Terratek Cordless Strimmer Review

Terratek Cordless Strimmer Review
Terratek Cordless Strimmer
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Light and comfortable
Adjusts to ideal height and position
No-fuss nylon blade
Trimming and edging
Cordless trimmer
What I Don't Like
Stones damage the nylon blades
Not suitable for long or wet grass
My Overall Rating

Terratek Cordless Strimmer Review – 18V/20V-Max Lithium-Ion, Telescopic Lightweight Powerful Grass Trimmer, 25cm Cutting Diameter, Battery, Charger & Quick Change Spare Blades Included, Grass Edger Lawn Cutter


Terratek Cordless Strimmer Review

Terratek makes a range of popular and reliable garden tools including cordless lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers. They are known for reliability and good value for money. One of the advantages is that the batteries are interchangeable between tools.

The Terratek Cordless Strimmer is lightweight, comfortable and effective. It converts easily into an edge trimmer in a simple twist of the head. It also uses quick to replace nylon blades for added convenience.

Key Features

  • Light
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles
  • Nylon blade
  • 25cm Cutting diameter
  • Head rotates for edging
  • Interchangeable batteries


This trimmer is all about being practical. It is only 2kg and has comfortable soft-grip handles. The shaft can be adjusted for a comfortable height.

The blade is nylon so is a lot less hassle than a complicated and fiddly string spool. If you want to change it to an edger, the head rotates 180-degrees with minimal effort.

Terratek Cordless Strimmer Review


At only 2kg this strimmer is light and easy to operate. There are very few cordless trimmers or strimmers less than 2kg.


The Terratek peaks at 20V but operates at a steady 18V. This offers enough power for most small and medium gardens but may battle a bit with really long or wet grass.

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Charge time

The recommended charge time is 4 to 5 hours.

Terratek Cordless Strimmer Review

String type

This trimmer uses a nylon blade so there is no string. The blade is super-easy to change and they click on and off in seconds. The blade works well but some have questioned their durability.

The blades do not last too long and stones and rocks will damage them quickly. Replacements are available and the pricing is reasonable. You need to decide if you want the convenience of the nylon blade or the durability of the string.

Feed type

This does not apply as the Terratek uses a nylon blade.

Edge trimming

Terratek Cordless Strimmer Review

The headof the Terratek Cordless Strimmer is easy to adjust by 180-degrees to instantly turn the trimmer into a handy edger.


Comfort is the main feature of this trimmer. It is light, has a telescopic handle and comfortable rubber handles. This makes it easy for anyone to use without getting tired. The nylon blade adds to the convenience as they are really fast and easy to replace.

The battery is interchangeable with other Terratek products and the head can be adjusted easily to do neat edges.

Pros & Cons

  • Light and comfortable
  • Adjusts to ideal height and position
  • No-fuss nylon blade
  • Trimming and edging
  • Cordless trimmer
  • Stones damage the nylon blades
  • Not suitable for long or wet grass


Terratek Cordless Strimmer with 2 Batteries & 30 Spare Blades 18/20V Lithium-Ion, Telescopic Lightweight Powerful Grass Trimmer, 25cm Cutting Diameter, Battery & Charger Included

The specs of this trimmer are identical. The only difference is that this option comes with 2 batteries. This will keep you going for longer if you have more area to cover.

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Save £12.00
Terratek Cordless Strimmer 20V 1HR Fast Charge Battery Garden...
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Terratek Cordless Strimmer 20V 1HR Fast Charge Battery Garden...
  • High-Powered Lightweight Blade Strimmer: The Terratek product is a high-powered blade strimmer, with a lightweight design at only 2kg and a battery which lasts up to 40 mins and only takes 1 hour to re charge. Providing excellent grass cutting ability. It is a perfect choice for maintaining your garden. The Cordless Strimmer ensures efficient and quick trimming of grass and weeds and comes with 2x 20V additional batteries.
  • Cordless Grass Trimmer: The Terratek cordless grass trimmers is easy to use and manoeuvre. It gives you the freedom to move around your garden without being restricted by a power cord and easily converts from grass trimmer to edger with a quick turn of the shaft in seconds with no tools needed. With an adjustable height from 95cm to 115cm its ideal for the taller gardener.
  • Cutting Diameter: The Terratek electric strimmer comes with a large 25cm trimming diameter which delivers an all-round cutting performance, ideal for cutting your garden down to size in no time at all. This grass cutter machine is ideal for long grass such as weeds and unwanted plants.
  • Quick Change Blades: The Terratek grass strimmer cordless trimmer comes with 30x spare cutting blades for your piece of mind and with its simple snap fit design to replace just snap the replacement nylon blades into place and get cutting again.
  • Complete Package 2 Year Guarantee: The Terratek cordless strimmers comes with 2x batteries, 30x spare blades and charger. This ensures you have everything you need to start trimming your garden immediately and we offer a 2 year guarantee for your added peace of mind.

