TACKLIFE Electric Tiller Review, 1500W – Cultivator/Rotavator

TACKLIFE Electric Tiller Review
Earth Turning Performance
What I Like
Adjustable cutting width for diverse use.
Excellent safety features.
Powerful motor that will last.
Compact & easy to store.
What I Don't Like
Slightly noisier than other models.
My Overall Rating

TACKLIFE Electric Tiller, 1500w Rotavator, TGTL01A Review


TACKLIFE Electric Tiller Review

The TACKLIFE TGTL01A is an electric tiller and rotavator that has a 320mm to 440mm adjustable working width and is powered by a 1500w motor. This tiller/rotavator will work to depth of 200mm, weighs 10.2kg and has foldable handles to reduce the amount of storage required.

When you’re shopping for a tiller, it’s likely that you’re going to want something that is diverse and easy to use – without any shadow of a doubt, this is what you are getting with the Tacklife TGTL01A electric tiller. It features an adjustable working width that is easy to alter as and when you need. There are six blades in total, but two of these can be removed taking you from a cutting width of 45cm down to 32cm – I did say it was a diverse piece of equipment!

Of course, if you have ever used the TACKLIFE 1400w version of this product, you’ll know that it didn’t have the handy addition of an adjustable width. And whilst the less powerful model is a great tool, this upgraded version is certainly preferable if you’ve got additional requirements, or need something that will adapt to varying spaces – and you’re not paying any more for the privilege.

It boasts an impressive 1500w copper motor whose power creates 380rpm, giving you something that is efficient and will get the job done. And whilst this is slightly less than the 1400w which gives you 400rpm, the other features more than makeup for this.

Take, for example, the lightweight and compact design of this tiller which makes it easy to use – even for long periods of time. Furthermore, the tiller can be folded away for easy storage so you haven’t got a bulky machine eating up every bit of free space in the shed.

Tacklife has left nothing to chance when it comes to the safety of the user and this is thanks to the wealth of safety features the tiller is equipped with – but we’ll delve a little deeper later on.

Main Features

  • Adjustable cutting width
  • 1500w copper motor
  • Various safety features
  • Easy assembly
  • 6 or 4 blades
  • Lightweight and compact


Power System

TACKLIFE Electric Tiller Power

The Tacklife electric tiller has a 1500w motor that is slightly more powerful than the smaller version of this model. The motor gives the tiller the capability to rotate at 380rpm – this is significantly more than some of the other tillers in this category. So if you’re in the market for something hardy then this might be the product for you.

The motor is crafted from copper which is an ideal material for this type of equipment, since it has a low power loss which means that the work you are doing will never be compromised. It’s certainly a hard-working piece of kit.

Electrically powered through a cable; you won’t need to stop to recharge any batteries or refill the fuel as you would need to do with other power sources. One thing that I did notice was that it has quite a noisy operating level of 93 decibels and since sounds that go above 83 decibels, are considered to be harmful, it might be worth investing in a set of ear defenders. But when you’re looking at a model as powerful as this, you’ve got to expect some noise.

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TACKLIFE TGTL01A 1500w Tiller Video

To give you a visual representation of the TACKLIFE TGTL01A 1500w Tiller, please see the video below.


TACKLIFE Electric Tiller Performance

Strong steel blades give you the confidence that this machine will stand the test of time and thanks to the continuous motion of these blades, the tiller will keep going as long as you need it to.

I have already touched on the adjustable cutting width, which is a really nice touch and makes this the ideal product for those who have varying garden needs. There are six blades in all, two of which can be easily removed giving you a working width of 32cm, as opposed to the 45cm you’re getting when all six blades are in action. When you compare this to its younger brother, the 1400w model which has a fixed cutting width of 40cm, you start to appreciate how much more versatile this model is.

In addition to this, you’ve got a generous cutting depth of 20cm, so you are able to turn a healthy amount of soil.


With the sturdy design of this tiller, you can feel confident that it will exceed your expectations performance-wise since it is durable and will see you through many gardening seasons.

The hefty cutting width and depth mean that you can get more done at once, but thanks to the adjustable design, you are free to alter this as you need, further adding to the versatile performance of this device.

You’re getting something incredibly powerful, especially when you consider the reasonable price of this equipment, so if you’ve been looking for a tiller that won’t break the bank, but will provide you with unrivalled power and performance – you won’t be disappointed.


TACKLIFE Electric Tiller Practicalities

Practically speaking, the Tacklife electric tiller leaves nothing out. It is super easy to store owing to its ability to fold neatly away. This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of free storage space.

