Hayter Harrier 48 Review

Hayter Harrier 48 Review
Hayter Harrier 48
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What I Like
Brake Blade Clutch on the advanced model.
Wide grass roller for outstanding stripes, stability and cut to edge.
Strong, lightweight and rust-free aluminium deck.
Single lever with 7 height adjustments.
Premium brand with excellent support and warranty.
What I Don't Like
Higher initial investment.
No mulching plug or side discharge.
Must be serviced by authorised Hayter dealer to maintain warranty.
My Overall Rating


Hayter Harrier 48 ReviewThe Hayter Harrier 48 is a premium brand petrol lawn mower with a 48cm cutting width, 7 height adjustments from 13mm to 60mm, a rear ribbed two-piece roller for a striped lawn appearance and a large 70 litre grass collection bag. The Hayter Harrier 48 offers several different models to suit your budget and lawn requirements including auto drive, variable speed, and electric start. 

Hayter’s Harrier 48 is a capable petrol mower that will cut lawn areas of up to 520m². This self-propelling series from Hayter make use of several different engines from both Hayter and Briggs & Stratton®. The Harrier 48 uses different blocks — depending on the functions they need to run. The Harrier 48 range is an excellent all-round lawn mower that is easy to start and use.

Main Features

  • Weight: 43.8 kg / 47.4 kg / 48.4 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 53.2 cm (W) x 156 cm (L) x 103 cm (H)
  • Colour: Green
  • Blade Length: 48cm (18.9 in)
  • Coverage: Up to 520m²
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Fuel Tank: 1.0 L (35.2 imp fl. oz)


The Hayter Harrier 48 has a range of engine sizes from 159cc up to 163cc, for the highest-level model. The 159cc engine is of Hayter’s build, and has a 1 litre fuel capacity. The smallest model will still give you the self-propelling Vari-Speed functions of the larger models.

The two higher levels of Harrier 48 use engines from Briggs and Stratton — both with 163cc, but the highest level has an electric starter but no Blade Brake Clutch. All Hayter Harrier 48 mowers run on 4-stroke unleaded petrol. If you want an electric starting engine, you will need to go for the more expensive top-end model.

Just to complicate things further, there is also a Pro model of the Harrier 48 that has a Honda GCVX170  engine that is recoil start only, has a fixed speed and includes the BBC system.

Hayter Harrier 48 Engine

Models with Blade Brake Clutch allows the operator to keep the machine running, but without the blade spinning. So, you can walk while self-propelling the mower without having to worry about clipping concrete as you go from one side of your home to the other.

Hayter have also added a feature that helps to ensure the mower starts first time, every time. They call it their ReadyStart® technology that recognises the temperature of the mower and primes the machine accordingly to ensure a first-time start. This feature is NOT available on the entry model (474A) of this mower.

To make it clearer as to what you get with each of the four models, I have included a handy comparison table later in this review.

Engine Summary

  • Hayter/ Briggs & Stratton/Honda
  • 159cc / 170cc Engine
  • 2800rpm
  • Unleaded
  • Pull/Electric Start

There are four different configurations of the Hayter Harrier 48 mower that you can purchase, listed below –

  1. Hayter Harrier 48 – Auto-Drive with Variable Speed (474A)
  2. Hayter Harrier 48 – Auto-Drive with Variable Speed and Blade Brake Clutch (475A)
  3. Hayter Harrier 48 – Auto-Drive with Variable Speed and Electric Start (476A)
  4. Hayter Harrier 48 Pro – Auto-Drive (479B)

Below is a handy table that clearly compares the difference and options available –

Hayter Harrier 48 Comparison Table

Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with VS (474A)Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with VS & BBC (475A)Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with VS & ES (476A)Hayter Harrier 48 Pro Autodrive BBC (479B)
Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with VS (474A)Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with VS & BBC (475A)Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with VS & ES (476A)Hayter Harrier 48 Pro Autodrive BBC (479B)
Cut width480 mm480 mm480 mm480 mm
Cut height - minimum13 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm
Cut height - maximum60 mm60 mm60 mm60 mm
Drive systemPush, Autodrive, Variable speedPush, Autodrive, Variable speedPush, Autodrive, Variable speedPush, Autodrive
Blade Brake ClutchNoYesNoYes
HandleOne piece foldingOne piece foldingOne piece foldingOne piece folding
Engine startPull startPull startElectric startPull start
Fuel tank capacity1.0 litre1.0 litre1.0 litre0.9 litre
Speed min (mph)
Speed max (mhp)
Working angle20 °20 °20 °20 °
Grass bag capacity70 litres70 litres70 litres70 litres
Warranty - homeowner5 years5 years5 years2 years
Warranty - commercial90 days90 days90 days730 days
Engine modelHayter® 159cc OHVBriggs & Stratton® 675iS Series™Briggs & Stratton® 650EXi Series™Honda® GCVX170
Engine CC159163163170
Rear roller (stripes)YesYesYesYes
Dimensions W x L x H532 mm x 1560 mm x 1030 mm532 mm x 1560 mm x 1030 mm532 mm x 1560 mm x 1030 mm532 mm x 1560 mm x 1030 mm
Net weight47.4 kg48.4 kg43.8 kg54.0 kg
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Lawn Size

