EGO LM1701E-SP Review – 42CM Cordless Lawnmower 56V (LM1701E)

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  • 56 Volt powerful market leading lithium-ion battery.
  • Telescopic handle doubles as a wheelie trolley for the mower.
  • Vertical space saving storage.
  • Excellent quality, self propelled mower with brushless motor.
  • 5-year warranty (3-year on batteries).


  • You need to buy the mulching plug as an extra, if needed.
  • Not supplied with a rear roller, but can be purchased as an optional extra, if needed.
  • Not the lightest cordless mower available.

EGO LM1701E-SP Full Review


The EGO LM1701E Cordless Lawn Mower is powered by a 56 volt 2.5 Ah battery, brushless motor and is ideal for medium to large lawns up to 400m². The mower has a large 42cm cutting width and is supplied with a very respectable 55 litre grass collection bag.

After I have received many requests from my visitors, I finally managed to review this EGO cordless mower. The main question people ask is if they can really be a genuine replacement for a petrol mower? In this review of the EGO LM1701E-SP we will take a look at its features and function and see if this high end mower lives up to expectations, and is the right cordless mower for you and your lawn.

The LM1701E and the LM1701E-SP are identical mowers apart from the self propulsion on the LM1701E-SP model. In my review and video, I tested the self propelled model of this mower and was very quickly convinced this mower was going to be something unique and very special!

The EGO LM1701E-SP  has 7 height level positions from 25mm to 80mm via a single lever and provides up to 15-20 minutes of run time (2.5Ah battery). As you can see in my video there are also other battery options available and I have included a handy chart below that will show you the charge time or each. This mower can be stored vertically (again can be seen in my video), the handles can fold flat and comes complete with a 5 year domestic warranty on the mower and 3 year warranty on the battery, if registered within 30 days of purchase.

EGO’s LM1701E-SP Cordless lawnmower comes with a 56-volt lithium-ion battery and plenty of other great innovations. EGO’s advanced and market leading battery technology means that the range of EGO cordless mowers have the power to be genuine alternatives to petrol mowers. This mower has a different handlebar design to most other lawn mowers, and the deck is reminiscent of the shape a petrol mower would have.

In this article we will take a look at all these features and functions of this EGO mower and by the end of this review I hope you will have enough information to decided if this EGO mower is worth the investment.

Main Features

  • Rating: 9.7/10
  • For Lawns of up to 400m²
  • Blade Length: 42cm (16.5-inch)
  • Self Propelled: LM1701E-SP model
  • Weight: 26 Kg
  • Number of Cutting Heights: 7 (from 25mm to 80mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 55 L
  • Motor: 3000 rpm Brushless-Motor
  • Battery: 2.5Ah 56-Volt Lithium-Ion 140Wh
  • Deck Noise: 91.3 Decibels (77.8 dB at the operator level)
  • Handle: Telescopic with Foam Grip and fold flat

Power System & Batteries

EGO uses an in-house 56-volt lithium-ion battery pack in this mower. Both a 2.5 amp-hour battery and a charger come with the mower giving the unit 20 minutes of run-time. You can buy larger lithium-ion batteries from EGO. For example, the 5.0Ah pack improves the performance to, 40 minutes, and the 7.5Ah pack to 60 minutes.

EGO LM1701E-SP Power System & Batteries

These batteries use EGO’s Arc Lithium technology. In doing so, the EGO’s battery is the first 56-volt lithium-ion battery in the industry. EGO’s Arc improves the cell’s power by 40% when compared to a 40-volt lithium-ion battery of the same size.

EGO’s battery also has a power management system to protect it from overheating, short-circuits, and low-power usage. The battery has a light-bar that displays the power remaining in the pack, so you can check its charge without having to plug it in. This indicator is also visible whilst mowing, so you can clearly see how much charge you have remaining whilst you work.

The motor on this EGO LM1701E-SP is brushless, which is both more power-efficient and more compact than a larger brush-motor. Brushless motors are often more reliable and do not have brushes that need regular replacing.

If you would like to learn more about the advanced development and benefits of the EGO battery range, click the link below.

EGO’s Arc Lithium 56v battery technology delivers the industry’s highest energy capacity in a portable handheld battery

As mentioned above, EGO also have a non self-propelled version of this mower called the LM1701E shown below.

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EGO LM1701E-SP Video Review

To see the EGO LM1701E-SP in action and to learn more about the features of this cordless mower, please see my video review below.

