Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Review – Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review
Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Good build quality
22mm cutting diameter
Battery compatible with other tools in the ONE+ range
22mm cutting diameter
4 stage battery gauge is handy
What I Don't Like
Shorter battery runtime
More costly than some other brands
My Overall Rating

Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer ReviewIf you’re familiar with Ryobi tools then you will almost certainly appreciate their quality. The One+ range is excellent for a number of reasons but primarily because you are getting the option to access a huge range of more than 30 tools. Tackling everything from hedge trimmer to drilling is pretty much effortless.

In the case of this hedge trimmer, you are getting an excellent range of features including the double trigger for safe operation, an intelligent battery and a 55cm blade that powers through the foliage in no time at all. If it’s power you are looking for, then I would highly recommend this model.


Like many of the other Ryobi tools, this OHT1855R ONE+ hedge trimmer delivers exactly what you would expect; power and reliability. Whether you are looking for a cordless trimmer to add to your commercial arsenal, or simply need something for those gardening jobs at home, this is versatile enough to meet your needs.

With an 18v 4.0Ah battery, you’re getting enough oomph for most standard jobs and when you couple this with the lengthy 55cm blade, you can appreciate how the tool will make light work of the job. What’s more, with a longer blade, you get longer reach, which is great news for anyone who has wider or taller hedges.

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  • The Ryobi OHT1855R hedge trimmer is part of a larger One+ series of tools that has more than 30 appliances in the collection. As such, you have options when you are buying. Primarily, you can choose whether to take just the tool, or get the whole package with the battery and charger included.
  • This hedge trimmer comes with a powerful 18v 4.0Ah battery. The higher Ah would suggest a greater running time and while it is semi decent, you might find yourself charging it more frequently than you had hoped. That being said, owing to the power of the tool, it’s worth the slightly shorter running time.
  • The battery features a handy 4 stage power gauge which details how much juice you have left. I found this to be pretty handy since it goes down from 100% to 75% to 50% to 25%, making it clear the entire time.
  • The intellicell battery is a smart power source that boasts technology which can improve the overall battery life, meaning that you won’t need to replace it anywhere near as frequently.
  • This Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ hedge trimmer has a cutting width of 22mm which is great for most average garden jobs. However, if you have thicker or more challenging branches to cut, you might find that this doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. Having said that, this is one of the widest cuts of the hedge trimmers I have reviewed. The blade on this model is 55cm in length.
  • At just 2.8kg, this is an excellently lightweight tool, which is great if you’re going to be tackling longer jobs. It also has a rubber grip handle for comfort, improving the overall user experience.
  • The hedge trimmer boasts a double safety trigger which means that the likelihood of accidental start-ups is drastically reduced.
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This is a slightly pricier model than some of the other hedge trimmers I have looked at, but I certainly wouldn’t say that it was over the top in terms of price. You get what you pay for and with the smart features and decent level of power as well as the option to use alongside other tools in the range, it’s a pretty fair price.

What’s more, if you already have plenty of batteries and chargers, you can pick this up for significantly less by just purchasing the trimmer on its own, as a bare tool.


The standard warranty on the Ryobi hedge trimmer sits at two years. I’d say this was more than fair but when you consider that there is the option for an extended warranty, you can feel confident that you’ll always be covered. The extended warranty boosts you to three years but in order to get this, you must register your tool.

Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer Video

Pros and Cons

  • 22mm cutting diameter
  • Option to have an extended warranty
  • Good build quality
  • Battery compatible with other tools in the ONE+ range
  • 4 stage battery gauge is handy
  • Lightweight
  • Shorter battery life


The Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer User Manual

Click here to download the Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer User Manual.

Who Should Buy This Model?

Anyone who already makes use of other tools in the ONE + range will certainly benefit from adding this hedge trimmer to their collection. I’d also say that if you wanted something a little more powerful and robust, this would be a good option. Of course, a cordless is never going to wield as much power as a petrol trimmer but with some tools, manufacturers are starting to get closer to achieving this.

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