Hyundai HYLS8000V Review – 3000w 8 Tonne Vertical Electric Log Splitter

Hyundai HYLS8000V Log Splitter Review
Hyundai HYLS8000V
What I Like
Great aftercare service from a trusted brand.
Can be used for wood up to 65cm in length.
Great for commercial as well as domestic users.
Works well with both hard and soft/green wood.
Generous 3 year warranty.
What I Don't Like
Higher initial investment.
Cheaper options available for lighter domestic use.
My Overall Rating


Hyundai HYLS8000V ReviewSplitting logs can be very taxing work and while there are many horizontal log splitters out there that really pack a punch, sometimes things just call for something a little more powerful. That’s where the Hyundai HYLS8000V 3000w 8 Tonne Vertical Electric Log Splitter comes in incredibly handy.

This is a vertical log splitter with a massive 8 tonnes of splitting force. While it is designed for domestic use, it could be used for light commercial work or for land owners. It runs on a powerful 3000 watt motor making it almost twice as powerful as some of the more compact, horizontal splitters that I have been reviewing recently.

With a lot of features to make log splitting a much simpler task, I simply had to share this Hyundai HYLS8000V review. So let’s take a deep dive into this brilliant piece of machinery and see if it has any floors.

Hyundai HYLS8000V Main Features

  • Motor: 3000 watts
  • Splitter Force: 8 ton splitting power
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Type: Vertical splitter
  • Maximum Log Length: 65m / 25.5 inches
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 40cm / 16 inches
  • Two handed operation
  • IP54 Rating – Protected from water spray from any direction and limited dust ingress
  • 3 year warranty


If you are looking for a domestic log splitter that’ll really give the work some welly, then you don’t need to look much further than the Hyundai 3000w 8 Tonne Vertical Electric Log Splitter. This is a superbly powerful piece of equipment running on a 3000 watt motor that requires absolutely no maintenance.

Moreover, this tool exerts 8 tonnes of splitting power making it perfect for more heavy duty tasks. If you’re cutting larger pieces of wood or need to get through more logs in one session then this is definitely a splitter worth considering.

Remember, this Hyundai HYLS8000V is capable of cutting logs to a maximum length of 65cm (25.5 inches) and a maximum log diameter of 40cm (16 inches).

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Hyundai HYLS8000V PowerIt can seem intimidating using a log splitter for the first time and even though this is a slightly more complex model, it is still beautifully easy to use and delivers a smooth and efficient performance. The Hyundai HYLS8000V Electric Log Splitter is a vertical log splitter that operates at 3.25cm per second, meaning that it’ll cut through logs very quickly.

Ease Of Use

One of the things that sets a vertical log splitter apart is that it is far easier to load the logs, which is great if you have a lot of work to do or if you find working with a horizontal splitter a little more tasking.

Moreover, the Hyundai 3000w 8 Tonne Vertical Electric Log Splitter features an electric motor, which is great for heavy domestic use and you don’t need to worry about maintenance in the same way that you would with a petrol powered motor. That said, you will need to top up the hydraulic fluid, but this is super simple and doesn’t take a lot of time.

The Hyundai HYLS8000V allows you to split logs quickly and efficiently and makes the job much easier than when working with a manual axe.



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Safety Features

Hyundai HYLS8000V Safety FeaturesThere is potential for a log splitter to be a very dangerous tool, which is why it is essential to only ever buy splitters that have adequate safety features.

Most notably on the Hyundai HYLS8000V log splitter is that the tool must be operated with two hands. This means that during operation, there is no risk of the hands getting caught, which could result in a pretty substantial injury.

I also really like the fact that the Hyundai HYLS8000V is a relatively quiet bit of kit. OK, it isn’t without sound and you’ll probably still need to wear ear protection, but when compared to some other log splitters, it’s definitely on the quiet side. As with any piece of garden equipment of this nature, it is imperative to wear protective clothing and always follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

Type Of Wood

I love the Hyundai 3000w 8 Tonne Vertical Electric Log Splitter for many reasons, but one of the things that really makes it stand out is that it is able to handle seriously large pieces of wood. It can accept logs up to 65cm in length and 40cm in width, this is much larger than some of the smaller log splitters on the market giving you more versatility in what you cut. But that doesn’t mean it can’t handle smaller logs, the minimum it will cut is 12cm in diameter.

In addition to this, you also have options when it comes to the type of wood you can cut. The Hyundai HYLS8000V is designed to work with seasoned hard and soft wood, so there really isn’t much limitation in what you can do.

To give you a guide in relation to the pressure and log diameter cutting ability, see the chart below.

Diameter of LogMinimun Force
15cm Seasoned (6 inches)6 Ton
30cm Seasoned (12 inches)7 Ton
30cm Green (12 inches)16 Ton
60cm Seasoned (24 inches)20 Ton
60cm Green (24 inches)30+ Ton


Hyundai HYLS8000V Practicalities

Hyundai HYLS8000V PracticalitiesThe Hyundai HYLS8000V Electric Log Splitter comes with an IP54 rating which means that the appliance is protected from limited amounts of moisture and dust. Keep in mind that this is an electrical tool, so you should never use it in rain or wet conditions, but having this IP rating does give it a little more resistance to the elements.

What’s great about the Hyundai Electric Log Splitter is that it’s incredibly portable. If you need to use it in various locations, the wheels and pull handle make this simple. But it still has a relatively compact design, which is true of many vertical log splitters, that makes it easy to store. Just bear in mind that this log splitter weighs around 100kg, however the design of the wheels, the location of the motor and its centre of gravity make it easy to move as long as it is not tilted too far back.

It doesn’t take much to see that this is a robust and reliable piece of equipment, but knowing that it comes with a 3 year platinum warranty really gives you that extra confidence.

Hyundai HYLS8000V User Manual Download 

Click here to access the Hyundai HYLS8000V User Manual

What’s Included in the Box?

  • 1 x Hyundai 3000w 8 Tonne Vertical Electric Log Splitter – HYLS8000V
  • User manual
  • Spanner set for assembly

Pros and Cons

  • Great aftercare service from a trusted brand.
  • Can be used for wood up to 65cm in length.
  • Great for commercial as well as domestic users.
  • Works well with both hard and soft/green wood.
  • Cuts quickly.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Generous 3 year warranty.
  • Higher initial investment.
  • Cheaper options available for lighter domestic use.


Should You Buy This Log Splitter?

Hyundai HYLS8000V ConclusionIf you want a powerful log splitter then the Hyundai 3000w 8 Tonne Vertical Electric Log Splitter is worth considering. It’s a great choice for people who need a little more versatility in terms of the size and type of wood they will be cutting.

I’d also say that this was a good choice for small commercial businesses. It isn’t the type of commercial log splitter that would suit a larger company, but it would do for regular but less demanding log splitting needs. For domestic users, it’s definitely on the more powerful and efficient end of the scale, so is great if you tend to get through a lot of wood and want a quick and reliable way of splitting it.


The benefit of a vertical log splitter is that it is more powerful and easily able to take larger logs, not to mention that the upright design makes it easier to load and store. The Hyundai HYLS8000V Vertical Electric Log Splitter has a considerable amount of splitting power and a range of simple yet effective features that make it a user-friendly and well-performing piece of equipment.

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Check out my log splitter FAQs to learn more.

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