EGO Battery Charge Times Comparison Table

EGO LM1701E Charge Times Table

Battery Charger

The EGO LM1701E-SP comes with a standard charger that will charge up the 2.5Ah battery from flat in little under an hour. This charger has a simple setup of two LEDs, one to state zero-charge or a problem, and a green light to show that the battery is charging or charged.

The charger is also fan-cooled to prevent the battery and the charger from overheating during operation. If you want faster charge times, EGO makes a rapid charger that will do the same job in half an hour, which you can buy as an extra – model number for this rapid charger is CH5500E. I found that the battery was easy to insert into the charger and remove. Please note that because this charger has a fan, there is some fan noise coming from the charger when charging.

EGO batteries and the charger can be shared across the whole range of EGO’s 56 volt cordless power tools. You can see this in my video above.

EGO are a specific voltage and shape, and the chances of finding a third-party manufacturer are slim. And since this is a new technology, even if you can find a similar battery, it may be better not to try it as your warranty will be void.

Features In Detail


LM1701E-SP Cordless Blade

EGO has again gone with an independent blade design, with superior hardness and sharpness. The sharper the cut, the less rough the cut edges of the grass are, and the healthier it will grow back. And cutting the grass in the fewest of rotations makes for a more efficient machine.

I hope  you can see from my video review just  how well this EGO mower cut my lawn and the much longer, thicker and more challenging grass. I did not expect it to have the same cutting power as many of the petrol mowers I have tested. I was pleasantly surprised, as I never felt the mower was under powered or struggled. Naturally you will need to set the cutting height accordingly to the conditions of the grass, however this is the same with any petrol mowers.

The high quality blade combined with the power of this EGO LM1701E-SP ensures a clean and precise cut.

Height Adjustment

You can make the EGO LM1701E-SP suit your needs in two ways, in a combination of deck height adjustment or handlebar height. The handlebar is telescopic as well as folding, and can be found only with a few other models. And there are 3 auto-locking positions, upper, middle, and lower. I found this to be very useful, as it enables you to adjust the height of the bars to ensure a more comfortable position, and helps to reduce fatigue.

The deck also has a single lever with 7 different height positions. This lever is behind the rear-left wheel so that the operator can change the deck height from the rear of the machine. The height starts from 25mm and goes up to 80mm for those that want to avoid scalping their grass. Again you will see from my video just how easy the height adjustment works on this 26kg mower.

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Cutting Diameter

EGO’s 42-centimetre blade covers an area of 0.55m2 with each rotation. This is a large blade for a cordless lawn mower — and combined with a sharp blade, this becomes an efficient machine, a real contender to a petrol alternative. The wider blade can mean more strain on the battery and motor, however with the brushless motor and powerful 2.5Ah 56-Volt Lithium-Ion battery this mower is more than capable for all types of lawn.

Roller (Stripes)

The EGO LM1701E-SP does not have a roller or a striper. And if you are mulching the grass anyway, you may not care for stripes. If you want stripes, there is always the option of buying and using a third-party push-roller.

EGO has announced that they are going to launch a roller accessory for their lawn mower range in May 2020.


EGO LM1701E Grass Box

The LM1701E-SP comes with a mulching blade, but the mower does not come with a mulching plug. The mulching plug is going to be available as an optional extra sometime in May 2020, so if you are reading this after May, you are in luck.

Grass Collection Box

The grass box is a hybrid of fabric and solid plastic. The middle part of the bag is good quality fabric, which is good for airflow and quick to collapse for storing. And the top and bottom the box is solid plastic, the top part has even more airflow holes. The lid also has a mechanical fill flap to show you when the grass box needs emptying. In my test this seemed to work really well, as the fill indicator on some other brands is ineffective.

The LM1701E-SP has a very respectable 55-litre heavy duty grass collection bag that is easy to attach, remove and empty. A 55 litre collection bag for a 42cm deck is more than adequate and compares favourably to the competition.

The assembly of the grass box can be little tricky to attach the cloth to the plastic top (please see my video). However once you get the idea, you will get it assembled in no time.


