Hayter Hawk Review (36 – 43) 60V Cordless Mower

Hayter Hawk Review 60v
Hayter Hawk 60V
Performance/Cut Quality
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What I Like
Self-propelled variable speed drive model available
Good range of 7 cutting heights from 19mm to 70mm
Low 19mm cutting height for a bowling green finish
Rear roller for striped lawn appearance
Vertical storage space saving feature
What I Don't Like
You must have the mower serviced by Hayter each year to keep your warranty
Heavier, but not as much as the Hayter Harrier 60v
High initial upfront investment
No mulching option
My Overall Rating


Hayter Hawk ReviewThe Hayter Hawk 60V is a cordless lawn mower powered by a range of 60V batteries that will provide enough runtime to cut a lawn up to 300m² with a 4.0Ah battery (7.5Ah battery up to 600m2). It offers either a 36cm or 43cm cutting width with 7 cutting heights that range from 19mm to 70mm and has a rear roller for a striped lawn appearance. The AD model is self-propelled with a variable speed drive between 1.8mph and 2.5mph. This mower comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s domestic warranty when serviced annually by an authorised Hayter dealer.

When it comes to luxury lawn mowers, there aren’t many other brands that instantly spring to mind other than Hayter. This is a company that is well known for its high end and reliable tools and the Hayter Hawk, new for 2022, is no exception.

What struck me most is that this isn’t just one lawn mower; there’s a choice of three models, Hawk 36 Push, Hawk 43 Push and Hawk 43 AD; each designed for different needs. So no matter what your lawn is like, you’ll still be able to benefit from everything these mowers have to offer.

You get a huge number of cutting heights that are superbly easy to adjust, powerful batteries, a rear roller, easy vertical storage and so much more. In this Hayter Hawk review, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about this fantastic collection of mowers and helping you to decide if it’s worth the significant investment you will need to make to own a Hayter Hawk mower.

Main Features

  • Choice of three mowers with cutting decks of 36cm or 43cm
  • Self-propelled or push options available
  • Seven cutting heights ranging from 19mm to 70mm
  • One button height adjustment
  • 40L or 50L grass collection box
  • Rear roller
  • Vertical storage
  • Choice of four batteries
  • Power share batteries across the range, can also be shared with Toro® 60V garden tools
  • Carry handle
  • 3 year warranty

Hayter Hawk 60V Video

To give you a visual representation of the Hayter Hawk 60V cordless battery powered lawn mower, please watch the video below:

Features In Detail

Power & Batteries

Hayter Hawk Power System and Batteries

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the batteries for this battery powered lawn mower, I’d like to point out that you do need to purchase the batteries separately. Of course you can also buy the Hayter Hawk as a bare tool if you already have compatible batteries.

What’s great, however, is that you have a good number of options. There are four batteries to choose from; a 2.5Ah battery although this is only suitable for the 36 Push Hayter Hawk, 4.0Ah, 6.0Ah or 7.5Ah batteries which can be used across all of these tools. Moreover, each of these 60V batteries can be power shared with other tools in the Toro garden tool range.

You will need to choose your batteries in line with the size of your lawn. For example, the 4.0Ah battery will handle lawns up to 300 square metres, but Hayter states that it can be used on lawns up to 900m². However, I doubt that this is the case on a single charge even with its adaptable power boost function.

With this battery powered mower, you will need to purchase the battery charger separately, but again, you’ve got options. There is a standard charger which will fully boost the 7.5Ah battery in three hours and the 6.0Ah battery in 2.3 hours. This charger is also suitable for the 2.5Ah battery which it’ll recharge in as little as an hour!

Alternatively, you might opt for the fast charger. Naturally, this will cost a little more, but it comes with the advantage of being able to refill the 7.5Ah battery in just 66 minutes! The 6.0Ah battery will be ready to go again in just shy of an hour with the rapid charger.

Buying the batteries separately should be considered an investment and this can put some people off, but when you consider how efficient they are and that the 7.5Ah can handle up to 900 square metres, it’s an investment worth making.

