Guide to Purchasing a Cordless Lawnmower & Grass Trimmer Bundle

Best Cordless Lawnmower & Grass Trimmer Bundle

Lawn Mower and Grass Strimmer Bundle

When managing your garden’s needs, it’s essential to have more than just the best cordless lawnmower at your disposal. The size and layout of your garden dictate the variety of tools required to make lawn care effortless.

Lately, my focus has been on the diverse tool bundles available, especially those that pair the cordless lawnmower with a grass trimmer. Notable brands like Ryobi, Greenworks, and Murray offer these convenient packages, among others.

Selecting one of these bundles can be daunting if it’s your first time. There are numerous factors to consider to ensure you pick the perfect set for your garden’s specific needs.

However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the choices. I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to simplify the decision-making process, helping you to easily identify the ideal bundle for your lawn care routine.

Why Buy A Bundle?

More often than not, you’ll get a much better deal if you buy your tools in a bundle. Cordless lawn mowers come in a range of prices to suit all budgets, as is the case with grass trimmers. However, companies will often give you much greater value for money when you buy two or more products together.

These bundles are widely available and are offered by some of the biggest brands so you can feel confident that you’re getting the quality you’re looking for.

What’s more, bundles usually come with power shareable batteries which means you don’t have to spend a fortune on new batteries. There are usually a whole host of other tools within the range that these batteries can also be used with. But I’ll talk more about this later.

Essentially, if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck then a bundle is well worth considering.

Things To Consider About The Cordless Lawn Mower

Things To Consider About The Cordless Lawn Mower

I have a full guide on purchasing a cordless lawnmower here if you’re in the market for just a mower. However, if you’re considering a bundle then you still need to think about a few key features to make sure the cordless mower is going to meet your needs.

Cutting Width

Cutting with is, in my opinion, perhaps one of the most important things to consider when choosing any lawn mower. If you choose something too small then you’re going to spend far longer than necessary mowing your lawn. On the flip side, choosing a mower that’s too big for your lawn will result in difficulty getting into those tight spots; it’s nothing more than overkill.

Lawn mower cutting widths are measured in centimetres in the UK. The smallest cordless lawnmowers may have a cutting width somewhere between 25 cm and 32 cm while those at the larger end of the scale could cut up to 50+ cm.

It’s all about considering the size of your lawn. For anything under 250m², you’ll be fine with one of the smaller models. If your garden is between 250m² and 750m² then I’d advise sizing up to around 38 cm to 42 cm. Anything over 750m² is going to require one of the largest models if you’re going to get the job done in the fastest time.

Grass Box Capacity

Cut and collect is the most common mowing mode (I’ll talk more about the other options in the next section.) With this, you get a grass collection box which is usually made of solid plastic or fabric with a plastic lid. I think the latter is the better option as the lid gives the box stability while the fabric promotes good airflow and means it can be folded for storage.

But regardless of which design you go for, you’ll need to make sure that the grass box is the right size for the mower. It’s no good choosing a massive 50 cm cordless mower that comes with a 40 litre collection box. You’re just going to find that you have to stop to empty it more often than you need to.

Mowing Modes

As I mentioned in the last section, cut and collect is the most widely used mowing method. The grass clippings are blown into the collection box at the back of the mower which makes for easy disposal.

Some cordless lawn mowers come with other options such as mulching. This involves removing the grass box and attaching a mulching plug. Instead of the clippings being blown into the box, they’re circulated around the mowing deck, allowing the blade to chop them into tiny pieces. These are then deposited back onto the lawn to act as a natural fertiliser. You can read my benefits of mulching article for more details on this.

Alternatively, some cordless lawn mowers have a side and/or rear discharge chute. This is more common on petrol mowers but more and more cordless models are being launched with this feature. Essentially, the clippings are discarded from the chute into neat rows for you to clean up after you’ve finished mowing.

Cutting Height

Choosing a cordless lawn mower with a good selection of cutting heights is essential. The reason for this is that you shouldn’t always cut your grass to the same length. In fact, it’s recommended that you only ever remove one third of the current length.

So, when you come to do the first cut in spring, the lawn is going to be much longer therefore, you’ll need a higher cutting height. Cutting it too short too soon will only affect the health of your lawn.