EGO LM1701E-SP Practicalities
  • There are two powerful LED spotlights at the front of the EGO LM1701E-SP. Useful if you want to finish as the sun is going down, or you want to do some midnight lawn mowing.
  • The telescopic handlebar can have its angle adjusted to 3 different height positions, simply by using a single lever.
  • When folded, the handlebar forms legs for the mower to stand up in a vertical position. The handlebar can also act as a trolley to pull the mower around on the rear wheels.
  • The handlebar has a comfortable wide grip with an operator presence control starter across the full width of the mower.
  • This self propelled mower is great for steep slopes or simply taking the strain out of pushing the 26kg mower. (There is also a non-self propelled option available, but consider this carefully due to the weight of the machine).
  • The EGO 56 volt batteries can be shared with other EGO cordless garden tools.
  • The excellent warranty will provide piece of mind for many, trouble free, years of operation.

Safety Features

  • The EGO LM1701E-SP requires a key, after inserting the battery, to activate the power.
  • You can adjust the deck height with a single lever from the rear of the machine.
  • If the battery or the motor exceeds 70oC, the power cuts out. And the battery will not reconnect until the temperature reduces below 67oC.
  • Both the Standard and Rapid chargers have safety measures to ensure consistent and cool charging.
  • The Operator Presence Lever will stop the mower when released.
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EGO LM1701E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower User Manual

Click here to access the EGO LM1701E Cordless Lawn Mower User Manual

What’s Included in the Box

  • The EGO LM1701E-SP 56V Cordless Lawnmower
  • 1 x 56-Volt 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 x Standard Charger
  • Grass Collection Box
  • Owner’s Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Telescopic handle doubles as a wheelie trolley for the mower.
  • Vertical space saving storage.
  • Self Propelled (LM1701E-SP model).
  • Brushless motor.
  • Headlights on the deck.
  • 56 Volt powerful market leading lithium-ion battery.
  • It comes with a standard charger that is still fast when compared to other brands.
  • Single deck height control lever.
  • Safe-start key.
  • High quality, sharp, steel blade that cuts the grass on the first rotation (Mulching Plug and Roller can be purchased as optional extras).
  • Foam on the handlebar to absorb vibrations.
  • Wide cutting blade.
  • 5-year warranty on the mower (3-year on batteries), if registered within 30 days of purchase.
  • Mulching plug and Rear roller are optional extras and are not included out of the box.
  • This mower is 26kg, and therefore would recommend the self-propelled model unless you have a level lawn.


Should You Buy this Model?


The EGO LM1701E-SP is a premium cordless electric mower that is both compact and capable. The machine folds up small and will stand, without the need for a shelf or brackets, and be ready to go in seconds. The adjustable handle makes life easier when it comes to making height adjustments.

The self propelled model is incredible and was a real pleasure to use. The fact you can adjust the speed using the central dial on the bars was a nice feature, as you can adjust it to your needs and not feel that the mower is running away from you. As you can see from my video, I tested the mower on the steepest hill I could find, and it had absolutely no problem self propelling the mower effortlessly up the incline with no effort from myself.

This mower really is a viable alternative to petrol, why? Well over time the EGO LM1701E-SP  will save you money on fuel, servicing and other maintenance costs. You will also benefit from a much quieter mower with less fumes and be kinder to the environment. At the beginning of the mowing season you simply charge the battery and off you go. No fuss with fuel shelf life issues and engines not starting. I hope you could see from my video how well the mower dealt with the tougher grass conditions, and having the self propulsion also helped on the steep and uneven terrain.

The wheels are a little on the narrow side, and this is not a lightweight machine like some comparable corded mowers. But it is an intriguing offering, which ticks all the boxes of style, design, and practicalities.

This Mower is Ideal for:

  • People with gardens up to 400 metres squared in size.
  • People looking for a self propelled mower (LM1701E-SP model).
  • Those looking for a premium powerful battery mower with great features.
  • People looking for a genuine alternative to a petrol powered mower.
  • Those looking to adjust the mower’s handles to reduce fatigue.
  • Those that would like the option to mulch the grass cuttings (optional extra).
  • Those that like the option of rear discharge.
  • Storage is limited as handles and grass box fold flat, and the mower can be stored vertically.
  • People looking for a longer warranty period (5 years domestic on mower  – 3 years on battery).


EGO LM1701E ReviewIt is arguable that a lithium-ion powered lawn mower is better for the environment than a petrol mower. These batteries can take a lot of punishment and the newer versions, as with this one, charge faster and last longer.

