DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR Review – Battery Cordless Lawn Mower

Dewalt DCMW564P2 XR
DeWalt DCMW564P2
What I Like
Premium mower with robust steel cutting deck
Great for medium to large lawns (up to 800m²)
Versatile cutting methods including mulching
Vertical storage
Batteries are shareable across the DeWalt range
What I Don't Like
Heavier than some due to large 5Ah batteries
Larger initial investment
No side discharge
Batteries not included in 3 year warranty (common with other brands)
My Overall Rating


DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR Review

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR is a battery powered cordless lawn mower that is supplied with two 5Ah 18v lithium-ion batteries and is suitable for lawns up to 800m². It has a large 48cm cutting blade within its 51cm steel deck, a 55 litre grass collection bag, 5 cutting heights from 25mm to 86mm and weighs 33kg. The DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR is supplied with a mulching attachment, a safety key and is covered by a 3 year DeWalt warranty when registered (1 year on batteries).

If you are looking for a powerful cordless mower from a premium brand that produces quality garden tools then look not further; the Dewalt DCMW563P2 will be right up your street. While you will need to make a more substantial investment on this mower compared to some other cordless models, the advantages of doing so are clear. This is a machine built for power and ease of use.

If you have ever found mowing the lawn to be a chore, this mower will make it a much more enjoyable experience thanks to the wealth of impressive features. It comes with two 5.0Ah batteries that offer a very generous run time of up to 40 minutes and can be power-shared across the DeWalt range. However, if you already have a vast collection of batteries, there is also the option to buy the bare model, the DeWalt DCMW564N.

With a wide cutting width that is suitable for medium to large gardens, five cutting heights and the option to mulch, this is a versatile machine. I’ve been blown away by the immaculate performance of this mower and in my DeWalt DCMW564P2 review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

Main Features

  • 51cm metal deck (48cm cutting width)
  • 2-in-1 mowing features
  • Foldable handle
  • Vertical storage
  • 55-litre grass collection bag
  • 2 x 5.0Ah batteries
  • Brushless motor
  • Safety key
  • Rear roller

Power System and Batteries

DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR Power System and Batteries

One of the things that initially caught my eye when looking at this DeWalt DCMW564P2 mower was the incredible power that it produces. In days gone by, you’d have to have had a petrol mower for intense power, but more and more manufacturers are making modern cordless mowers that deliver power by the bucket load.

DeWalt advertises this mower as having the ‘power of corded without the cord’ and it isn’t difficult to see why they’ve made this claim. It comes with two 5.0Ah 18v batteries that deliver great power for a longer period of time, making this the ideal mower for larger lawn areas. Although if you wanted to go one step further, it is possible to power-share between other tools from this range and some users like to insert 2 x 9.0Ah batteries for maximum running time.

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 mower benefits from a robust brushless motor, which is designed to be longer-lasting and provide a greater run time. Furthermore, this type of motor runs much more quietly, so mowing doesn’t have to be something that disturbs the peace.

Another beneficial feature on this mower is the addition of two battery level indicators, that can be clearly seen whilst using the mower. The only negative about this feature is that there is only 3 indicator lights per battery, meaning they are in steps of 33%. This made it difficult when only one light was showing to know whether the battery was 33% charged or about to run out.

Note: this mower is also available as a bare tool (no batteries or charger supplied), details of this model can be found here Dewalt DCMW564N. 

DeWalt DCMW564P2 Video

To give you a visual representation of this DeWalt DCMW564P2, see the video below.


In terms of how this lawn mower performs, I have to say that I was astonished with the results. The mower boasts a 2-in-1 function which gives you the freedom to mow the lawn in your preferred way. There is the option to cut and collect the grass cuttings. The mower comes with a mulching plug, which I will discuss in a bit more detail later on.

With the incredible power and versatile functions, this mower is ideal for lawns measuring up to 800m², achieving a clean and accurate cut. The DeWalt DCMW564P2 cordless lawn mower is very easy to move around as it has not only been designed for power but also for manoeuvrability.