The Harrier 48 is suited well to medium lawns, from 260m² to 520m². You should be able to get around your lawn on a single tank of petrol with the 48cm deck size combined with the 70 litre grass collection box, though dense grass will limit this figure.

Hayter continues to use its patent-pending Vari-Pitch technology across their models. Vari-Pitch senses and adjusts the deck as you advance along your lawn, to optimise airflow —essential for cutting long grass.

Self-Propelled Drive

Hayter Harrier 48 Self Propelled

From the basic through to the Harrier 48 BBC (Blade Brake Clutch) model, self-propulsion comes as standard. And as such, you do not see a big difference in engine sizes between the four versions.

Unlike its smaller cousin, the Harrier 41, the Harrier 48 has a clutch allowing for independent control of the blade and the drive wheels. The operator can set the drive speeds on all Harrier 48 models from 1.8 mph to 3 mph.

There is no option for a push (non-self-propelled) version of the Harrier 48 due to the size and weight of the mower. If you do want a push only version of the mower you will need to opt for the smaller Harrier 41. Remember, you do not have to engage the self-propelled drive with this mower.

Height Adjustment

The Hayter Harrier 48 has a high-up central height lever, set close to the left-rear of the machine. The lever controls the height of the deck, working alongside Vari-Pitch. Vari-Pitch ensures that the blade performs well over all grass conditions and keeps the airflow strong and consistent.

The first of 7-height options start at 12mm and continues on up to 60mm – ideal for damp or overgrown lawns.

Deck, Cutting Diameter and Features


Vari-Pitch is Hayter’s patent-pending technology — improving the preciseness when mowing tall grass. Vari-pitch allows the mower to adapt the up-flow of air into the deck and give the lawn consistent cut.


Hayter uses aluminium decks on the Harrier 48, which are both lightweight and strong. And an aluminium deck is not going to rust like steel, or crack like plastic would over time from exposure to UV.


The mower uses a 48-centimetre blade, ideal for medium sized lawns between 260m² and 520m². The blade has lifted wings on either side to further improve the airflow through to the grass collection bag.

Replacement blades are readily available and easy to replace with basic tools and DIY skills.

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Roller (Stripes)

All four Harrier 48 mowers have Hayter rollers. These ribbed rollers improve traction, and better creasing of the grass as the mower passes over the lawn.

The rollers are also split. Split rollers make it easier to navigate the mower around tight edges, allowing for a very tight turning circle, without destroying your delicate stripes.

The Hayter Harrier range are propelled via the rear roller and the ribbed design ensures that the mower has good grip and is not going to slip on slopes or damp lawns.

Another benefit of a rear roller, that may not always be apparent, is its ability to cut to the edge of a lawn without the rear wheels sinking into the bed and as a result scalping the lawn.

The full range of the Harrier 48 petrol mowers achieve outstanding British stripes due to its high quality roller and the weight of the machine.

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Grass Box Capacity

The Harrier 48 comes with a large 70-litre grass box. The box is a hybrid design of fabric mesh and solid plastic base, with an internal metal frame to keep the box rigid. Hayter has also made it easy to reach, and unhook the grass bag, through the handlebar. There are two strategically placed handles that make emptying the grass box a breeze with little effort.

A 70-litre grass box is more than enough for a medium-sized lawn. And a fabric bag is better for airflow, emptying, and for when you want to compact it down for winter storage.


Hayter Harrier 48 Practicalities


Hayter’s Harrier 48 range also come with Easy-Wash, which allows you to connect a garden hose to the machine. Easy-Wash works with the spinning blade of the mower to power-spray grass and mud off the inside of the deck (like a dishwasher cleaning that works really well).

So, you can clean the Harrier 48 without having to lift the mower on to its side, as you would with other brands. This keep the mower in great condition and working to its optimum performance.


Being 4-stroke petrol engines, the Harrier 48 will need some occasional maintenance for smooth running. Hayter recommends that you take the mower for an annual service, to an authorised Hayter service dealer. Hayter recommends cleaning or changing the spark plugs during this maintenance procedure.

It is a good idea to use the Easy-Wash function after every use, to prevent dirt built up. And you also need to make a routine of washing the grass box, to ensure that there is a good flow of clippings from the blade.