The tiller weighs in at just a little over 10kg so it’s very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre – this is especially important if you’re planning an afternoon of tilling and need something that won’t cause you to break too much of a sweat.

There’s a nice little addition of some cable clips which help to keep the wire neat, tidy and out of the way – it’s these little details that put the tiller at the top of its game.

Furthermore, it is really easy to use in terms of powering on and off, plus you’re getting two power options – a push button and a hand control lever. I love that Tacklife has kept useability at the forefront of the design.

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Safety Features

In terms of safety, I could not have been more impressed by what the Tacklife tiller has to offer. Initially, you will notice that it features safety buttons and brake switches which mean there will be no accidental powering on.

What’s more, the tiller is robustly built which means that it is extremely stable to use and won’t give up after a few uses.

The cable clips that I have already mentioned add to the safe use of this tiller, since they keep the cable out of the way, which will prevent trips or accidents.

This tiller also has a safety guard running across the full width of the blades to help prevent any debris such as stones flicking up towards the user.

What’s Included in the box?

TACKLIFE Electric Tiller Safety Features

The tiller comes in pieces, so there is some assembly required, however, I have noted that, with the detailed instructions and easy to assemble design, this isn’t going to be a huge challenge. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be getting in the box.

  • 1 x Tacklife electric tiller
  • Handles
  • Hub caps
  • Electrical cord
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Throttle control

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable cutting width for diverse use.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • Powerful motor that will last.
  • Easy to store.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Slightly noisier than other models.


Should You Buy This Model?

This tiller is perfect for anyone who needs something that will adapt to their needs – if you’ve got a smaller bedding plant area that needs fewer blades and a smaller cutting width, but also something that will tackle larger plots of land, then this is ideal.

TACKLIFE Electric Tiller Conclusion

If you’ve used Tacklife products before, such as the smaller 1400w version of this tiller, you’ll notice that many of the features, such as the safety switches are similar in nature, so you’ll easily get to grips with the operation.

It’s a great solution for anyone who needs something that is a little bit more powerful to turn tough soil and do it quickly.


The Tacklife electric 1500w tiller is nothing if not diverse, thanks to the adjustable cutting width which is, without doubt, one of the main selling points of this piece of equipment. But there is much more to it than this.

The tiller has an easy to assemble design, so getting it out of the box and into the garden is not hugely challenging. Furthermore, once you are ready to get tilling, you can do so with ease. This is due to the lightweight design and wealth of safety functions you’re getting with this.

For a price that very closely rivals the smaller model, you’re getting some nice little extra touches, so if you want value for money, this will do it!

Where should I purchase this model?

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Electric Tiller Cultivator Rotavator, 1500W Powerful Garden Soil...
49 Reviews
Electric Tiller Cultivator Rotavator, 1500W Powerful Garden Soil...
  • 【1500W Powerful Tiller】The 1500W electric cultivator tiller with copper motor generates speed up to 400rpm, works through almost soil texture (except clay and rocks) and enables the quick digging of residual roots of vegetables, lawn and flower patches, free you from the heavy labor.
  • 【Easily and effectively Working】The electric garden cultivator tiller with a cutting width of 45cm, maximum tilling depth of 22cm, 6 pieces extra thickened high hardness and toughness sharp steel tines, the garden tiller ensure maximum durability and stable performance when your gardening process.
  • 【2 Point-Switch& Overheating Protection】The electric tiller equipped with a 2-point safety switch which shuts down the cultivator blades as soon as you let go of the switch. Overload protection system and electric brake button for safe operation.
  • 【Extra 10M Power Cable】The 10m power cord of the electric tiller can save you from having to close to the power socket, provide you max freedom in cultivating. With IPX5 water resistant, the soil Cultivator will keep you safer working if there is water source nearby.
  • 【Adjustable Wheels Handlebar】12.5kg lightweight of electric corded garden tiller cultivator makes it effortless to operate. 3 levels height adjusting is easier to control during using process. Foldable design allows you to fold the tiller easily without tools, compact for easy storage.

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TACKLIFE Electric Tiller FAQ

How long is the warranty on the TACKLIFE Electric Tiller?

2 years when purchased from an authorised seller.

Can I get support for my TACKLIFE Electric Tiller?

Yes, you can complete a form on this link - https://tacklifetools.com/pages/contact-us. Alternatively you can email support@tacklifetools.com

Is the TACKLIFE Electric Tiller supplied with a UK 3 pin plug?


Do the handles fold flat?

Yes, the handles fold at both the mid and lower point of the bars.

Does the TACKLIFE Electric Tiller require assembly.

Yes, there is some assembly required. Please see the video in the review above.

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