Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x Review – Battery Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x Review
Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x
What I Like
Self-propelled for easier mowing
3 in 1 including mulching and side discharge mode
Large capacity grass bag (55 litres)
7 height adjustment options
Power-share batteries with other Greenworks tools
What I Don't Like
No roller for creating a striped lawn
Single battery charger for the two batteries supplied
My Overall Rating


Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x Review

The Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x is a battery powered self-propelled cordless lawn mower that is supplied with two 2Ah 40v Samsung lithium-ion battery and is suitable for lawns up to 750m². It has a large 46cm deck size, a 55 litre grass collection box, 7 cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm and weighs 29kg. The Greenworks GD40LM46SPK is supplied with both mulching and side-discharge plugs, a safety key and is covered by a 3 year Greenworks warranty (2 year on battery).

Greenworks is well known for its innovative approach to garden tools, and this is demonstrated perfectly in their self-propelled, battery-powered lawn mower that has been specifically designed to make the chore of mowing that little bit easier.

The Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x boasts many exciting features such as adjustable speed, two powerful batteries and of course, that self-propelled nature that can mean the difference between a hard afternoon outside and mowing that is nothing short of a dream.

There’s little doubt that this is a diverse and practical piece of equipment and it will become an indispensable companion in large or medium-sized gardens up to 750 square metres, across the country.

Main Features

  • Self-propelled
  • Mulching and side discharge options
  • 46cm cutting width
  • Adjustable speed
  • 55-litre grass bag
  • Power-sharing batteries
  • Seven cutting height options

Power System And Batteries

Power System And Batteries

Greenworks spend a lot of time promoting the fact that this mower comes with not one, but two powerful 2Ah batteries with 40v of power that make running this machine a delight. The dual-battery nature of the mower means that you are getting a much longer run-time as well as twice the power. So, no matter how tough the challenge, the Greenworks will rise to it.

What’s more, the batteries can be shared across the entire Greenworks range, which is excellent for those who already have a lot of their tools.

In terms of run-time, you will be getting around 20 to 25 minutes continued use, combined with the large deck size and brushless motor, will allow you to cut a lawn up to 750m². That’s very respectable considering the batteries need to power not only the blade, but also the mower itself.

If you have a lot of Greenworks batteries, there is the option to purchase the mower without additional batteries – just look for the model number Greenworks GD40LM46SPK.

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Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x Video

To give you a visual representation of the Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x lawn mower please watch the video below (please note that this is NOT the self propelled version of this mower):

Battery Charger

This Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x model comes with a battery charger included in the price which will charge the battery without affecting their future performance – you’ll always get the maximum capacity.

This is a single charger, so the batteries will need to be charged separately. It is a shame that Greenworks did not include a dual charger for this mower.

The good news is, this charge is capable of a quick charge, so 2Ah battery is fully (100%) charged in 60 minutes.

If the 60 minutes is not acceptable, then the good news is that there is a FAST charger available (Greenworks G40UC4) only costing around £50 and charges in a mere 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the LED battery lights will let you know when they need to be placed in the charger again, so there is no chance that you will ever run out of juice unexpectedly. What’s even better is that they will reach full capacity in just one hour!


Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x Performance

Thanks to the powerful nature of the batteries, you are getting a mower that won’t let you down in terms of performance. But I think what is most notable is the self-propelled drive that makes mowing effortless.

If you struggle to get around the garden with a manual mower, a self-propelled option may be a better fit for you.

The brushless motor offers superior performance and power compared to other types of motor and is far more durable, giving you many years of exacting performance. Additionally, you have variable speed control to adjust your mowing experience to suit you.

Features In Detail

Deck And Blade

The strong and robust metal deck is 46cm, and the superior metal rotating blade will cut through even the longest grass with precision and ease.