Charge Times

Fast Charger Times

  • 6.0Ah battery = 55 minutes
  • 7.5Ah battery = 66 minutes

Standard Charger Times

  • 4.0Ah = 120 minutes
  • 6.0Ah = 150 minutes
  • 7.5Ah = 180 minutes

Lawn Size Battery Guide

  • Hawk 36 Push – Recommended lawn size 200m² – max 600m² with 2.5Ah battery
  • Hawk 43 Push – Recommended lawn size 300m² – max 800m² with 4.0Ah battery
  • Hawk 43 AD – Recommended lawn size 300m² – max 800m² with 4.0Ah battery
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Deck & Blade

I’ve often said that a metal deck is preferable as it is more durable but the ABS polymer used on the underdeck of the Hayter Hawk is pretty amazing. This material is resistant to chemicals and impact so will certainly stand the test of time.

But what I really want to talk about are the choice of cutting widths you have from this range of mowers. The Hayter Hawk 36 Push features a 36cm cutting deck, while the Hayter Hawk 43 Push and Hayter Hawk 43AD both have 43cm cutting decks. They’re all better suited to medium gardens, but you might go for either of the larger two if your lawn is slightly on the bigger side.

The 36cm Hayter Hawk is recommended for lawns up to 200m² although you could, in theory, use it on larger lawns. Both of the 43cm models could quite easily manage up to 800m² although Hayter suggests sticking to lawns that are no more than 300m² for the best results.


Hayter Hawk 60v HandlesOne of the things that I love about the Hayter Hawk is that it comes with an ergonomically designed handle. The OPC is conveniently and comfortably located so using the mower doesn’t put you under any strain.

Now, this is a slightly heavier machine compared to some lawn mowers, but the Hayter Hawk certainly isn’t as heavy as the Hayter Harrier. That said, it pays to have a way of carrying it around without straining your back, so the inclusion of a carry handle definitely peaked my attention.

Height Adjustment

All three of the Hayter Hawk models come with a generous selection of seven cutting heights that range between 19mm and 70mm. That’s incredibly versatile and gives you the opportunity to cut the grass to a level that’s right for your garden. The 19mm is extremely low to compare to other standard mowers, so if you are looking for that short close cut, this might be the mower for you.

What’s more, the way that you adjust the cutting height really impressed me. No more messing around with levers and fiddly mechanisms. The Hayter Hawk is fitted with a one touch height adjustment button; yes, you read that right, a button. I love how simple this is; it’s a real game changer and something I’d like to see more manufacturers getting on board with.

Roller (Stripes)

The Hayter Hawk is kitted out with a rear roller meaning you can get that classic striped look for your lawn, well that’s one of the main reasons some people purchase into this brand. This is a single piece rear roller as opposed to a split one. The advantage of this is that it is more stable, however these are slightly more difficult when it comes to turning when compared to a split two piece roller.

The overall weight of this battery powered mower will assist with producing long lasting stripes on your lawn.


As with all Hayter tools, it won’t surprise you to learn that the Hayter Hawk does a beautiful job of cutting your lawn. It’s very easy to manoeuvre and there’s even a self-propelled version; the Hayter Hawk 43AD, which is a great choice if you’ve got a slightly bigger lawn or have slopes.

When moving any of these mowers around, you will immediately notice how they flow and get around obstacles without any issues. They’re designed for medium gardens where space might be tight, which is great news for something so packed with features.

Getting started is a breeze thanks to a single button start up. If you’re moving over from a recoil start petrol mower then I’m sure this will be a very welcome change.

Furthermore, the Hayter Hawk boasts a power boost feature which automatically alters the power according to the conditions. Of course, you can set the power yourself and there’s a high mode for when the grass is a little denser or more difficult to cut.


Hayter Hawk 60v PracticalitiesOne of the best things about the Hayter Hawk in terms of practicalities is that it’s super easy to store. This is thanks to the folding handle and vertical storage. You won’t need to worry about taking up a tonne of floor space in the shed, it’ll quite easily fit into a corner and not get in the way.

You will benefit from a lengthy three year warranty on both the lawn mower and battery. However, there is a catch. To make sure that the warranty is not voided, your equipment must be serviced by Hayter. I mean, that’s not the end of the world as there’s nobody better to maintain your machine than the people that made it, but it does limit and cost you somewhat.

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Safety Features

In order to start the Hayter Harrier 41 VS, you need to use the safety key which straight away makes it safe from accidental starting.

The other safety feature, that is standard on most mowers, is the two hand safety button to prevent the machine being started accidentally. As soon as you let go of the start lever, the motor stops immediately.


This feature is not available on this model which is pretty standard for cordless lawn mowers that have a dedicated rear roller.