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40 thoughts on “Terratek Cordless Strimmer Review”

  1. Gr8 strimmer really pleased with it until blade holder broke can’t no way get screw out of centre tried everything don’t know what to do please help haven’t had it long 🙏

  2. I have a Terratek strimmer which was brilliant but I left the battery in the strimmer for about a month, Went to use it it wouldn’t work, I thought the battery was run out but no fully charged, contact points clean . Any ideas ?

    1. Hi Pete

      No sorry, I have no idea. I have not experienced this before with any battery tools.

      Please let us know if you find out what happened and if it was the battery, charger or the tool itself.


  3. Hi is there a way you could change from blades to wire as I think wire would suit me better then the blades. Or will I have to buy a different strimmer. Thanks

  4. The blade holder broke, is there a special way of holding the holder to allow you to undo the screw in the centre of the blade holder

    1. HI John, please Alex’s response below – “I have managed with a lot of strength and good screwdriver to take out the bolt. It is a left handed thread so you need to turn it CLOCKWISE. WD 40 helped and you need a good multigrip to stop the spindle turning. To make life easier I used a hacksaw to get rid of all plastic left round the screw. Hard work but cheaper than buying a new one! It IS possible!”
      Hope this helps

  5. Jackie Freeman

    My strimmer keeps stopping even though the battery is fully charged and the button is fully pressed in any suggestions
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Jackie, I am really sorry but unfortunately I do not know, however it does sound like a fault. Can you contact the company you bought it from and ask them for assistance.
      Please let us know how you get on.
      Thanks Mark

    2. My 20v blade holder broke and want to replace but can’t find one on site ttcgt18 20 blade holder where can I get replacement

  6. Hi all, where did you buy your replacement blade holder from please? Struggling to find the correct part for my strimmer TCSBUN 🤨

      1. I have found a replacement blade holder on EBay for £9.95 post free. My problem is that I cannot undo the screw holding the broken one in place. You have to hold the motor spindle tight whilst trying to remove screw. I have tried unscrewing in both directions but it is stuck fast. I am trying WD40 but do you have any other suggestions please ? Many thanks.

        1. Hi Alex

          This is a common problem with this strimmer. Unfortunately I have no solution to suggest.

          Perhaps someone reading this may have been able to get it undone.


          1. I have managed with a lot of strength and good screwdriver to take out the bolt. It is a left handed thread so you need to turn it CLOCKWISE. WD 40 helped and you need a good multigrip to stop the spindle turning. To make life easier I used a hacksaw to get rid of all plastic left round the screw. Hard work but cheaper than buying a new one! It IS possible!

        2. I had the same problem. The answer is that the screw is a left hand thread
          , so rotate the tool in the opposite direction.

    1. Hi Collette, it does indeed sound like there is a fault with the Strimmer. It may be best to contact Terratek support to see what they advise.
      Please let me know how you get on.

  7. Hi,

    The blade holder broke recently. I’ve ordered a replacement , but can’t unscrew the old one. Any idea how I should go about doing this?



    1. Hi Nick

      Do you mean the round plastic holder. There is a Philips cross headed screw that needs to be unscrewed. Is it this screw that will not budge?

      Try some WD40 and leave to soak for a while.

      Please let me know if you manage to get it replaced.


      1. I have the same problem, its not that the screw wont turn its the fact the whole spindle turns with it, the spindle is round so cant grip it whilst unscrewing

      1. we are having the same problem the screw wont budge … do you know what the name o the tool is called as it is flat on one side and round on the other

      1. Christopher Tickner

        Are you sure I thought they said anti clockwise to unscrew,mine wont budge even though I’ve managed to get a spanner on the shaft chris

        1. I keep braking my blade holder so know the answer; it is a reverse thread.
          So, hold the disk in one hand (or with some mole grips) and with a Phillips style cross head screwdriver turn the central fixing screw in a clockwise direction.
          It will come off, but my main problem is this has now happened 5 times within a year so clearly a weak part .

    2. Hi Ed 40 on screw but it’s a clockwise rotation on the screw to undo not loose lefty but righty tightly take a bit of effort I used an big Phillips impact driver to loosen it and cut off the old holder and I could hold the spindle with mole grips with a little help from my friend hope this helps but it does work Happy Strimming !!!

  8. Hi Mark,

    I need a robust battery operated strimmer to clear my garden lawn that had been neglected for more than a year. The grass is knee height.

    Any recommendations?



    1. Hi Viv, thanks for your message. Please see the link below for the best cordless battery operated strimmer.


      If you are looking for something really powerful the EGO line trimmer below is exceptionally good. I am currently doing a review of this trimmer that will be available within the next week or so, if you want to see it in action first. Please see link below –


      Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.

          1. Hi Mark I bought a terratek 20v grass strimmer for my friend in southern ierland and both her batteries will not charge from new ? Is she doing anything wrong as I live in England and she alone cheers payl

          2. Hi Paul

            No, I’m sure you are not. As long as they have clipped into the charger fully they should charge with no issues. It does sound like a faulty charger and may need to be returned for a replacement.

            Please let us know how you get on.


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