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Blade and Deck

DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR Blade and Deck

One of the things that is utterly impressive about this lawn mower is that it is fitted with a 51cm metal deck. That may not seem overly important to begin with, but when you consider that this is typically a feature seen on a petrol mower, you begin to realise just how robust the DeWalk DCMW564P2 really is.

This durable design means that the body of the mower will stand up to many more challenges. This is further backed up by the powder-coated design that is made for use in toughest outdoor environment.

Cutting Diameter

The DeWalt cordless mower boasts a generous cutting width of 48cm which is perfect for medium to large lawns. Anything up to 800m² is perfect for this mower. For this reason, this mower could be used for smaller commercial jobs, just as much as for domestic purposes.


The DeWalt DCMW564P2 mower comes with two carry handles which make it superbly easy to transport, this further backs up the idea that this would make an excellent mower for remote jobs i.e. allotment use.

In addition to this, the ergonomically designed handle offers comfort and easy access to the controls across the width of the handle. This is ideal for both left and right-handers and of course, for operating around corners single handed. There is a conveniently placed power actuation button making the mower easy to switch on and off. Furthermore, the handle folds down for easy and compact storage, and is made from aluminium making it lightweight, yet incredibly robust.

Oh and did I mention that this mower can also be stored vertically, reducing the amount of storage space required?


DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR Wheels

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 mower has large rear wheels which add to the manoeuvrability as well as making this a very stable mower. What’s more, the wheels have twin bearings for greater stability and help to prevent scalping the lawn. It’s worth noting that the spring loaded height adjustment system on this mower seemed to add a bounce / suspension to the mower when mowing. This did not seem to cause any issues in terms of the cut quality and manoeuvrability.

When it is time to store the mower away, the wheels have a lock so that you can store the machine in an upright / vertical position. This also makes it more portable, especially when you’re on the go.

Height Adjustment

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 comes with a choice of five height settings ranging between 25mm and 86mm. This is perfect for cutting at different times of the year. Adjusting the cutting height is quick and easy thanks to the single lever control. In fact, this is one of the easiest height adjustments I have seen on any mower and believe that this is down to the spring loaded operation.


If you love the look of a striped lawn then a roller is a must. Typically, these were traditionally seen on petrol mowers, but more and more higher end cordless models are now including this feature too. The roller is located at the back of the mower and can also be utilised to make moving the mower around easier in conjunction with the handle located at the front of the deck.


Mulching is great for the health of your lawn, yet not all lawn mowers come equipped to do it. Fortunately, this one does and the mulching plug is included with your purchase allowing you to deliver the grass clippings back to the lawn. This will improve its health and appearance as well as giving it a growth boost.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of mulching read my article The Benefits of Mulching Lawn Mowers – Complete Guide.

Grass Collection Bag

DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR Practicalities

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 has a 55-litre grass bag. This is a decent size, but when you compare it with the size of the deck, it could stand to be a little bigger. This would limit the number of times you needed to stop when mowing. But in the scheme of things, this isn’t the worst downside that a mower could have.

The grass bag is lightweight and made from mesh fabric meaning that it is also much easier and compact to store. Despite being fabric, this is a heavy duty grass bag that will stand up to a lot of mowing.

There is no “grass box full” indicator, this is normal for all cloth grass collection bags.

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There are so many things that make this DeWalt DCMW564P2 mower easy to operate. With all of the manoeuvrability features combined, getting around the garden has never been easier. Furthermore, the conveniently placed power button makes switching the mower on and off effortless.

What I really liked was how easy the mower is to store. If you don’t have a lot of space in your shed or outbuilding, you’ll often find that the mower takes up the bulk of the room. But in this case, it appears that the manufacturer has thought of everything in terms of storage and transportation. This mower’s handles fold flat at the lower deck allowing the mower to be stored vertically, significantly reducing the footprint and again reducing storage space.

