Grizzly HRM 300-3 Review – Hand Push Cylinder Mower

Grizzly HRM 300-3 Review
Grizzly HRM 300-3
What I Like
Lightweight at 6.4kg
Self-sharpening blades equal a low maintenance tool
Easy to see when grass bag is full
Handle can be adjusted
Gives a very precise cut
What I Don't Like
Height adjustment can be a little tricky to adjust
Cut grass sometimes misses the collection bag
Compact cutting width may not suit all lawns
My Overall Rating


Grizzly HRM 300-3 Review

Mowing the lawn can be an incredibly laborious task, especially when you are using heavy or cumbersome tools like a petrol mower. However, in recent years, the manual push lawn mower has made something of a comeback and a lot more people are jumping on the bandwagon. While you may have it stuck in your mind that these tools won’t give such an impressive performance, modern reel mowers will prove you wrong.

The Grizzly HRM 300-3 is an efficient and easy to use mower that is ideal for maintaining smaller gardens with its 30cm cutting width. It boasts a lightweight design that is easy to manoeuvre and while you don’t get all the fancy mowing features, you would with an electric or petrol model, there are a selection of cutting heights to give you some versatility.

If you have a slightly larger lawn, then there is a bigger version of this mower available; the Grizzly HRM38 which as its name may suggest has a cutting width of 38cm. So if you like the idea of going green and using a manual lawn mower, you can still enjoy the benefits even if your garden is a little larger.

For well-maintained gardens, a manual mower is ideal for keeping things looking neat and tidy and you would be surprised at how effective these tools are. With strong steel blades that offer impressive precision, it wouldn’t surprise me if even more people moved away from powered tools. In my Grizzly HRM 300-3 review, I’ll be delving deeper into the features of this machine; so let’s get cracking!

Main Features

  • 30cm cutting width
  • Lightweight at 6.4 kg
  • Cutting heights between 14mm and 47mm
  • Steel blades
  • 18 L grass collection bag

Grizzly HRM 300-3 Performance

You might have thought that a hand push mower like this one wouldn’t deliver such an impressive performance, but once you’ve tried one, you will be pleasantly surprised. Now, let’s not kid ourselves, a mower like this isn’t going to be suitable for heavily overgrown gardens with very dense grass. But for those whose garden is already pretty well maintained, it’ll keep things looking great with very little effort.

One of the things that stood out most to me was how lightweight this tool is. At just a little over 6kg, it’s an ideal option for people who struggle with heavier tools. Moreover, this lightweight design means that it handles excellently and while you might need to exert a little more effort than a cordless self-propelled mower, it likely won’t be as much as you thought.

With the blades that are included with this mower (which I’ll dive into a little more in the next section), you can feel confident that you will get a precise and clean cut. Not only this, but it is widely accepted that a manual mower is better for the health of your lawn so in the long run, you’ll likely have something much more lush and green.

Deck and Blade

Grizzly HRM 300-3 Performance

The Grizzly HRM 300-3 comes with a special steel blade that will effortlessly slice through grass with the utmost precision. The benefit of this is that you have a much neater looking lawn but in addition, steel is one of the most durable yet lightweight materials out there.

The knife roller blade is pretty much maintenance free, so if you’re looking for a tool that you can use and then pop into storage until next time, this is a very good option. What’s more, the blades are self sharpening so you won’t ever need to worry about them becoming too dull to cut.

Just bare in mind that this mower has a smaller cutting width at just 30cm, so is therefore designed for smaller lawns or lawns that have narrow grass passages.


If you are very tall or much shorter, using static handles can be a nightmare and terribly uncomfortable. But the manufacturer has you covered since the Grizzly HRM 300-3 comes with adjustable handles, so you can have them at a height that feels comfortable for you.

Moreover, the handle will fold flat so that the mower is much more compact and can be easily stored in an outbuilding or the garage.

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Height Adjustment

This lawn mower features several cutting heights that range between 14mm and 47mm, although there has been some speculation that the blade struggles to retain its integrity when it isn’t set at the extremes. Now, this may be a problem for some users but in reality, if you’re maintaining your lawn throughout summer, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue provided you keep on top of things.

