EGO LM1903E-SP Review – 47CM Cordless Lawnmower 56V

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  • 56 Volt powerful market leading lithium-ion battery.
  • Self-propelled alternative to petrol mowers.
  • Vertical space saving storage.
  • Brushless motor.
  • 5-year warranty (3-year on batteries).


  • You need to buy the mulching plug as an extra.
  • It does not stripe, but there is an accessory to do so.

EGO LM1903E-SP Review


The EGO LM1903E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower is self-propelled, powered by a 56 volt 5 Ah battery, has a brushless motor and is ideal for medium lawns up to 800m². The mower has a large 47cm cutting width and is supplied with a very respectable 55 litre heavy duty grass collection bag.

The EGO LM1903E-SP has 7 height level positions from 25mm to 80mm via a single lever and provides up to 40 minutes of run time. This mower can be stored vertically, the handles can fold flat and comes complete with a 5 year domestic warranty on the mower and 2 year warranty on the battery.

EGO’s LM1903E-SP Cordless lawnmower has a large capacity 56-volt Arc Lithium battery powering its brushless motor. The mower comes with a multitude of creative design features, telescopic handles and headlights.

Main Features

  • Rating: 9.7/10
  • For Lawns of up to 800m²
  • Blade Length: 47cm (18.5-inch)
  • Weight: 25 Kg
  • Number of Cutting Heights: 7 (from 20 mm to 80 mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 55 L
  • Motor: 3000 RPM Brushless-Motor
  • Battery: 5Ah 56-Volt Lithium-Ion 280Wh
  • Deck Noise: 93.5 Decibels (80.3 dB at the operator level)
  • Handle: Telescopic with Foam Grip

Power System & Batteries

EGO LM1903E-SP Power System

EGO uses brushless motors in their lawn mowers, which are dependable, compact, and powerful. The brushes on traditional electric motors are often the first things to go wrong.

And a brushless motor is more energy-efficient than a brush-motor — important when you want to get the most runtime out of your battery.

EGO’s Arc Lithium battery technology has taken lithium-ion batteries a step further. EGO has been busy developing the world’s first 56-volt lithium-ion battery pack. The design gives the batteries up to 40% more energy capacity than 40-volt lithium-ion batteries of the same dimensions.

It takes 45 minutes to charge the EGO 5Ah battery on the rapid charger. A 5Ah battery, with full charge, will give you a little over 30 minutes of mowing time, dependent on the grass type. You can extend this runtime by buying a second battery from EGO, if needed.

EGO also makes 2.5Ah batteries, if you need a bit more power (less powerful). And EGO has a 7.5Ah battery that will give you 50 minutes of runtime, which should be enough to get around an 800m2 lawn in one go. These batteries will fit other EGO cordless tools, which will help to spread the cost if you choose to buy them.

The batteries have a power indicator, so you can see the power on the battery by pressing a button. And the electronics protect the cells from overheating or shorts. The battery cases are tough and will take some abuse, but lithium-ion is still expensive, so you will want to treat them with some respect.

If you would like to learn more about the advanced development and benefits of the EGO battery range, click the link below.

EGO’s Arc Lithium 56v battery technology delivers the industry’s highest energy capacity in a portable handheld battery

EGO LM1903E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower Video

Below is a video of the EGO mower in action to give a visual representation.

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Battery Charger

A 5Ah EGO battery will take around 100 minutes to charge on a standard charger. This EGO LM1903E-SP comes with a safe, rapid charger that will charge a 5Ah battery in just 40 minutes. It’s great that EGO have included the rapid charger with this mower, it means charge times are amongst the shortage available on the market today.

EGO’s Rapid charger charges a single battery at a time, with fan assisted cooling to prolong the lifespan of the battery. The charger has an LED light-bar to show the charging status, from flat to full-charge. The charger also tells the operator if the battery is overheating or defective.

The other great feature of this charger and the batteries in general, is the ability to use the battery in all the wide range of EGO cordless garden tools.

Features In Detail


EGO’s super-hard and sharp blades both lift the grass and mulch the clippings into small pieces. A sharper blade cuts more grass with each rotation. Grass grows back better when cut clean, and the results are much more gratifying.

As with all mowers, the blades will need changing at some point, but these blades will last a long time. And the replacement blades from EGO are readily available at an acceptable price.