You can refer to the Hayter handbook which has a detailed maintenance schedule of what needs to be done on a regular basis.

In addition, you can always check out my article – 10 Simple Steps to Maintaining Your Petrol Lawn Mower.


Winter storage procedures are important for a petrol mower. For a storage period of over 30 days, you can start by adding carburettor preservatives to the fuel. Long-term storage means draining all the fuel by running the engine until it stalls.

The engine oil also needs monitoring and changing in petrol engines, to prevent them from seizing.

The handlebar will also fold forwards, and the grass box will collapse to minimise the space the machine takes up in storage. The Harrier 48 is too heavy for most to lift on to a shelf — so you would need to ensure you have enough space in your shed or garage for storage.

Hayter also make an optional cover for their Harrier 48 petrol mower range.


You can change the drive speed of all the Harrier 48 models using the lever mounted to the right of the handlebars. The speed can be adjusted between 1.8mph and 3.3mph, and is a great feature as you can adjust the speed to suit your needs, and never feel the mower is running away from you.

The Pro version of this mower, with the 170cc Honda engine has only a single speed of 3 mph.

The Harrier 41 and 48 do NOT have Hayter’s “Sens-a-speed” feature found on the larger Harrier 56 range.

Safety Features

The blade of the top end-model has a BBC or a Brake Blade Clutch. BBC disengages the motor from the shaft and stops the blade from spinning if the blade impacts on to something solid. The BBC also means that you can leave the engine running, without the blade spinning, when you leave the machine to empty the grass box.

The BBC feature is only available on the Auto-Drive VS BBC Hayter Harrier 48 model (475A) and the Hayter Harrier 48 Pro – Auto-Drive (479B).

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The Hayter Harrier 48 does not specify a mulching blade, but the blade is similar in design to a mulching blade, and the cuts are small. It is possible to mow without the grass box, and the rear cover acts to divert the clippings across your lawn as you walk.

Please note that this mower is designed to leave a pristine striped lawn, and is not built for those that want to mulch the grass cuttings.

Hayter Harrier 48 User Manual Download

Click Here to download the Hayter Harrier 48 User Manual.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Hayter Harrier 48 Lawn mower
  • Fabric Grass Collection Bag and Frame
  • Handlebar
  • Split Polymer Lawn Roller
  • Instruction Manual


Hayter’s Harrier 48 comes with an outstanding 5-year warranty, which covers materials and factory issues. The warranty applies to the mowers that use both Hayter and Briggs & Stratton engines. This 5-year warranty applies to homeowners only — commercial users only have a 90-day warranty.

There is also a lifetime warranty on the cutter deck and crankshaft. Though, all these covers mean that you must take the mower in for annual service at an authorised Hayter service dealer.

The exception to the above is with the Pro version of the Hayter Harrier 48, whereby the domestic homeowner warranty will be reduced to 2 years, but the commercial use warranty will be extended from 90 days to 730 days. This reinforces Hayter’s view that the Harrier 48 Pro (with the Honda engine) is designed for commercial use, unlike the other models.

Pros and Cons

  • Brake Blade Clutch on the advanced model – Auto-Drive VS BBC Hayter Harrier 48 model (475A) and Pro (479B)
  • Wide grass roller for outstanding stripes, stability and cut to edge.
  • Strong, lightweight and rust-free aluminium deck.
  • Adjustable self-propulsion speeds.
  • Easy-Wash hose attachments.
  • Single lever with 7 height adjustments.
  • An electric start model is available.
  • Premium brand with excellent support and warranty.
  • Designed and produced in Great Britain.
  • Higher initial investment.
  • No mulching plug or side discharge.
  • Must be serviced by authorised Hayter dealer to maintain warranty.


Hayter Harrier 48 pros and cons

Should You Buy this Hayter Harrier 48?

It may come down to whether you can afford to buy the Harrier 48. You get what you pay for, and the Hayter Harrier 48 uses the best ingredients and the best methods to make something that will last. An aluminium deck is going to last forever, and so will the engine if you look after it.

A 48-centimetre blade is a good size for a medium-size lawn, and so is the 160cc engine that powers it. So, you will find that the Harrier 48 gets through the grass at a good pace, and with little effort on your part. After using this durable petrol mower with outstanding performance, you will be left with a lawn that is the envy of your neighbours.

If you have the funds and you and your lawn meet this mowers criteria, then this Hayter Harrier 48 (or its smaller or bigger brother) should be seriously considered as your next purchase.


The Harrier 48 is the perfect size for a lawn between 260m² to 520m² that is calling out for that quintessentially British striped lawn. It is a heavy machine at around 45kg, but then you do not need to push it. Even washing the deck is possible without the need to tip the machine over, so the Harrier 48 is a great back-saver. The electric start option is also worth your consideration, however the ReadyStart® technology from Hayter make the recoil start reliable and quick to start the mower.