EGO has even gone as far as styling the EGO LM1701E-SP as if it were a petrol mower — to appease those looking for a classic look. If you look at my photo on the right hand side, it is hard to tell the difference between this EGO mower (middle) and the Mountfield petrol mower (on my left).

The main issue with a battery mower is that a backup battery costs money. You can mitigate this cost by buying other tools from the same manufacturer that use the same battery pack (batteries are interchangeable).

The EGO LM1701E-SP is one of the best battery power mowers currently on offer, and if you are looking for a neat and tidy package, then this may be it. EGO also makes a the same model with no self propulsion, that is cheaper, however I would recommend paying the extra and going for the self propelled version – LM1701E-SP.

In summary, if you have the budget for this mower, and possibly other  tools from EGO, you will definitely not be disappointed. I can honestly say, that this is one of the best (if not the best), cordless mower on the market right now.

Click here to see the full list of my Best Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mowers with a complete guide including advantages and disadvantages.

Where Should I Purchase this EGO LM1701E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower?

The best places to purchase your EGO mower is either on Amazon or Mowers Online. Amazon have great prices and extremely fast and efficient delivery, especially if you are on Prime. If price is important to you this is the first place you should check, by clicking the button below. However, sometimes Amazon do not always have stock of the full range of EGO mowers available.

Mowers Online, also highly recommended, have been providing outstanding customer service since 2000 and will be happy to assist and provide after sales support. The delivery is usually within 2-4 working days. Occasionally Mowers Online also have special offers, so be sure to check the price by clicking on the button below.

EGO LM1701E-SP Self Propelled version (new for 2020)

LM1701E-SP Cordless 56v Self Propelled Lawnmower includes 2.5Ah...
10 Reviews
LM1701E-SP Cordless 56v Self Propelled Lawnmower includes 2.5Ah...
  • EGO 56V Li-Ion Battery System powers multiple tools for complete garden system -includes 2.5Ah Battery and Charger
  • 42cm (17in) Metal cutting system, with single height of cut adjustment from 25cm to 80cm
  • 55 Litre Grass collector or rear discharge, optional mulching plug available at additional cost
  • Brushless powerful, but quiet motor technology
  • Infinitely variable self-propelled drive system

Last update on 2021-04-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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EGO LM1701E Non Self Propelled Version 

EGO LM1701E 42cm Cordless Lawnmower 56v includes 2.5Ah Battery &...
50 Reviews
EGO LM1701E 42cm Cordless Lawnmower 56v includes 2.5Ah Battery &...
  • EGO 56V Li-Ion BATTERY SYSTEM - The 56v Arc Lithium battery surpasses the competition on every level. The 56V battery delivers more useable power than other hand-held battery. Unlike brick-shaped batteries where the cells are packed together, the Arc design increases surface area and dissipates heat more effectively, preventing overheating and shutdowns.
  • METAL CUTTING SYSTEM - 42cm (17in), with single height of cut adjustment from 25cm to 80cm, Cuts up to 400SQM. To make your mowing experience more comfortable the handle can be adjusted to suit your height with three different height settings. The deck is made from hard polymer to endure over its lifetime.
  • LARGE CAPACITY GRASS BAG – The LM1701E has a 55-litre heavy duty grass bag, there is a bag full indicator that lets you know when the grass bag needs emptying. You can choose to not collect the grass and have the cuttings rear discharge out of the mower. The Mower Folds in seconds for convenient vertical storage and easy cleaning.
  • OTHER FEATURES - Brushless powerful, but quiet motor technology. Comes with a 2.5Ah battery and standard charger. Weight without battery is 22kg. Large wheels to help manoeuvrability. Push propelled. LED Headlights.
  • GUARANTEE - 5 year tool warranty for domestic use when registered, 3 year domestic use on battery when registered, 1 year professional use guarantee on Tool and Battery.

Last update on 2021-04-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Not sure about this mower? Click here to see more Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews.

EGO LM1701E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower FAQs

Does the EGO LM1701E-SP com with a mulch plug?

No. This will need to be purchased as an optional extra - available May 2020.

Can you adjust the height of the handles on the EGO LM1701E-SP?

Yes - there are 3 height settings.

Is the EGO LM1701E-SP self-propelled?

Yes, but there is also a non self-propelled version of this mower called EGO LM1701E

Does the EGO LM1701E-SP have a rear roller?


What is the minimum cutting height 20cm or 25cm?


What is the charge time for the EGO LM1701E-SP?

