m²
Cutting width32cm
Cutting height steps5
Cutting height max60mm
Cutting height min20mm
Cutting height adjustmentManual
Collector volume29 L
Cable Length10 m
Vision WindowYes
Right or left start switchLeft and Right
Foldable handlesYes
Grass bag filling indicatorYes – Visual
Weight8.7 kg

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