The warranty is second to none, however some of my readers have experienced issues and delays with support during the COVID period. Spare parts are readily available and Hayter authorised service dealers are located up and down the country.

Hayter Harrier 48 Conclusion

Can you buy a cheaper petrol mower? Yes, you certainly can. This petrol mower, and indeed the range of high end Hayter mowers, are not for everyone. If you just want a mower to get the lawn cut from time to time, are not concerned to get a top quality cut and don’t mind changing mowers every 5-6 years, then this mower is not for you.

Not only do you have the four versions of the Hayter Harrier 48 to choose from, but there are also different deck/function/collection bag options available including the Hayter Harrier 41 and Harrier 56.

This really is a pedigree lawn mower and with Hayter’s over 70 years of experience developing lawn mower technology and innovation, you really will be impressed with your investment. Your Hayter Harrier could literally be with you a lifetime and once you have used one, you won’t want anything else.

Where Should I Purchase This Hayter Harrier 48?


Mowers Online have been providing outstanding customer service since 2000 and will be happy to assist and provide pre or after sales advice. Delivery is fast and usually within 2-4 working days.

Mowers Online stock the full range of Hayter Harrier petrol mowers and have special offers from time-to-time, so be sure to check the price button below. Ordering through Mowers Online also means you will receive a free starter kit that includes a fuel can, funnel and 0.6 litres of 4 stroke engine oil.


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Amazon are selling the Hayter Harrier 48 Variable Speed – Electric Start (476A) – link below.

Save £120.00
H Hayter Harrier 48 Electric Start Rear Roller Petrol Lawnmower
  • H Hayter Harrier 48 Electric Start Rear Roller Petrol Lawnmower
  • H
  • Silver

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Click below for a full review of the range of Hayter Harrier Petrol Lawn Mowers

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Hayter Harrier 41 Review

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Hayter Harrier 48 FAQs

What is the cutting width of the Hayter Harrier 48?


What is the difference between the Hayter Harrier 41 and 48?

The design is very similar but the deck size on the Harrier 48 is 7cm larger, the grass collection box has an additional 10 litres and the engine is slightly more powerful.

Does the Hayter Harrier 48 electric start version need a battery?

Yes, it comes with a battery and a separate charger.

Is the Hayter Harrier 48 key start or recoil/pull start?

There are 4 different options of the Harrier 48 you can purchase, only 1 of them (476A) has the electric start.

Does the Hayter Harrier 48 have 4 wheels?

No, the full range of the Harrier 48 has two good quality front wheels, and a rear split roller for a striped lawn appearance. The rear roller powers the mower and is ribbed for increased grip.

Does the Hayter Harrier 48 cut right to the edge?

Yes, the positioning of the wheels and the rear roller allow the mower to cut to the edge.

Do all the Hayter Harrier 48 mowers have a hose connector to clean the mower?

Yes, they all have the Easy-wash hose connector to keep your mower clean and in good working order.

Are all Hayter Harrier 48 mowers variable speed?

No, the Pro version is a single speed petrol mower; the other models are variable speed.

How many models are available in the Hayter Harrier 48 range?

There are 4 models available - 3 are designed for homeowners and 1 for commercial use.

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4 thoughts on “Hayter Harrier 48 Review”

  1. Hi Mark
    Did you get a response from Hayter?
    As a potential Pro user Stuart’s experience raises some legitimate concerns.

    1. Hi Basil,

      Unfortunately, after chasing I have not received any response from Hayter. I would hope that this is an isolated incident as I have not received any other negative comments.

      The lack of response may well be down to COVID as many other companies are also struggling to provide their normal levels of customer service and support.

      Kind regards

  2. I purchased a Hayter Harrier 48 in August 2019 at full price and only now (some 12 months later) is the machine purportedly free from problems.No compensation has been received from Hayter or the Distributor despite many months of my being unable to use the machine.The problem, which was known by the above for many months ,reportedly to have been a faulty cable relating to the Briggs Stratton engine yet there was no recall
    Based on my experience and in my opinion I am shocked to read your positive review and especially the glowing comment regarding Hayter service/customer support as this has definitely not been my experience.Perhaps you should review your information against a wider sample of customers
    I have been a Hayter customer for over 20 years but never again.Very stressful and costly

    1. Hi Stuart,
      Thanks for your feedback. I have contacted Hayter for a response regarding your issue, but have not had any reply as of yet. The lack of response may be related to COVID, but with the additional information you supplied directly to me via email would suggest that aftersales support was most certainly lacking at this stage. I will chase them and if and when I receive a reply I will let you know. I will also update the review to make other readers aware.

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