Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Review

Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Review – Cordless Grass Trimmer

Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Review
Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Review
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Fast charge time
Adjustable cutting diameter 25 to 30 cm
Three-position pivoting string head
Auto feed spool
2-Year warranty extendable to 3 years
What I Don't Like
Sold as a bare unit. If you do not already have ONE+ products you will have to purchase the battery and charger separately.
My Overall Rating

Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Review – Cordless Grass Trimmer, 18 V, 25/30 cm Cutting Width


Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Review

Ryobi has a stellar reputation and they boast more than 70 power products for home and garden in their popular One+ range. The Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ is their cordless trimmer offering that is tough, reliable and a fair price.

Key Features

  • 25 to 30 cm cutting diameter (adjustable)
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Adjustable handle
  • 3-Position pivoting head
  • Auto feed spool


While slightly heavier than the above models the Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ cordless trimmer is built for comfort and convenience. The ONE+ range consists of 70 tools and they can all use the same Ryobi lithium battery.  This is convenient, practical and cost-effective.

It is Omni-directional and cuts a 25 to 30 cm diameter according to your settings. It has a telescopic shaft and adjustable handle for comfort. The head offers a range of four positions for convenience and versatility. This allows you to get into those tricky areas, around obstacles and achieve neat edges.

The plastic shaft protector is another practical feature. It guards the string to prevent debris from hitting you as you work. It also keeps the line at a decent length and gives the trimmer a good balance.


The weight of the Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ cordless trimmer is 2.3 kg so light enough for most users. This is made even easier by the adjustable height and handles.


The Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ works off 18V. Remember that the batteries are interchangeable with the large range of ONE+ products of which there are currently 70.

Charge time

Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Review

The standard 2.5ah Lithium-ion takes about 1 hour to fully charge. This is much faster than many similar options in this range. Depending on the lawn conditions you should get 25 to 30 minutes use from a full charge.

String type

The Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ uses the Ryobi 1.6mm Spool (RAC124)

Feed type

The Ryobi OLT1832 uses a convenient auto-feed spool cutting mechanism with an automatic advancing feature.

Edge trimming

The EasyEdge technology allows for simple adjustment from trimming to edging. It is quick and easy for neat and effective edging.

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Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Review

Versatility and convenience are the leading features of this Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ cordless trimmer.  The adjustable cutting width will allow you to cut 25 to 30cm for greater accuracy or more speed according to your needs. The EasyEdge technology makes edging fast, efficient and accurate for neat and well-maintained edges. The telescopic shaft and adjustable handles combined make it comfortable to use even for extended periods.

Another great feature is the pivoting head that offers a range of positions for accuracy and convenience. These features combine to make this an effective and highly versatile trimmer.

Ryobi OLT1832 Cordless Trimmer User Manual Download

Click here to download the Ryobi OLT1832 Cordless Trimmer User Manual

Pros & Cons

  • Fast charge time
  • Adjustable cutting diameter 25 to 30 cm
  • Three-position pivoting string head
  • Switches to an edger with ease
  • Shaft protector
  • Telescopic shaft and adjustable handles
  • Batteries are interchangeable with the massive ONE+ range of quality products
  • Affordable
  • 2-Year warranty extendable to 3 years
  • Auto feed spool
  • Cordless trimmer
  • Sold as a bare unit. If you do not already have   ONE+ products you will have to purchase the battery and charger separately.


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Save £7.04
Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Cordless Grass Trimmer, 25-30cm Path (Zero Tool),...
  • High-performance cordless motor technology
  • Adjustable cutting width of 25 or 30 cm for great versatility when grass and weed cutting
  • Auto feed spool cutting mechanism
  • Four position adjustable cutting head and telescopic shaft
  • Part of the ONE system of over 100 tools for the home and garden
  • Note-Screws are taped to the back of safety guard

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