Murray HM400 Review – Hand Push Cylinder Mower

Murray HM400 Review
Murray HM400
What I Like
Five steel blades with a 40cm cutting width
Four cutting heights
Lightweight & low maintenance
Two ways to mow – grass bag collection or rear discharge
Large 20L grass collection bag
What I Don't Like
Not suitable for bumpy uneven lawns
My Overall Rating


Murray HM400 Review

The Murray HM400 is a beautiful-looking cylinder lawn mower that is ideal for smaller spaces. It has a generous 40cm cutting width, which I would typically recommend for medium-sized lawns but owing to the manual power of this machine, a more significant piece of land may leave you feeling a little worn out. That being said, manual lawn mowers have come on leaps and bounds over the years and have some distinct advantages. But how does this Murray HM400 perform and how easy is it to use and more importantly push around your lawn? In this review of the Murray HM400 we will see if this a machine that will serve you well.

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly way of cutting your grass without having to compromise on the final result, then the Murray HM400 is an incredible option. With five sharp stainless steel blades and a choice of cutting heights, this is a cylinder mower that rivals some of the powered models well.

You get the choice of either a rear discharge or collecting the clippings in a mesh grass bag, which may not be as versatile as some of the 4-in-1 petrol models we have looked at in the past, but it is certainly more than enough for most domestic situations.

The mower is well constructed and made from reliable materials, but if you were in any sort of doubt about that, the two-year warranty should be enough to save your fears. What’s more, with this mower being at such an affordable price, what’s not to love?

Main Features

  • 40cm cutting width
  • Four adjustable cutting heights
  • 20-litre grass collection bag
  • Ergonomic foam handle
  • Lightweight
  • Five steel blades
  • 21cm front wheels
  • 2-year warranty

Features In Detail

Power System

This Murray HM400 is a manual hand-pushed mower, so there is no electric or petrol power to speak of, but that certainly doesn’t mean that this is not an effective machine.

With a lack of power, this means that the Murray HM400 is a much quieter lawn mower, perfect if you have a lot of neighbours or do not want to disturb the peace of a more rural location. What’s more, a device like this is far more environmentally friendly. When we think about the problems that the planet is facing, it is only right to try and do our small part. Switching to a manual lawn mower is a viable way of doing this.

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Murray HM400 Performance

You could be forgiven for thinking that owing to the manual nature of this mower, you wouldn’t get as much of an impressive performance. Where the manual mowers your dad used to use might have not cut the grass very well, modern versions are pretty effective and this is a perfect example of that.

The Murray HM400 features five stainless steel blades that are not only exceptionally robust, but also very effective when it comes to cutting thanks to their razor sharp edges.

As the blades spin round, they act more like a pair of scissors than a mower blade giving you a clean and crisp cut every time. Furthermore, they do not cause as much trauma to the grass, so it is able to heal much quicker. What does this mean for you? Grass that grows back healthier, thicker, lusher and more green.

Deck And Blade

The Murray HM400 has a decent-sized 40cm deck; that’s around 16 inches which is ideal for small to medium gardens. That being said, because this mower is a manual device, you may find it more effective on smaller areas, particularly if you get tired easily.

It comes fitted with five steel blades that are incredibly sharp and as we have discussed, will deliver an excellent performance in terms of cutting.

The deck is made from aluminium which is a very lightweight material, but this does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. Aluminium is also very robust and will do well even in wet conditions.

Murray HM400 Deck And Blade

That being said, while both aluminium and steel are relatively weatherproof, it is still a good idea to store the mower in a shed or outbuilding when not in use, as over-exposure to moisture will cause the metals to degrade much more quickly.

Cutting Diameter

The Murray HM400 has a cutting diameter of 40cm which makes it the perfect manual lawn mower for small or medium lawns.

Mowers like this would work very well for someone with a small plot of land that they want to maintain without the need for bulky petrol or electric equipment.


Your comfort is one of the most essential factors when looking at a lawn mower, especially if you are going to be having to exert more strength by moving the mower manually.

Fortunately, this model comes with an ergonomically designed handle which adds to the convenience of the mower, as well as giving you a comfortable mowing experience. The handle is coated with a soft foam grip for added comfort.

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Height Adjustment

Murray HM400 Height Adjustment

Whether you need to cut your grass a little longer to stick to the one-third rule, you need to factor in the current weather conditions, or you just fancy a different look, being able to adjust the mowing height is essential.

On some models changing the cutting height is notoriously difficult but with this one, the process couldn’t be any simpler thanks to the single lever adjustment. You can choose between four cutting heights that range from 13mm to 38mm giving you a good level of versatility.


The Murray HM400 is fitted with two lightweight 21cm wheels to the front of the mowing deck. These wheels feature internal ball bearings for added stability and maneuverability.

Grass Collection Box

This Murray HM400 mower comes with a removable grass box that is capable of carrying up to 20 litres of clippings. This doesn’t sound a lot when we compare it to some more cumbersome mowers on the market, but for the likely smaller area that you will be mowing with this product, it is the perfect size.

