Mammotion LUBA AWD 5000 Review – Perimeter Wire Free Robotic Lawn Mower

LUBA AWD 5000 Review
The LUBA AWD 5000
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
No boundary wire required
Super accurate RTK navigation
Intelligent mowing patterns
Moves effortlessly between up to 10 mowing zones
Waterproof and incredibly well built including solid rubber tyres with all wheel drive
Great for large lawns up to 5000m²
Incredibly powerful and long lasting 10Ah battery
Handles 75% inclines with ease
What I Don't Like
New product whose app and firmware is still being developed
Higher initial investment (still great value compared to competitors)
My Overall Rating


LUBA AWD 5000 Review

Exciting news! The revolutionary Luba 2 AWD series – including the 5000, 3000, and 1000 models – is officially open for pre-orders! Get ready to experience the future of innovation, with shipments set for  mid-March 2024. Stay tuned, because I’ll be bringing you an exclusive, in-depth review and a dynamic video showcase of the Luba 2 as soon as it hits the road.

Looking for a better way to maintain your lawn without the hassle of traditional mowers? Look no further than the Luba AWD 5000 Robotic Mower! In this comprehensive review, I take a detailed look at this cutting-edge lawn care technology and explore its features, benefits, and limitations. From its advanced all-wheel drive system to its intuitive controls and impressive cutting performance, I cover everything you need to know to decide if the Luba AWD 5000 is right for you. Whether you’re a seasoned lawn care pro or just looking for an easier way to keep your lawn looking its best, this review and video is a must-watch!

With the mowing season now well underway, many homeowners are sighing every weekend when they have to head back out into the garden with the lawn mower. Robotic lawn mowers have been popular for some years now but a lot of people are put off because of how unreliable and difficult to set up some models can be.

Enter the Luba AWD 5000!

This robotic lawn mower from Mammotion is one of the most high tech and efficient models I’ve come across and it delivers an immaculate cut without a boundary wire in sight. Using RTK to map out the lawn and avoid obstacles, you can leave the Luba AWD 5000 to get on with mowing while you sit back and enjoy your garden.

I’ve done an in depth video review of this model which outlines the features, the setup and gives you a good idea of how it performs on my own lawn. You can watch that video on YouTube or below. In this article, I’m going to review all of the most important features of the Luba AWD 5000 and give you my personal thoughts after testing this mower on my own lawn. This will help you decide whether it’s the right robotic lawn mower for you

LUBA AWD 5000 Video Review

Main Features

  • 40cm cutting deck with 24 blades
  • Quick and simple installation
  • RTK navigation
  • Suitable for lawns up to 5000m²
  • No perimeter wires required as a virtual boundary is used
  • All 4 wheel drive
  • Handles inclines up to 75%
  • 30mm – 70mm remotely adjusted cutting heights
  • Up to 3 hours mowing time
  • 150 minutes charge time
  • 10.0Ah 21.5v battery included
  • 10 mowing zones
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Solid rubber tyres
  • Intelligent cutting patterns

Lawn Area Coverage

Mammotion offers three models within this range and the Luba AWD 5000 is the largest of them all. It boasts a 40cm mowing deck which is designed for lawns up to 5000m², so if you have a big garden, it’ll be just what you’re looking for.

With a 450m² lawn at the rear of my property and a 150m² lawn at the front, I felt the Luba AWD 5000 was the perfect size. What’s more, since it covers around 500m² in an hour, I found that it was able to get the job done in no time at all. Naturally, the cutting pattern you choose will influence how long it takes to complete the mow. If I’d had used the checkerboard pattern, for example, it would have taken a little longer.

Of course, something that big can be overkill when your lawn is much smaller so you might choose the Luba AWD 1000 which is suitable for lawns up to 1000m² with its 40cm deck. There’s also a model in between that again boasts a 40cm cutting width and is suitable for lawns up to 3000m².

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Max Incline

Out of all the robotic lawn mowers I have tested, the Luba AWD 5000 has to be the most impressive when it comes to working on slopes. The nearest I’ve seen is the Husqvarna that can tackle inclines up to 45% but that has nothing on this; the Luba AWD 5000 can work on slopes up to 75%!