As summer rolls around and you’ve gradually decreased the length of the lawn, you’ll need one of the shorter cutting heights. It’s a good idea to go for something that allows versatility in this area.

What’s more, I’d always recommend going for a cordless mower whose cutting heights are easy to change. Most modern models come with a central lever which needs to be moved up and down then locked into place to set the height. This takes seconds and requires no tools compared to some of the old petrol models whose individual wheels need adjusting and that’s much more time consuming.

Self Propelled vs Push Mower

Self Propelled vs Push Mower

Cordless lawn mowers come in one of two forms; self propelled and push. A push mower is one that requires the user to not only steer it but also use their own force to move it around the lawn. This is the most traditional method.

Provided that the lawn mower isn’t too heavy and you have the correct amount of physical strength, this isn’t usually an issue. Plus, push mowers are typically much more affordable owing to their less advanced technology.

However, if you struggle to move your mower around the lawn then a self-propelled model might be worth your consideration. Yes, it’s going to set you back a little more but I’d say it was worth it for the sake of your physical health.

Self propelled mowers feature a drive shaft that connects the motor to the wheels, allowing it to move them so all you need to do is guide the mower where you want it to go. They’re also ideal for gardens with uneven terrain, slopes and hills.

Practicalities And Comfort

A lot of people overlook the importance of user comfort when choosing a lawn mower. But I can promise you that choosing something that isn’t ergonomically designed and user friendly will be a literal pain in the back down the line.

It’s vital to choose a mower that’s not only got your lawn in mind but your body as well. Some cordless lawn mowers can be pretty hefty so it’s a good idea to look at the weight, especially if you’re considering a push mower. Lugging a heavy mower around the garden isn’t going to do your back any favours.

What’s more, I’d strongly recommend that you take a look at the handle features. You want to look for something that’s adjustable. This allows you to set the height and angle of the handle so it suits you which makes mowing much more comfortable. This is especially important if you have a large lawn and will spend a good deal of time working on it.

The handle should also have a comfortable grip so it doesn’t put strain on your hands and the controls should all be within easy reach.

Moreover, I’d always recommend looking for a cordless lawn mower whose handle can be fully folded so that storing the machine is much easier and requires less space.

Things To Consider About The Grass Trimmer

Things To Consider About The Grass Trimmer

As with the cordless lawnmower, it’s also vital to think about the features of the grass trimmer in the bundle. Ideally, you want the two tools to work well together so below I’ll talk about some of the things you need to look for.

Grass Type

One of the first things I would recommend thinking about is the type of grass you’ll be cutting. It’s no good choosing a flimsy, unpowerful trimmer if you’re going to be working with long, dense grass; you’ll need something much more robust.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to simply trim the edges of your lawn after mowing, you can get away with something less powerful. That said, I’d still suggest choosing a tool that’s robust and well made as this will ensure it stands the test of time.


Another important thing to keep an eye out for when choosing a grass trimmer is the power. Again, what you need will very much depend on the size of your lawn and the type of grass you’ll be cutting.

For small areas with thin, light grass, you probably won’t need something more powerful than 250 to 400 watts. However, if the conditions are more challenging or you’re going to be working on a larger area, I’d recommend going for something no lower than 450 watts.

Cutting System

Grass Trimmer Cutting System

When you buy a cordless grass trimmer, you’ll notice that there are options in terms of how the tool works. This is in reference to the cutting system and how the line is replaced.

Grass trimmers work with a rotating wire which spins at super high speeds, chopping through the grass. Unlike lawn mower blades which usually only need replacing every now and then, these wires require much more frequent replacements.

The wire comes on a spool which is inserted into the tool and a small amount is fed out into the cutting area. When it’s time to change the wire, a new section will be dispensed but there are three options on how to do this, as follows:

  • Manual feed trimmers require the user to stop the machine (take out the battery for safety reasons) and manually pull out a new section of wire. This is the most traditional but time consuming method.
  • Bump feed trimmers still need to be stopped but it’s merely a matter of bumping the trimmer head on the ground which initiates a new section of wire to be dispensed.
  • Automatic feed grass trimmers are the most technologically advanced and easy to use. When the trigger is released, a new line will automatically be fed out so you don’t need to worry about stopping and wasting time.

Cutting Width

Just like your lawn mower, grass trimmers come in different sizes and it’s important to choose a size that’s going to suit the type of work you’ll be doing.

