Greenworks Cordless Aerator G40DT35 Review

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  • Cordless convenience and manoeuvrability
  • 3 height settings
  • Effective aeration without damaging the lawn
  • Power share batteries
  • Easy to use and quick to start


  • Assembly is a little complicated
  • Batteries and charger must be purchased separately


Greenworks Cordless Aerator G40DT35 Review

When it comes to scarifying the lawn, a lot of people turn to their manual rake but this can take a considerable amount of time and effort. For this reason, more and more of us are turning to a powered aerator to do the hard work for us and this Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator is a handsome little piece of equipment that has a lot to offer.

In terms of power, it works with the Greenworks 40v battery range, and while this isn’t included in the package, if you have already bought into the range, I’m sure you’ve got a couple of these batteries lying around. If not the batteries can be purchased separately. What’s more, this is the ideal tool for small or medium gardens and with a 20 litre collection bag, you won’t have to keep messing around.

The Greenworks G40DT35 aerator is lightweight and incredibly easy to use. One of the things that really stood out for me was that this machine is beautifully comfortable, so even if you hate gardening, it will be a pleasure to use. There is so much more to talk about with this model and I’m very excited to get started, so let’s dive in.

Main Features

  • 35cm raking width
  • Central height adjustment
  • 20 steel tines
  • Greenworks power shareable batteries (not included)
  • 20 litre grass collection box
  • Folding handle
  • 600 watts


Greenworks G40DT35 Performance

If you thought that all cordless pieces of garden equipment were weak and didn’t put out an impressive performance, then you might be proved wrong with this one. Not only are you getting smooth and reliable performance, but the Greenworks G40DT35 aerator makes light work of even more challenging lawns. It will quickly and effectively remove moss and thatch, providing your lawn with the air flow it needs, resulting in a healthy and happy lawn.

While other models might take much more effort, this one does a thorough job in a shorter amount of time. It is great for small to medium gardens and is gentle on the grass; it won’t cause any damage but this doesn’t compromise on how well it works and performs.

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Power System

Greenworks 40v batteries can be used across their entire range of garden and power tools, so if you’re already on board with this, you’ll be pleased to know that this aerator can be used with your existing batteries. However, if you don’t own any yet, you will need to make sure that you purchase a battery and charger as this model doesn’t come with these.

Using a lithium-ion battery gives you the benefit of a more reliable power source. These batteries hold their charge exceptionally well so in between uses, you won’t have the worry that it’ll drain.

The Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator runs on 600 watts of power, which is able to produce up to 3600rpm, so it isn’t difficult to see that this is a hard working device. Just because it is small and lightweight, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch.

Compatible Batteries and Chargers are Below:-

greenworks 40V Lithium-ion 4Ah Battery - No charger included - 29727
Greenworks Battery G40B2 (Li-Ion 40 V 2 Ah Rechargeable Powerful...
Save £15.00 Greenworks Battery Quick Charger G40UC (Li-Ion 40 V 2,2 A 60 min...
Greenworks Tools Battery Fast Charger G40UC4 (Li-Ion 40 V 4 A 30 min...

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Drum System

Greenworks G40DT35 Drum System

This Greenworks aerator comes with a reliable drum system that boasts 20 flexible, spring loaded steel tines. Steel is excellent for use in the garden since it is weather proof and resilient to most conditions. Furthermore, the material is highly durable and will stand up to pretty much whatever you throw at it.

Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator Video

To give you a visual representation of this cordless aerator, see the video below.

Height Adjustment

This Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator comes with a choice of three height adjustments which are controlled by a central lever. You have choices between – 10mm and + 5mm, however, there has been a lot of discussion online about how tricky, if not impossible, the height is to adjust. But the problem is not that there isn’t a height adjustment lever, as it may first appear, but rather that it is hidden.

In order to adjust the height, you must first remove the cover which will then reveal a knob that can be turned to any of the three height settings.

Raking Diameter

The Greenworks Cordless Aerator G40DT35 has a raking width of 35cm. This is more than enough for a smaller garden, but would also suit a medium sized lawn. However, this might also make it suitable for larger lawns that have a lot of narrow or tight areas, since it will fit into gaps where larger aerators may struggle.

Collection Box Capacity

Greenworks G40DT35 Raking Diameter

In line with the raking width, this aerator comes with a 20-litre collection box. If you want to limit the amount of work you do, this is a feature that you won’t be able to live without. It won’t fill up overly quickly, meaning that you can get on with the job at hand without having to keep stopping to empty it.


Practically speaking, this is a seriously impressive piece of equipment. For anyone that requires lightweight gardening gear, the Greenworks aerator is a must since it weighs in at just 8.5kg. Mind you, that is without the battery, so you will need to factor this in when looking at the overall weight.

