Honda Izy HRG 466 SK Review

Honda Izy HRG 466 SK Review
Honda Izy HRG 466
What I Like
Solid and durable - Steel deck
Trusted brand
Efficient grass collection - 55 L Grass bag
Low noise
5-year warranty
What I Don't Like
A bit pricey
My Overall Rating


Honda Izy HRG 466 SK Review

Honda is a well-known brand that’s recognized for producing hardworking, durable, and reliable engines. The Honda Izy HRG 466 SK lawn mower is no exception, and it’s perfect for medium-sized gardens. With their extensive experience in designing high-performance engines, Honda has brought their expertise to their lawn mower range. The 4-stroke engine is low-maintenance and hassle-free, making it easy to use.

The Honda Izy HRG 466 SK model features a powerful 160cc engine that delivers an impressive 4.4 horsepower, and its self-propulsion system means very little effort is needed to guide it around your garden. The mower has a built-in auto choke, and the recoil start is easy and reliable. It’s also fuel-efficient and low on noise.

The deck is made of solid quality steel and is built to last. Its clever rounded design improves durability and makes it much easier to clean, with no corners for grass or dirt to get stuck in. The design also improves airflow, resulting in more effective grass collection. The deck is powder-coated for additional protection against corrosion and UV rays.

You can choose from six cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 74mm, allowing you to find the perfect height for your needs. The large 55 L grass collection bag means less time spent emptying and more time cutting, and the motor is powerful enough to handle the job at hand with ease. The mower even has a shield that comes down to protect your legs when you need to empty the bag.

With a cutting width of 46cm, the Honda Izy HRG 466 SK can quickly cover a medium-sized garden. Its powerful self-propulsion system makes it easy to use on gardens with banks or slopes, while the handles are strong, comfortable, and fold back for easy storage.

The Honda Izy HRG 466 SK can be used to mulch the lawn, but an optional mulching kit must be purchased separately. Alternatively, the mower can be purchased complete with the mulching option, which has a slightly different model number – the Honda Izy HRG 466 SKEP.

To learn more about the benefits of a mower that has the ability to mulch the lawn, please see my article “The Benefits of Mulching Grass – Complete Guide with Pros & Cons“.

The Honda Izy HRG 466 SK is a reliable, durable lawn mower that is a real pleasure to operate and will make your lawn maintenance, at only 31.5 kg with self propelled motor, a breeze.

Honda Izy HRG 466 SK Features:

  • Trusted and reliable brand Honda Izy HRG 466 SK Review
  • Self-propelled
  • New 160cc Honda GCV160 4-stroke engine
  • Auto Choke
  • Easy start
  • 46cm (18″) cutting width
  • Steel deck
  • Weight is 31.5 kg
  • Rounded design for easy cleaning
  • 55 L Grass bag with protective shield
  • 5-year warranty

Review of the Honda Izy HRG 466 SK

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Pros and Cons

  • Solid and durable
  • Trusted brand
  • Easy to clean
  • Self-propelled
  • Powerful hassle-free engine
  • Auto-choke for easy starting
  • Efficient grass collection
  • Large grass bag
  • Low noise
  • Quality non-slip wheels
  • Optional mulching kit available
  • A bit pricey


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  1. Martin Colin Henderson

    The underside of the deck is prone to corrosion. Engine great and durable, but a replacement deck is expensive.

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