You’ll notice in my video review that I have a very flat lawn. However, I did have to create a little ramp for the Luba AWD 5000 as it navigated between my rear and front gardens as I have a little step here. There were absolutely no problems and it moved smoothly across this. I can only imagine how well it tackles inclines on the lawn.

The reason for this is that it’s so robust and well-equipped. For example, the AWD in its name stands for all wheel drive which improves traction on slopes. Couple that with the amazingly solid rubber tyres and excellent suspension and it’s not hard to see why this is a real workhorse on hills.

Cutting Heights

LUBA AWD 5000 Cutting Heights

The Luba AWD 5000 comes with cutting heights between 30mm and 70mm which is pretty standard as far as lawn mowers go. But there’s no more messing around with levers; the Luba AWD 5000 benefits from in-app cutting height adjustment. This really is the latest in technology.

Of course, being able to adjust the cutting height means that you can tackle your lawn at different times of the year and in various conditions. But one of the great things about the Luba AWD 5000 is that it’s designed for even the most challenging lawns with dense grass. That’s not something that a lot of robot mowers can boast about.

If you’re not sure what cutting height you should use, this smart system can even recommend one for you. In my video review, you’ll see that the app recommended I use the 55 mm option but I decided to stick to a cutting height of 40 mm and the Luba AWD 5000 had no problems whatsoever. It even managed to create a clean and even cut on my front lawn which was slightly longer to start with, proving that this mower really does tackle thicker lawns with great ease.

Moreover, there’s even the option to choose the type of cut you would like including a fine cut, high grass or efficient cut. There’s also an option to customise how the mower cuts to suit the individual needs on your lawn.

What I really liked was that, during the setup, you can choose to have the Luba cut different zones at different heights which was ideal for me since I wanted my front lawn to be slightly longer than my rear. All of this was done during the initial setup so I didn’t need to stop and tweak anything after the Luba AWD 5000 had finished at the back.

Navigation System

LUBA AWD 5000 Navigation System

In days gone by, robotic lawn mowers relied on a perimeter wire to prevent them from leaving the desired area. There have since been robot mowers that are equipped with cameras and, as long as you have a well defined lawn, they’ll stay where you want them to be.

However, the Luba AWD 5000 benefits from the latest technology which is a form of GPS known as Real Time Kinetics or RTK, for short. This is one of the most accurate methods and allows the mower to detect boundaries, obstacles and give a much more intelligent mow; but more on that later!

The main part of the system is the RTK station which communicates with the satellites. However, there are also sensors on the mower itself, giving it a 220º view of the lawn which improves the ability of the Luba AWD 5000 to avoid obstacles. I tested these sensors out by placing something on the lawn and the Luba stopped just short of it and avoided the obstacle completely.

The Luba AWD 5000 is also equipped with three bump sensors so that, in the event it misses an obstacle (which is unlikely), it’ll touch it, reverse and mow around the obstacle. I was quite impressed with the fact that these sensors are adjustable or can be turned off completely using the app, if needed.

The great thing about this navigation system is that it’s completely customisable. For example, in the app, you have the ability to create no go zones such as flower beds in the middle of the lawn and the intelligent system will skip these and mow around them.

I tested the Luba AWD 5000 by placing an object in its path while it was mowing and while it got pretty close, it stopped just short and moved around the item. This gave me real assurance that I was going to have to worry about any collisions.

Your RTK station can be mounted either with your charging station or somewhere else thanks to the inclusion of an extension kit. It boasts an impressive 120 metre range, so you won’t need to worry about connection problems with the mower itself.

I was a little worried that the RTK receiver would struggle in my back garden as I wanted to place it in front of some trees. I set it up on the pole to start with but knew that I may need to move it if it wasn’t picking up the signal. To my delight, I had no issues and the signal was excellent despite the presence of the trees.

Power System

Running on a 21.5 v battery, the Luba AWD 5000 boasts some serious power. It’s designed to tackle large lawns and this battery means it’s perfectly equipped for that.