What’s Included in the Box

Included in the kit you with receive the following:

  • 1 x Hayter Hawk
  • Grass collection box
  • Battery and charger can be purchased separately or part of a kit
  • User manual

Pros & Cons

As I said earlier, there are many advantages to this battery cordless lawn mower, but there are a few downsides. Let me explain both so you know what you are getting and if this is the best option for you.

  • Self-propelled variable speed drive model available
  • Good range of 7 cutting heights from 19mm to 70mm
  • Low 19mm cutting height for a bowling green finish
  • Vertical storage space saving feature
  • Powerful 60 volt batteries that are power share across the range
  • Rear roller for striped lawn appearance
  • Super easy height adjustment
  • Power boost technology – power when needed that extends battery runtime
  • A trusted brand with good after sales service
  • Excellent 3-year warranty (must be serviced by Hayter authorised dealer)
  • Spare parts and support readily available in the UK
  • You must have the mower serviced by Hayter each year to keep your warranty
  • High initial upfront investment
  • Heavier, but not as much as the Hayter Harrier 60V


Should You Buy This Hayter Hawk 60V?

Hayter Hawk 60v ConclusionDo I think you should invest in this pricey battery cordless lawn mower? Absolutely! While the Hayter Hawk might be something of an investment, what you’re getting for your money certainly makes it good value. With a huge range of features and an immaculate performance, there aren’t many other domestic mowers that are this efficient and reliable.

I’d recommend this range of lawn mowers for people with medium sized lawns that want to get the job done with as little effort as possible. It’s simple enough to get out on a Saturday morning, whip around the garden and pop it back in the shed without taking up a load of space. You can then sit back and admire a perfectly cut striped lawn that is the envy of the street. This well designed and built machine is the modern homeowners dream, if you have the budget available.



Having spent some time looking at the Hayter Hawk, I can confidently say that this is an excellent piece of equipment. OK, your first thought might be how much? But once you realise what a great litter performer this is and how easy it makes maintaining your lawn, you’ll quickly understand why it’s worth the investment.

Where Should I Purchase This Mower?

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Hayter Hawk 60V FAQs

Does the Hayter Hawk 60V come with batteries and charger?

Yes and no, either 4.0Ah, 6.0Ah or 7.5Ah batteries need to be purchased separately or the mower can be purchased as a kit with the battery supplied. The standard 2.0Amp charger is supplied.

Can the Hayter Hawk be stored vertically?

Yes, both the Hawk 36 and 43 have vertical storage.

Is the Hayter Harrier Hawk 60V self-propelled?

Yes, the Hayter Hawk AD model is self-propelled with a variable speed drive.

What are the adjustable speeds?

Between 1.8mph and 2.5mph.

Is this Hayter Hawk 60V available without the batteries?

Yes, you can purchase this mower with or without the battery.

How many safety keys are supplied with this mower?

Only 1. Spares can be purchased directly from Hayter.

Does the Hayter Hawk 60V leave stripes on the lawn?

Yes, the rear roller and the weight of the mower helps to produce defined and long lasting lawn stripes.

Does the Hayter Hawk 60V have a mulching function?


Do the batteries fit other Hayter tools?

Yes, the batteries are exchangeable with other 60V power tools from Hayter (part of the Flex-Force Power System®).

Does the Hayter Hawk increase the power when the going gets tough?

Yes, the mower has a power boost function.

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4 thoughts on “Hayter Hawk Review (36 – 43) 60V Cordless Mower”

  1. I have the Hawk 43AD. It is a replacement for my Hayter Harrier 48ES which tends to chew the lawn up when turning in soft conditions. No such problems with this beauty though, due to it lighter weight.

    Cutting performance and finish is on a par with the petrol engined harrier, but the mower is far more user friendly. Stores vertically to save in space as well.

    It is a considered purchase, when you price in the battery and charger, but most quality machines these days will run you into the £500- £1000 price bracket. Factor in that the batteries can also be used in Toros cordless garden trimmers etc, and as an overall garden care package the price becomes even more reasonable.

    Why struggle with poor quality corded electrical garden equipment that whilst cheap, make life difficult and time consuming?

    1. Hi, Does it give a good stripe, i have a tiny lawn, 40 sq metres, i was going to buy the Hayter Harrier 41 cordless, but like the lighter weight, but concerned its not a good machine

      1. Hi Lee

        Yes this is an excellent mower and will do a great job at creating stripes on the lawn.

        This is a premium mower and designed for larger lawns up to 300m2 so you could consider an alternative brand.

        You will not be disappointed with this mower with its self propelled variable speed drive.


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