Safety Features

Alongside the on/off button, there is a secondary power lever (Operator Presence Control) for safety, which will prevent accidental start-ups. There is also a removable safety key that needs to be inserted into the central switch area in order to enable the mower. This is particularly useful around young children and for peace of mind when in storage. Whilst the safety key is attached to the mowers handles, you may want to remove it completely for extra safety around older children. Just be careful not to lose or misplace it!!

DeWalt DCMW564P2 User Manual

Click here to access the DeWalt DCMW564P2 User Manual

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x DeWalt DCMW564P2 lawn mower
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 2 x 5.0Ah batteries
  • Safety key
  • Mulching plug
  • Rear roller
  • User manual

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile cutting methods including mulching
  • Great for medium to large lawns (up to 800m²)
  • Robust steel cutting deck
  • 48cm cutting width
  • Folding handle that is very durable
  • Vertical storage
  • Rear roller for striped lawn
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Batteries are shareable across the DeWalt range
  • Brushless motor for longer run time
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Bare tool model available
  • Heavier than some due to large 5Ah batteries
  • Larger initial investment
  • No side discharge
  • Batteries not included in 3 year warranty (common with other brands)


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Should You Buy This Model?

This is a powerful and diverse lawn mower that would serve someone with a large garden very well. If you have found that previous cordless mowers just don’t run long enough to tackle your garden, then this could be the answer to your problems. This is thanks to the extended battery life, which allows you to cover up to 800m² on a single charge.

Furthermore, with the range of features, this powerful, portable and reliable mower would make an excellent addition to the gardening arsenal of discerning gardeners. It delivers an accurate and clean cut that you and your clients will be surely impressed with.


DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR Conclusion

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 cordless mower is truly a force to be reckoned with. This isn’t your average cordless mower, but one that possesses the power of something much more robust. Not only this, but with several ways to mow, adjustable cutting heights at five levels and the option to mulch or use a rear roller, you are free to tend to your garden in any way you please.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Gone are the days of lugging a hefty mower around the garden and almost breaking your back. While this is slightly heavier than other cordless models, it is bursting with features that make it a cinch to move around.

The DeWalt DCMW564P2 is well-built with quality materials and boasts a brushless motor that delivers incredible running times and quiet operation. There aren’t many bad things I could say about this mower and while it is considered to be something of an investment, it is undoubtedly one that will pay off!

Where Should I Purchase This DeWalt DCMW564P2?

Dewalt DCMW564P2 XR Brushless Lawn Mower 18V 2 x 5.0Ah Li-ion

DeWalt DCMW564P2 XR Brushless Lawn Mower 18V 2 x 5.0Ah Li-ion
  • Ergonomic design with handle
  • Dcmw564p2 xr brushless lawnmower 18v 2 x 50ah li-ion
  • 51cm metal tires
  • 55l heavy duty mesh fabric grass collection bag
  • 5 height adjustment lever (25, 38, 57, 74, 86mm)
  • Switch actuation button for easy to turn onoff

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Dewalt DCMW564N Bare Tool (no batteries or charger supplied)

Dewalt DCMW564RN Twin 18v/36v XR Cordless 48cm Lawn Mower Brushless -...
  • 51Cm Metal Deck
  • Ergonomic Push Handle Design
  • Power Actuation Button For Easy To Turn On/ Off
  • 55L Heavy Duty Mesh Fabric Grass Collection Bag
  • 5 Height settings lever (25, 38, 57, 74, 86mm)
  • English (Publication Language)

Last update on 2024-07-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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DeWalt DCMW564P2 FAQs

Is the Dewalt DCMW564P2 XR Self-propelled?

No, this is not self-propelled.

How long is the runtime of this mower?

Approx 40min with two 5Ah batteries (800m²)

Can I purchase this mower with no battery and charger?

Yes, this mower is available as a bare unit -

Does the Dewalt DCMW564P2 have rear discharge?

No, just cut & collect and mulching options.


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