The Luba AWD 5000 comes with a 10.0Ah battery which offers some seriously impressive run time of up to three hours on one charge. Of course, you have to keep in mind that various settings and the condition of the lawn will affect how long the mower runs. If you’re looking at the other models in the range then, while they’re smaller, they’re still just as powerful with the 3000 coming with the same 10.0Ah battery and 3 hour run time while the 1000 comes with a 4.5Ah battery, giving you up to 120 minutes per charge.

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Charging Station

LUBA AWD 5000 Charging Station

The Luba AWD 5000 comes with its own charging station which can be installed on the ground. It also comes with screws and pegs to secure everything.

During the installation process, one of the things that really stood out to me was how easy everything was. I know that a lot of people are put off buying a robotic lawn mower because they think it’s going to be complicated but this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

You get everything you need in the box including screws, an allen key, and washers. I found that fitting everything together took minutes (you can see this in my video review on YouTube) and there was nothing fiddly. I also really liked the cable tidy clips that allow you to keep everything neat where the wire that connects the RTK station to the charger runs down the pole.

Since this is an intelligent mower, it won’t surprise you to learn that it charges automatically. Once the power begins to dwindle, the Luba AWD 5000 will automatically return to its charging station to give itself a boost.

When testing the Luba AWD 5000, it immediately returned to its chagrin station after completing the mow. I didn’t have to do a thing. I also installed the matting which comes with this mower in the UK, the US and Germany which is a nice touch and prevents wear on the lawn as the Luba reverses back into its charger.

You can also purchase an optional garage roof for your charging station, as seen in the image. This is not essential as the Luba is IPX6 rated, so completely waterproof.

Charge/Mow Time

As I have discussed, the Luba AWD 5000 gives you as much as 3 hours per charge which is really good considering it’ll mow up to 500 square metres in as little as an hour. But it’s also pretty fast when it comes to charging.

If you have the largest sized lawn compatible with this model then the Luba AWD 5000 isn’t going to cover all 5000m² one one charge. However, it only takes 150 minutes to charge, or just 90 minutes if you’re using the 1000 model.

Testing this on my rear and front lawns (with a total area of 600m²), the Luba had no issues getting through the work with plenty of battery capacity left for returning to the charging station.


The Luba AWD 5000 comes with 8 blades already installed; these are spread across two cutting plates on the wide 40cm deck. This is comparable to some cordless/petrol lawn mowers so it gives you a really good coverage on each pass.

I was impressed to find that the machine is supplied with a further set of spare blades which allows you one blade change. Additional blades can be purchased in packs of 24, allowing three blade changes. Generally speaking, you’re going to want to change the blades around three times per mowing season so these spares will see you through the first year.

If you look at the underside of the deck, which I show you in my YouTube video, you can see how closely the blades come to one another. The great thing about this is that there will be no missed spots, giving a much more even and precise finish.

Control Panel And Setup

LUBA AWD 5000 App and Installation

Getting the Luba AWD 5000 setup is beautifully simple, despite the fact that there’s a lot included in the box. But don’t let this put you off; you can see just how easy it is to set up in my video.

You need to make sure that your RTK station is located centrally so that you can make the most of the 120m range. There are three options for installing this with one being an optional wall mount. There’s also the option to use a bracket which can be supplied by the manufacturer. The benefit of this is that it causes the RTK station to jut out from the wall slightly, therefore improving the signal. This is very easy to install since you’re supplied with everything you need including a template, so you know where to drill the holes in the wall.

However, the simplest method is to use the included clamp and pole, which allow you to attach the RTK station above the charging station. Everything is secured by a stake in the ground (as seen in the video).

Once you have decided where to install the RTK station, it’s now a case of running wires through the charging station and connecting the power. You’ll also need to make sure that you find a suitable location for the charging station that’s level before you peg it into the ground. If you wish to use the mat at the front of the charging station, this will prevent the mower from wearing the grass as it turns to enter the station. Again, this mat needs to be pegged into the ground.

As I mentioned earlier, the Luba AWD 5000 comes with everything you need for installation already in the box. You’ll see in my video review just how quickly and easily I got everything up and running.

App and Installation

LUBA AWD 5000 Control Panel And Setup

Before you can use your Luba AWD 5000 for the first time, you will need to make sure that the app and firmware are all up to date. Again, this is very quick and easy, but do keep in mind that the Luba AWD 5000 needs to be on the charging station to do this.