Cutting Diameter

The Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x battery-powered lawnmower features a hefty 46cm cutting width, which gives you more coverage on each pass than a lot of other tools in this class. It is ideally suited to medium gardens but will also work well on larger spaces thanks to its ability to operate continuously over 750 square metres – with normal use, of course.


The padded grip on the handle makes this mower extremely comfortable to use – there is no risk of developing calluses and sores, regardless of how frequently or for how long you use this product.

But what is most interesting and certainly useful is the position of the throttle control, which is conveniently located on the handle for easy reach. The front handle is the engine engaged control, whereas the rear handle is the drive system.

Furthermore, the handle folds down for easy storage which is essential in larger models like this.

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The GD40LM46SPK2x sits on four sturdy plastic wheels that give you added stability as you steer the mower around your lawn.

Height Adjustment

Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x Height Adjustment

One of the most unique and diverse things about this machine is that you are getting a choice of 7 cutting heights. It is quite common to see five or even six, but there aren’t many mowers that offer such a wide range. These cutting heights range between 25mm and 80mm, so you really are getting a versatile mower when you purchase this model.

What’s more, the cutting height is very easy to adjust, adding to the user-friendly design of this piece of equipment.


Greenworks boast that this is a 3 in 1 mower and they’re not wrong! You get a mulching plug included so you can make use of that option if you wish. Mulching allows you to spread the grass cuttings back over the lawn, which encourages better growth, moisture and health. To understand the benefits of mulching you can read my complete guide.

Alternatively, you can engage the side discharge chute that is included in the package or opt for a cut and collect method using the decent grass collection bag that comes with this model.

Grass Collection Box

You are getting a very generous grass collection bag with this mower, at 55 litres, you won’t spend vast amounts of time going back and forth to the compost heap or recycling bin with your grass cuttings.


Would I say that this Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x is a practical lawn mower? Absolutely! The Greenworks is primarily noted for its practicality owing to the self-propelled design which makes mowing the lawn so easy and quick.

Additionally, it is easy to store thanks to the foldable handle. Not to mention how easy it is to use owing to the fact that the controls are easy to reach and simple to understand.

Even if you were completely new to lawn mowing, you would likely find this an easy and practical machine to operate.

Safety Features

Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x Safety Features

One of the most interesting safety features of the Greenworks self-propelled mower is that you can use the front handle to disengage the blades when you are ready to empty the grass bag. This is ideal for preventing accidents and clearly shows that the manufacturer has thought of everything during the creation process.

There is also a safety key that can be removed from the mower so it cannot be started accidentally. This is common on most cordless mowers and is an essential safety feature, particularly around children.

This is a mower that does not make a huge amount of sound, which is great considering some of the petrol mowers are so loud that they could potentially damage your hearing.

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What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x lawn mower
  • Battery charger
  • 2 x lithium-ion batteries
  • Mulching plug
  • 55-litre grass collection bag
  • Safety key

Pros and Cons

  • Self-propelled for easier mowing
  • Large capacity grass collection bag (55 litres)
  • Ideal for larger lawns up to 750m²
  • 3 in 1 including mulching and side discharge mode
  • Two powerful batteries
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • 7 height adjustment options
  • Large 46m cutting width
  • Power-share batteries with other Greenworks tools
  • No roller for creating a striped lawn
  • Single battery charger


Should You Buy This Model?

Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x Pros and Cons

If you are looking for something that is going to make lawn mowing that much more straightforward, then a self-propelled mower with variable speed is a great idea. What’s more, this is the perfect model for anyone who finds it difficult to push a manual product or just wants to make the job that much more enjoyable. Some self-propelled mowers are single speed only and I sometimes receive comments from users saying that they feel the mower is running away from them and if they can somehow slow it down. Well this is not possible with a single speed self-propelled mower. Of course with this Greenworks you are able to adjust the speed according to your pace and preference, making this machine again a cut above the rest.