Unlike lawn mowers, grass trimmer widths are measured in millimetres. Again, larger models allow you to cover a greater area with each pass so are ideal if you’re trying to cover a large area. Smaller trimmers are suitable for tidying up edges and working on small patches of overgrown grass.

The smallest models tend to be between 200 mm and 300 mm but you can also get mid sized models that go up to around 400 mm. If you’re working on a very large area then you may need something that exceeds 400 mm and there are plenty of these tools on the market.


As I spoke about with the cordless mower, it’s vital that your grass trimmer is practical and easy to use. This first means considering the design and whether it’s going to be comfortable.

A lightweight tool with simple controls is always going to be best and again, I’d recommend looking for something with a padded handle to ensure optimal comfort.

In terms of ease of use, it’s also worth looking at the shaft style. Grass trimmers come with either a straight shaft or a curved shaft. Generally speaking, a straight shaft grass trimmer is going to give you much greater control and is ideal for sorting out those edges. However, if you’re going to be cutting a wider area that you can mow with the lawnmower then a curved shaft is the better option.

Things To Consider About The Bundle Overall

Things To Consider About The Bundle Overall

It’s all well and good looking at the individual tools in the bundle but it’s also essential to ensure that they pair well together. In order to determine this, there are a few key factors I recommend looking out for.

What Other Tools Are In The Range?

For a lot of people, buying a mower and trimmer combo is just the start of a loyal journey with a brand. This means that in the future, you may decide to invest in other tools but before you buy anything, I’d highly recommend looking at what else is available.

For example, if you think you’re going to need a leaf blower and a hedge trimmer in the future but these aren’t available within the range then there’s really no point in buying the initial trimmer and mower kit.

Most brands have a wonderful array of tools that all share the same batteries. However, you do need to make sure that they not only supply the right tools but ones that have the features that your garden needs.

Are The Batteries Suitable For Both Tools?

One of the things I have noticed about some trimmer and mower kits is that the battery isn’t suitable for both tools. I’m not saying that it cannot be used in both tools; this is never the case but sometimes, the battery may be powerful enough for the trimmer but not enough for the mower.

I’m talking about the Ah number which essentially gives you an idea of how long the batteries will run on a single charge. If you’re running a trimmer on a 2.5Ah battery then this likely won’t be enough for the mower.

Buying A Bare Tool

If you already have tools from within the same range as the grass trimmer and cordless lawn mower bundle then you might not need new batteries. Buying the bare tools (meaning they come without batteries) can drastically reduce the overall cost of the bundle.

Battery Charger

Battery Compatibility in Lawn Mover and Grass Timmer Bundle

As well as considering the battery run time and power, it’s also a good idea to look at how the charger performs. By this, I’m talking about how long it takes to charge the batteries. A lot of tools now come with fast chargers which seriously speed up how long it takes to  recharge. If you’re in a hurry and want to get your gardening done quickly then this is an essential feature to look out for.

It’s also vital that the charger is suitable for the batteries you’re supplied with. If the tools take two batteries then you need a dual charger otherwise you’re going to have to wait around for twice as long.

Brand And Price

Earlier, I mentioned that grass trimmers and cordless lawn mowers come in a range of prices. This means that, even when you’re working to a strict budget, you’ll be able to find something that won’t break the bank. Of course, I’d never recommend buying something too cheap because as they say, you get what you pay for.

Some of the biggest brands on the market including Flymo, WORX, Hyundai, Bosch and Greenworks offer some brilliant tool bundles. You’ll likely pay more for a kit from a brand like Ryobi compared to something like Hyundai but they’re all reputable companies that are well known for the quality of their tools.

For example, Hyundai offers a 32 cm mower and 25 cm grass trimmer bundle that’s ideal for small gardens, and it costs less than £120. But for a similar bundle from Ryobi, you’re looking to spend an extra £100. It all boils down to what you’re looking for and which brand is better able to cater to your needs.


Having a grass trimmer and cordless lawnmower bundle is a great way to upgrade your tool shed without having to spend a fortune. These kits are not only excellent value for money but they provide you with everything you need to easily maintain your lawn.

While they are excellent, some bundles have more to offer than others which is why I think it’s really important to weigh up the pros and cons of each option. Take a close look at the features of each tool to ensure they match your needs but also check that the tools will work well together.

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