What’s more, this Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator is so easy and comfortable to use. It boasts an ergonomically shaped handle with full padding for a beautiful user experience. In addition to this, the handle folds away so storage becomes a dream; even if you only have a minimal garden shed, this will slot right in.

Greenworks G40DT35 Practicalities

Going cordless is something that will help to reduce your carbon footprint as there are no emissions. At a time when being eco-friendly is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, this has never been more important. Furthermore, noise pollution won’t be an issue since this has a quiet operation of around 93db.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the Greenworks G40DT35 also comes with a two year warranty. While I’m quietly confident that there won’t be much that could go wrong with this tool, there is always that chance so having this warranty will give you a little bit of reassurance.

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Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator User Manual

Click here to access the Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator User Manual


What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x Greenworks Cordless Aerator G40DT35
  • Collection bag
  • Safety key
  • 1 x user manual

Pros and Cons

  • Cordless convenience and manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for small or medium lawns
  • Power share batteries
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • 3 height settings
  • Effective aeration without damaging the lawn
  • Easy to use and quick to start
  • Assembly is a little tricky
  • Batteries and charger must be purchased separately

Should You Buy This Model?

Greenworks G40DT35 Conclusion

There are a few things to think about when it comes to deciding if the Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator is right for you. If you have a smaller garden or something medium-sized then there is a good chance that this will work well for you in terms of effectively removing thatch, moss etc. Furthermore, anyone who wants a lightweight piece of equipment that is easy to store would do well to choose this model.

For people who are just getting started with aerating their lawns, this might be a worthwhile investment since it has everything you will need without any complicated operating processes. It will do an excellent job in helping you to achieve healthier, greener and denser lawn and will set the standard for any similar pieces of equipment you buy in the future. This of course isn’t a bad thing.


The Greenworks G40DT35 Cordless Aerator is a lightweight yet durable piece of equipment that is ideal for smaller lawns. While it may look small, it certainly has a lot to give and will work hard to easily clear your lawn of moss and thatch, when you want to avoid using a manual rake. The steel tines offer incredible durability and the advantage of gentle yet deep removal of the aforementioned offending items. In general, a petrol aerator will provide more power and the same freedom of not being tethered by the cord compared to a cordless model, however you will have all the issues a petrol model comes with such as heavier weight, fuel, maintenance, storage etc.

There are many features that make this an easy to use and convenient model including a folding handle, central height adjustment and quiet operation, among others. With a power shareable battery that can be used with other 40v tools in the Greenworks range, this is a great addition to your collection. Although, be warned, if you are new to Greenworks, you will need to purchase the battery and charger as these don’t come supplied with this product.

Overall, I’m impressed with the results this machine achieves and I think that, provided you are a fan of cordless equipment, you will be too. What’s more as with all Greenworks tools they are simply just great value for money.


Where Should I Purchase this Model?

The Greenworks Cordless Aerator G40DT35 can be purchased from Amazon. Amazon have very competitive prices and fast delivery. If you are an Amazon prime member delivery is free and next day.

Click the link below to get the current price and see more reviews.

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Greenworks Tools 6952909015712 G40DT30 Cordless Dethatcher, Green
169 Reviews
Greenworks Tools 6952909015712 G40DT30 Cordless Dethatcher, Green
  • EASY TO START - place your 40V Li-Ion battery in the dethatcher and immediately start working freely and without cables in your garden - battery and charger are not included
  • NEW GROWTH for your lawn with the help of the 35cm wide dethatcher you can remove moss, dead grass and leaves and ensure a better absorption of nutrients, light and water
  • EFFICIENT - our Greenworks cordless dethatcher G40DT35 supports you with 3600 rpm and 20 steel springs with a depth of 76mm and central working height adjustment in 3 steps from -10 to +5cm
  • FEATURES - the quiet garden tool is suitable for small to medium-sized lawns and is equipped with a 20l grass bag and an ergonomically shaped and retractable guide bar
  • ONE BATTERY FOR ALL - the Greenworks 40V batteries from 2Ah to powerful 4Ah are versatile and compatible with many Greenworks products in the garden and workshop range

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Additional Specifications
Battery Not Supplied
Raking width 32 cm
Raking heights 3
Raking height max +10 mm
Raking height min -5 mm
Raking height adjustment Front sides
Collector volume 20 l
Motor power Max. speed 3600 RPM – 40V Li-Ion battery (not included)
Vision Window No
Dimensions 96 x 58.4 x 112.6 cm
Right or left start switch Both
Foldable handles Yes
Weight 8.5 kg (without Battery)
Drum system 20 flexible and spring-loaded steel tines
Part Number 01-000002504807

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