The grass collection bag is made from a mesh fabric, which means it will be quick to dry and easy to clean. Furthermore, if you do not want to use this, it can be removed and the grass clippings will be expelled out of the rear of the mower.

Safety Features

While there are no special additions that make this a particularly safe model to use, the Murray HM400 is much safer than powered models with the simple removal of power. This means that any accidents that could be associated with power malfunctions or cables are totally eliminated.


Murray HM400 Practicalities

One of the things that stands out most about this mower is that it comes with a two-year warranty. I genuinely believe that this is a very well-built piece of equipment that will deliver on everything that it promises, but there are always anomalies and in the event that something goes wrong, you can feel confident that you are covered.

What’s more, this Murray HM400 is a very lightweight piece of equipment weighing just 11kg. If you have decided to change to a manual mower after using a petrol mower, you will notice a significant difference in how easy this is to handle in comparison.

Manual cylinder lawn mowers are typically a lot easier to maintain and require almost no upkeep aside from the occasional clean and blade sharpening. However, on this model and many other modern ones like it, you will find that the blades do not need to be sharpened anywhere near as much as you would expect.

User Manual Download for The Murray HM400 Push Mower

Click here to access the Murray HM400 Push Mower Instruction Manual

What’s Included In The Box

  • 1 x Murray HM400 manual mower
  • 20-litre grass bag

Pros and Cons

  • Good cutting width
  • Four cutting heights
  • Large Collection Bag
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Eco friendly
  • Low noise output
  • Very sharp blades
  • Two ways to mow – grass bag collection or rear discharge
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for bumpy uneven lawns


Should You Buy This Model?

Murray HM400 Conclusion

If you have a smaller lawn that doesn’t require a hefty electric or petrol lawn mower, a manual option like the Murray HM400 is a fantastic alternative. This is also an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for something a lot more lightweight, but still delivers the results and performance you would expect from a good mower.

For anyone who wants to move to a more eco-friendly type of mowing, cylinder mowers are a great choice. However, not all of them are designed to perform as well as this one. I’d definitely consider this over some of the other options on the market.

This is also a mower that would suit anyone looking to equip their garden shed on a budget. Some powered mowers can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds but for around sixty quid, you are getting something that will do just as good a job.


The Murray HM400 is certainly one of the better hand push cylinder mowers on the market at the moment. This type of mower uses a series of blades that cut in a scissor-like manner to deliver a clean, precise and accurate cut every time you mow.

What’s more, you will aid the health of your lawn thanks to the gentler, sharp 5 blade cutting approach. This mower will also benefit you with its easy to use design, an ergonomic handle and features that make mowing a breeze. It is little wonder that this is a mower that has been so well-received.

Yes, there are many manual push mowers on the market from the likes of WEBB and Einhell, however this Murray HM400 not only competes favourably in terms of value for money but also in terms of build quality and performance.

Where Should I Purchase this Murray HM400 Push Mower?

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Murray HM400 Cylinder Lawn Mower, 40 cm, 20 Liter Collecting Bag
1,008 Reviews
Murray HM400 Cylinder Lawn Mower, 40 cm, 20 Liter Collecting Bag
  • Sharper blades on the mower result in better-looking lawns
  • Adjust the cutting height to suit your lawn and weather conditions; single lever, 4 positions, 13 - 38mm
  • Convenience and comfort with ergonomic handle padded with foam
  • Collect all the trimmed material in the 20 liter container for a clean finish
  • Reduce noise around the house with this lightweight roller mower
  • 2-year limited consumer warranty

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Murray HM400 Full Specification

Model Number2691592
Drive SystemPush
Cutting Width40cm / 16″
Discharge OptionsRear discharge / Collecting
Height of Cut13mm to 38mm
Height of Cut Positions4
Height of Cut AdjustmentManual
Blade Type5 Steel cylinder blades
Front Wheels21cm
Type Bearing (Front/Rear)Ball bearing
Handle GripErgonomic comfort grip
Bag TypeSoft
Bag Volume20 Litre
Warranty2 Years Limited


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2 thoughts on “Murray HM400 Review – Hand Push Cylinder Mower”

  1. So I tried out this mower and it’s done a decent job. It was dead easy to put together even if slotting the handle on was a bit tight.

    It’s quite heavy but then I’m not the strongest so getting up the steps and into the shed was a bit of a struggle but doable.

    Gives a nice clean cut and the lawn looks even. It struggled over two areas where the ground dips down a bit but I kind of expected that. Feels very robust and sturdy.

    Grass catcher is a bit flimsy and has a tendency to flatten as you’re mowing and some of the clippings missed the bag. But it comes on and off easily enough and was big enough for my relatively small patch of grass.

    Oh yes cutting height adjustment-really simple you just pull two plungers on either side of the blade which releases the mechanism which you can then slide into whichever hole you want it. I tried it on the lowest setting first but found it struggled to cut through the grass. I’m guessing that’s because it had been left to grow to long for a while. Middle setting was perfect. Overall, a great mower!

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