But not only are you getting the convenience of self-propulsion, but this is also the ideal machine for those with medium or large gardens that require something that can stand up to the challenge. My only criticism with this mower is the fact that you can only charge one battery at a time due to the single battery charger. You would need to purchase an additional charger at around £40 (Greenworks G40UC), unless you already have one with your other Greenworks cordless tools.

If you are a fan of the Greenworks range and currently have many of their tools or plan to invest in more in the future, the power-sharing options with the batteries is a great thing.


Greenworks is synonymous with quality and value where garden tools are concerned, and they bring us yet another amazing offering in the form of this battery-powered, self-propelled variable speed lawn mower, which is packed with incredible and useful features.

I have to admit that this is one of the best mowers of its type on the market at the moment thanks to the 3 in 1 design, it would seem that nothing has been left out where this model is concerned.

To top it off, this Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x comes with a 3 year warranty on the mower and charger and 2 years on the batteries – nice one Greenworks!

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Where Should I Purchase This Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x?

Greenworks Cordless Lawnmower 40V 46cm Incl. Battery 4Ah and Fast...
285 Reviews
Greenworks Cordless Lawnmower 40V 46cm Incl. Battery 4Ah and Fast...
  • EASY TO START - insert 40V battery and get started: thanks to its brushless motor, the mower has more power, higher speeds and more efficiency - battery and charger are not included
  • DOUBLE POWER - with our battery-powered lawnmower you can now mow twice as long as before thanks to the double battery port and have full power for large gardens with up to 750m² of lawn
  • POWERFUL LITHIUM-ION BATTERY - ideal for our cordless tools that need more power and longer run time like our Greenworks lawnmowers electric pressure washers & chainsaws
  • CORDLESS FREEDOM - don't get stopped by cable spaghetti & be ready at any time - the battery management system ensures more safety and durability of your Greenworks battery
  • FAST CHARGING - our battery charger convinces with its Fast-Charging-System and after 30 minutes charging time your 2 Ah battery is already fully charged - for full power during garden work
  • FLEXIBLE - the charger has a detachable connection cable that is compatible with various sockets so you can charge the battery of your garden tools anytime and anywhere

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Without Battery and Charger (Bare Tool)

Greenworks GD40LM46SP Self Propelled Cordless Lawnmower with Brushless...
  • RUGGED METAL DECK MOWER FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE SIZED LAWNS - choose a 40V 2Ah battery for lawns up 300m² or 40V 4Ah for lawns up to 600m² to achieve all the performance of a petrol driven mower without the mess, noise and environmental impact
  • NO NEED TO PUSH AND SO EASY TO USE – self-propelled design means that the large 25cm rear wheels turn by themselves, plus it has a comfortable handlebar for easy handling that folds down for easy storage when not in use
  • 7 CUTTING HEIGHTS WITH 3-IN-1 MULCHING, SIDE DISCHARGE OR COLLECTION – blades can easily be raised from 25mm to 80mm, while clippings can be collected in the large 55L bag, ejected at the side or mulched to add nutrients back into the lawn
  • USE WITH ANY GREENWORKS 40V 2Ah or 4Ah BATTERY - this is a special 'tool only' package that comes without a battery, so if you already own a Greenworks 40V tool you can use the same battery to save space, cut costs and reduce waste
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service​
  • English (Publication Language)

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Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x FAQs

Can the speed be adjusted on the Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x?

Yes, there is a lever on the bars that allows you to set a comfortable speed.

Does the Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2x have a rear roller for lawn stripes?

No, there is no rear roller.

Is the mulching plug and side discharge chute supplied with the mower?

Yes, both are supplied.

Can I purchase this mower without the charger and batteries?

Yes, model number GD40LM46SP is supplied without batteries and charger.

Are both batteries used together?

No, one of the battery slots is a dummy slot and is for storage.

Can you use the Greenworks GD40LM46SP without the self-propulsion?

Yes, you simply don't pull on the clutch lever. The mower can the be pushed around the lawn without self-propulsion.


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