When you use the app for the first time, it’ll talk you through some important points and then you’ll be able to connect your mower via BlueTooth or WiFi. Once connected, you’ll then be able to use the options within the app to update the firmware which again is demonstrated in my video review.

What I noticed was how user friendly the app was. There’s a very clean UI and it pretty much gives you step by step instructions when adding a new Luba. After this, the menus are easy to navigate and I found that there was an excellent choice of settings including cutting heights, mowing patterns and more.

If there’s one thing that may have some of you worried, it’ll be the ‘training’ portion of the setup. This is where you need to teach the mower where the perimeter of your lawn is but if you watch my video you review, you’ll see just how simple this is.

If you’ve ever used a remote control car then you’re more than qualified for this. I started with the Luba AWD 5000 on a lower speed setting which allowed me to get used to guiding it around the lawn. However, by the time it came to drive it from my front garden and back to the charging station, I was ready to up the speed. I found it very easy to get used to controlling.

Note that, as well as teaching it the layout of your lawn, you’ll also need to teach it to navigate any channels that connect one lawn from another. I did this very easily and I’m sure anyone else would find it just as foolproof.

Once your mowing zones are set up and you’re ready to mow, the handy app even tells you the progress of the current mow and how long is left. You can also check the status of the mower and adjust things like the sensors and cutting heights, all from the palm of your hand.

Once the setup is complete, you are good to go and will never have to worry about mowing the lawn ever again. What’s more you will have a well maintained and healthy lawn, due to the mulching process, at all times – happy days!

Mowing Features

The Luba AWD 5000 is well equipped to tackle large, challenging lawns and it does so with great ease. I’ve never seen a robotic mower deliver such a uniform cut in such a short amount of time before and that’s largely thanks to the impressive mowing features.

My back lawn is around 450m² and the Luba AWD 5000 had no problems getting around, avoiding obstacles and creating a very even cut, all the way up to the edges. The results really did speak for themselves.

Cutting Pattern

LUBA AWD 5000 Mowing Features

If you’ve ever used a robot lawn mower before then you may be familiar with the fact that they mostly use a random cutting pattern. This gets the job done, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the most accurate and efficient method.

Personally, I prefer a more structured look to my lawn such as stripes and these are easy to create with the Luba. As you’ll see in my video review, it’s merely a matter of programming your preferred cutting pattern in the app.

Since the Luba does use such a controlled method of cutting, there’s far less chance of any missed spots, especially when you consider how closely those blades get to one another under the deck.

The Luba AWD 5000 is also intelligent enough to know which parts of the grass it has already cut so, unlike some other robotic mowers, it won’t repeat mowing on the same area.

Multi Zone

In most gardens there will be areas that you want the Luba AWD 5000 to avoid or you may have more than one lawn to maintain. The brilliant thing about this model is that there’s the option to set up 10 mowing zones within the app. This is ideal for larger gardens but probably not something you’d need for a medium or small lawn. Thankfully, the 3000 gives you up to 6 mowing zones while the 1000 allows you up to 3, so there’s a good degree of versatility between models to accommodate different lawn sizes and configurations.

As I have mentioned, I used the Luba AWD 5000 for both my front and back lawns and I had no issues getting it to learn the route between the two. I had to be a little innovative during the setup and create a small ramp to allow the Luba to get up a step but I experienced no problems with this at all.

Cut To Edge

Having a larger lawn, the last thing I want when my robotic lawn mower has finished is to have to go around the edges with a trimmer.

When I tested the Luba AWD 5000, one of the things that really impressed me was how close to the edge it cut. Now, I do have pretty defined lawn boundaries which did make this easier but since you’re able to program the Luba yourself and show it exactly where you want it to go, you can get it as close to the edge as possible.

Rain Sensor

LUBA AWD 5000 Rain Sensor

In the app, there is an option to set the Luba AWD 5000 to not cut when it’s raining; but how does it know this? Well, as you would expect from such a high-tech piece of equipment, it’s fitted with a rain sensor. As soon as it starts to rain, the Luba AWD 5000 will detect this and head back to its charging station until the weather improves. The obvious benefit of this is that mowing in the rain isn’t healthy for the grass.