Height Adjustment

EGO LM1903E-SP Height Adjustment

The LM1903E-SP comes with a built-in telescopic handle, with spring-loaded hinges that lock in to place when unfolded. The telescopic handle can then extend into one of the three height settings, which range from low to upper.

You can also adjust the deck height of the mower, by moving a single lever at the rear-left wheel. The lever controls the height of all four wheels to ensure the blade stays level to the lawn.

There are 7 deck heights on the EGO LM1903E-SP, which starts at 20mm. The blade height can increase to 80mm if you are mowing thicker grass, or want to avoid scalping the lawn.

Cutting Diameter

EGO has gone with a 47-centimetre blade on this EGO LM1903E-SP, giving the mower a large 0.69m2 cutting area per rotation. This is a big cutting area for a cordless lawn mower and 20% greater than EGO’s 42-centimetre bladed mower.

A wide diameter blade will cut more with each rotation, but it will also draw more power. This is a self-propelled mower, and you can control the speed of travel. The mower controls its rate of travel in line with the strain on the blade to keep it running at peak efficiency.

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Roller (Stripes)

EGO is set to release a roller for their mower line in April 2020, though world events may cause a delay to this launch date. The roller is going to be an add-on and not included with the package.

If you are missing your stripes, there are many manufacturers of manual rollers to choose from that can meet your needs. Alternatively you can see a list of mowers that come provided with a roller, by clicking here.


EGO LM1903E-SP Grass Box

EGO’s LM1903E-SP has a mulching blade as standard, which will take the clippings and re-cut them to take up the least space in the grass box. There is no mulching plug with this unit. And as with the roller, EGO has stated that they intend to launch the mulching plug in April 2020.

The machine will still mulch, but the plug will help with even dispersal over the travel area. Mulching is becoming a must as environmental pressure increases. To learn more about benefits of mulching please click on the link below:-

The Benefits of Mulching Lawn Mowers

Local municipalities want to reduce landfills and fertiliser use by reducing clippings from garden bins.

Grass Collection Box

EGO uses hybrid grass boxes that have solid lids and mesh-fabric bases. The base is collapsible for ease of storage and allows damp grass to drain out. The top of the box has perforations to improve airflow, and there is also a small mechanical grass-fill indicator.

The LM1903E-SP has a very respectable 55-litre heavy duty grass collection bag that is easy to attach, remove and empty. A 55 litre collection bag for a 47cm deck is adequate and compares well to the competition.


EGO LM1903E-SP Practicalities
  • The lid of the grass box, also has a strong folding handle, to make it easier to lift the box on and off the rear of the mower.
  • The telescopic handle is convenient as it takes up little space and also allows the operator to stand the mower in a vertical position.
  • The telescopic handle also works with the rear wheels to trolley the mower to location.
  • LED spotlights on the front of the mower are great if you want to do a bit of mid-night mowing.
  • A larger battery means there is less time wasted on waiting for a smaller battery to charge so that you can finish faster.
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Safety Features

  • The operator needs to insert a key, with the battery, to be able to activate the mower.
  • A single lever at the rear of the machine is a safer way to change the deck height over a mid-deck lever.
  • There is an automatic overheating shut-off circuit to save the battery and the motor if the operator tries to push them too far.
  • The rapid charger has software and a cooling fan to prevent overcharging or damaging a battery.

EGO LM1903E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower User Manual

Click here to access the EGO LM1903E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower User Manual

What’s Included in the Box

  • The EGO LM1903E-SP 56V Cordless Lawnmower
  • 1 x 56-Volt 5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 x Rapid Charger
  • Grass Collection Box
  • Owner’s Manual

Pros and Cons

  • The telescopic handle doubles as a stand and wheelie trolley.
  • 5Ah Arc Lithium battery.
  • Rapid charger.
  • 7 deck heights and 3 handlebar heights.
  • Self-propelled.
  • Extra-wide cutting power.
  • Batteries can be used in other EGO cordless tools.
  • Brushless motor for a longer-lasting, more efficient mower.
  • Vertical space saving storage.
  • Single deck height control lever.
  • Hybrid grass box.
  • Space for an optional roller.
  • 5-year warranty (3-year on batteries).
  • The mulching plug is an optional extra.
  • The roller is an optional extra.
  • The wheels are a little narrow.