Grizzly HRM 300-3 Video 

To give you a visual representation of this Grizzly mower, see the video below. Please note that this is the larger 38cm deck and sorry it is not in English.

Grass Collection Box

For a smaller garden, you won’t necessarily need a giant grass collection box like you see on some of the bigger mowers out there. The Grizzly HRM 300-3 comes with an 18-litre grass catcher bag that easily attaches to the back of the mower. With an open top, you can clearly see when it requires emptying and when you’re done, it’ll fold down for convenient storage.


Just because this is a push mower, that doesn’t mean to say that it shouldn’t come with some diverse mowing features. If you love the look of a striped lawn, then that is effortlessly achieved with the fitted rear roller. However, these stripes will not last long compared to a heavier petrol mower.

What’s more, this roller acts as a stabiliser in the rear, giving you much more control over the mower as you use it.


Grizzly HRM 300-3 Practicalities

One of the greatest things about manual lawn mowers is that they are so much better for the environment. While a lot of people have moved from petrol to electric to avoid too many emissions, you’re still using precious energy resources. With the manual push mower, the only energy you will be using is your own.

What’s more, these machines are much quieter; in fact they make no noise at all. If you want the convenience of being able to mow your lawn without disturbing your neighbours or ruining the peace in your own garden, there’s nothing more fitting than this.

The Grizzly HRM 300-3 comes with a steel body. Steel, as I mentioned earlier is an incredibly durable material, so while this might seem like a small mower, it’s extremely well-built.

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Grizzly HRM 300-3 User Manual

Click here to access the Grizzly HRM 300-3 User Manual

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x Grizzly HRM 300-3 lawn mower
  • 1 x 18 litre grass catcher
  • User Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight at 6.4kg
  • Very easy to use
  • Self-sharpening blades equal a low maintenance tool
  • Suitable for smaller gardens
  • Easy to see when grass bag is full
  • Handle can be adjusted
  • Gives a very precise cut
  • Height adjustment can be a little tricky to adjust
  • Cut grass sometimes misses the collection bag
  • Compact cutting width may not suit all lawns


Should You Buy This Model?

Grizzly HRM 300-3 Conclusion

If you have been considering switching to a manual push mower, then I would certainly recommend this one as a good place to start. Being so easy to use, the Grizzly HRM 300-3 is perfect for people who are just getting used to this type of equipment.

I would also say that this would be the ideal addition to your garden shed if you want something quick and easy to tend to an already well-maintained lawn. With such precise blades, you’ll get a neat and even cut that easily rivals that of the most powerful petrol mowers. What’s more, it doesn’t come with the hassle of changing oil and spark plugs; so it’s a win win all round!


Using a manual push mower has a lot of benefits, most notably it is better for the environment. These mowers are also much more cost effective and low maintenance, so may be suitable for a range of different people. The Grizzly HRM 300-3 is a great little lawn mower that gets things done quickly and efficiently.

It has a few helpful features that make mowing much simpler than it otherwise would be, such as self-sharpening blades and an easy to use/store grass collection bag. These things can make the transition over to manual much smoother. There may be some kinks that need ironing out with this model, but they certainly aren’t deal breakers and overall the HRM 300-3 is an excellent little tool.

Where Should I Purchase this Grizzly HRM 300-3 Push Mower?

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Grizzly HRM 300-3 – 30cm cutting width

Grizzly Tools Spindle Mower Hand-Held Lawnmower (Continuous Height...
  • Lightweight, convenient and practical for small lawns for environmentally friendly cutting. The helical blades are made of self-sharpening steel and ensure perfect lawn cutting The cutting width is 30 cm.
  • Adjustment of the cutting height can be adjusted from 14 to 47 mm. Metal frame, the height adjustment of the handle is adjustable and the handle is foldable.
  • The grass collection basket (capacity 18 litres) is included in the package. Weight: 6.4 kg
  • Suitable for small surfaces, regular and flat lawns. NOT suitable for not perfectly flat or uncultivated lawns (the product is suitable for cutting grass when low and lawn type)

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Grizzly Grizzly HRM38 – 38cm cutting width

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