The charge time with the 2.5Ah battery (which comes with the LM1701E-SP mower) is 30 minutes (fast charger) and 50 minutes (standard charger).

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15 thoughts on “EGO LM1701E-SP Review – 42CM Cordless Lawnmower 56V (LM1701E)

  1. Hi Mark
    Thanks for the EGO review, I am favouring the push EGO and wondered how much of a difference the self propelling function makes to usability? I note the weight is almost double that of the Murray but assume this is down to build quality. What are your views?



    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for you message. I would personally go for the self-propelled as these are heavy machines. Yes this is down to the build quality and batteries etc, so depends on the condition and set up of your lawn.

      How large is your lawn and are there any steep slopes? The Murray is a great value mower and I have received NO complaints from anyone apart from a little patchy aftersales support (may be due to COVID).

      They are two very different mowers, they Murray (Ford Escort) is good value and will get the grass cut effectively and the EGO (Tesla) will do the same, but will deal better with tougher conditions. You also have the option to extend the EGO with the mulching and roller kit (great additional features).

      I can see the EGO LM1701E is currently on offer on Amazon (saving £116) at the moment making it the better non-self propelled option when compared to the Murray.

      Hope this helps

      Please let me know how you get on.


  2. When folded and placed on 4 wheels. what is height, width and length please. I need to fit it into existing lawn mower box.

    1. Folded mower dimensions: L x 90cm W x 44cm H x 46cm

      Unfolded the handles extend to a total length of 90cm, this is from the base of the handle to the tip, not the height from the ground.


  3. Hello Mark,
    A very useful review.
    One question you maybe able to help answer, when the mower is stored vertically what are the approximate dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)?

    1. Hello Ian,

      Thanks for your positive feedback. Measurements are approx H95cm, W45cm (from the wheel to the handle).

      This doesn’t include the grass box.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Mark,

    I had my mind set on the EGO LM1701E (even though it is over my budget) but now I’ve just seen on your site that the Gtech has been reduced to £299, which previously was way over my budget. Which would you now say is the best buy: Ego for £379 or Gtech for £299???



    1. Hi Lloyd,

      Thanks for your message. Both mowers are really good, top end mowers. The Gtech is great value for money atm at £299.

      In terms of build and battery technology, I think it would be worth paying the extra to go for the EGO mower, an additional advantage with the EGO is that at a future date, if required, you can add a mulching option and a rear roller.

      The only negative of the EGO is the weight. It weighs almost twice as much as the Gtech (26kg vx 13.5kg). As it is self propelled this is not an issues with manoeuvrability, but if you need to lift the mower, then you will need to consider this.

      The Gtech offer will end in a few weeks.

      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Hi Mark,

    Please can you send a link for the Murray 37 mower as I think that will be big enough for me

  6. Hi Mark,
    Thanks you for your time in replying, nice to hear you like the Murray as my Dad was a fan of Briggs & Stratten engines (he was a parks keeper and always had these mowers) I meant to include the Ego mower that was not self propelled, just had the wrong page open.
    I will use your link as I buy most of my online purchases with Amazon.

  7. Hi Mark,

    Just read your review and watched the video for this mower an di have t say it looks really good, I have not heard of them before and wondered about servicing/repair if anything went wrong. I am looking to replace my old petrol mower and have narrowed it down to this one, Bosch Rotak430 and Murray44 but having trouble deciding…….what are your thoughts on these 3 please.

    1. Hi Ian, glad that you found my video and review useful.

      All of these mowers are outstanding and built to last. I was very very impressed with the EGO in terms of its quality and the warranty that comes with the mower. You should have no problem with servicing or spare parts as EGO are really trying to establish themselves here in the UK.

      If it is not absolutely necessary for you to have a self-propelled cordless mower, then I would consider the Bosch Rotak 430, purely down to costs as it is reduced today as Amazon’s deal of the day (saving £160).

      Both will get the job done equally well, and both have the option for a mulching plug (sold separately). The only other difference is that the Bosch is supplied with a rear roller (optional extra on the EGO mower).

      The Murray 44 is also a great mower and great value. The larger rear wheels and front scalping plate make this a better mower if you have an uneven lawn. It comes with a 5 year warranty, 3 years on the battery (same as the EGO but is superior to that of the Bosch).

      If you do decide to purchase it would be great if you could use the links below as I would get a small commission at no extra cost to you.


      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

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