Should You Buy this Model?


If you ignore the fact that this mower does not come with a mulching plug or roller — then the EGO LM1903E-SP is an excellent cordless mower. The battery is ample in both runtime and power, and the blade is wide even when compared to a petrol mower.

A telescopic handle makes sense in the way that EGO has made it into a trolley handle and a stand. And headlights may seem silly, but the angle of the spotlights will make it easier to see what you have missed on a gloomy day.

This mower is ideal for:

  • People with gardens up to 800 m2 in size.
  • Those looking for a premium powerful battery mower with great features.
  • People looking for a genuine alternative to a petrol powered mower.
  • Those looking to adjust the mower’s handles to reduce fatigue.
  • People looking to purchase other EGO tools as batteries are interchangeable.
  • Those that want the option to add a rear roller for a stripped lawn appearance.
  • Those that would like the option to mulch the grass cuttings.
  • Those that like the option of rear discharge.
  • Storage is limited as handles and grass box fold flat.
  • People looking for a longer warranty period (5 years domestic on mower  – 3 years on battery)


EGO LM1903E-SP Conclusion

The two most important features on this mower are the 5Ah battery and the rapid charger. Both these items bring the EGO LM1903E-SP in direct competition with a petrol mower of a similar cutting size. And these batteries can recharge in the same amount of time that most of us would take driving to a petrol station to fill up a jerrycan.

The styling is good, and so is the build quality and performance. And once the mulching plug and roller are on the market (if needed), these mowers are going to be even more amazing.

If you are looking for a genuine alternative to a petrol lawn mower then EGO have produced the technology to make this a reality. In the US where people are reluctant to use anything else but petrol (gas) mowers, EGO are making a real impression with more and more die-hard gas users converting to this EGO LM1903E-SP mower and other cordless battery powered EGO mowers.

Where Should I Purchase this EGO LM1903E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower?

Save £20.00
EGO LM1903E-SP 47cm Self Propelled Cordless Mower 56v includes 5Ah...
61 Reviews
EGO LM1903E-SP 47cm Self Propelled Cordless Mower 56v includes 5Ah...
  • EGO 56V Li-Ion BATTERY SYSTEM - The 56v Arc Lithium battery surpasses the competition on every level. The 56V battery delivers more usable power than other hand-held battery. Unlike brick-shaped batteries where the cells are packed together, the Arc design increases surface area and dissipates heat more effectively, preventing overheating and shutdowns. Comes with a 5Ah battery and rapid charger.
  • METAL CUTTING SYSTEM - 47cm (18”), with single height of cut adjustment from 25cm to 80cm, Cuts up to 800SQM. To make your mowing experience more comfortable the handle can be adjusted to suit your height with three different height settings. The deck is made from hard polymer to endure over its lifetime
  • SELF-PROPELLED, AUTOMATIC VARIABLE CUTTING SPEED - Take the effort out of cutting your lawn with the self-propelled function and choose the speed that you cut your lawn with a variable speed option.
  • LARGE CAPACITY GRASS BAG – The LM1903E-SP has a 55-litre heavy duty grass bag, there is a bag full indicator that lets you know when the grass bag needs emptying. You can choose to not collect the grass and have the cuttings rear discharge out of the mower. The Mower Folds in seconds for convenient vertical storage and easy cleaning.
  • OTHER FEATURES - Brushless powerful, but quiet motor technology. Comes with a 5.0Ah battery and rapid charger. Weight without battery is 25kg. Large wheels to help manoeuvrability. Self - propelled. LED Headlights. GUARANTEE - 5 year tool warranty for domestic use when registered, 3 year domestic use on battery when registered, 1 year professional use guarantee on Tool and Battery.

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EGO LM1903E-SP Cordless Lawn Mower FAQs

Does the EGO LM1903E-SP com with a mulch plug?

No. This will need to be purchased as an optional extra - available May 2020.

Is the EGO LM1903E-SP self-propelled?


What is the minimum cutting height 20cm or 25cm?


Is the battery included with this mower?

Yes, it comes with a 5.0Ah battery and a rapid charger

How much does the EGO LM1903E-SP weigh?

27kg without the battery.

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