The Luba AWD 5000 has an IPX6 waterproof rating and this means that it won’t be affected if there is any rain.

When I was testing the Luba AWD 5000, I even used my garden hose to spray off grass clippings and dirt and it sustained no damage from this.

Safety Features

When using any bladed tool, safety is of the utmost importance and Mammotion have left nothing to chance with some innovative safety features.

Lift and Tilt Sensors

Something that is seen on a lot of robotic lawn mowers is a lift sensor and it’s not missing on the Luba AWD 5000. It’s a simple feature but one that goes a long way in preventing injuries if you have a curious child, for example.

If the Luba AWD 5000 is lifted off the ground or even tilted, these sensors stop the blades from spinning until the mower is returned to the ground.

Noise Level

LUBA AWD 5000 Noise Level

Most of us associate lawn mowers with being incredibly noisy. The last thing you want if you’ve got a robotic mower zipping around the garden is a headache. But I’m happy to report that the Luba AWD 5000 runs at just 60 decibels, so it’s super quiet.

In my video review of the Luba AWD 5000, you’ll see how quietly it operates. I’m so confident in this that I’d even recommend setting it to mow later in the evening and it isn’t going to disturb anyone.

Theft Prevention

The Luba AWD 5000 is kitted out with a couple of handy features to prevent theft such as GPS tracking. In the event that anyone attempted to steal the equipment, you’d easily be able to track it within the app.

What’s more, you’ll get notifications from the app if there is any unusual activity such as the mower being lifted or moved. Since this is such a pricey bit of kit, these features are a must to protect your investment.

When I was setting up the Luba AWD 5000, I was really pleased that I was able to position the charging station right at the rear of my garden so there was no chance of any opportunists passing by and snatching the mower.

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LUBA AWD 5000 Accessories

The Luba AWD 5000 doesn’t come with a whole lot of additional accessories purely because almost everything you need is already included in the box. However, I did like that you could purchase the garage which sits over the charging station for a little additional protection for your robotic mower.

It’s really easy to install and simply attaches to the back of the charging station, acting like a canopy. However, I wouldn’t rush out to buy this since the Luba AWD 5000 does have a waterproof rating of IPX6 so even if it does rain, you won’t need to worry about the water causing it to malfunction.

There’s also a go faster stripe sticker that you can attach to the body of the lawn mower if you want to jazz up its appearance. But again, while this is a nice touch, I don’t think it’s necessary since the design of the mower is already pretty sleek and attractive.


The Luba AWD 5000 comes with a 2 year warranty on the mower itself and the batteries. Mammotion also offers a warranty on the RTK reference station, but this is not as long at just 12 months. It’s also worth keeping in mind that some parts, like the tyres and blades are not covered by a warranty at all.

How to Clean Your Luba AWD Robotic Mower

To see the correct way to hose down your Luba Robotic Mower, please se the video below from Mammotion.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x Luba AWD 5000 robotic lawn mower
  • Charging station
  • RTK reference station
  • Ground stakes
  • Mains cable
  • RTK cable
  • Pole for charging station and RTK station
  • Touch sensitive bumper
  • Charging station power supply
  • Clips and screws for securing ground station to lawn
  • Matting
  • 10m RTK extension kit
  • Spare blades
  • User guide and installation manual
  • Robotic mower garage and RTK station wall mount (optional extra)

Pro and Cons

  • No boundary wire required
  • Super accurate RTK navigation
  • Intelligent mowing patterns
  • Moves effortlessly between up to 10 mowing zones
  • Waterproof and incredibly well built including solid rubber tyres with all wheel drive
  • Great for large lawns up to 5000m²
  • Incredibly powerful and long lasting 10.0Ah battery
  • Handles 75% inclines with ease
  • New product whose app and firmware is still being developed
  • Higher initial investment (still great value compared to competitors)

Should You Buy This Model?

LUBA AWD 5000 Should You Buy This Model

One of the first things that people will notice about the Luba AWD 5000 is the price. This lawn mower is currently retailing for just below £3000 so it is something of an investment. However, it’s not as expensive as some other brands such as the Husqvarna which doesn’t even have as many features as the Luba AWD 5000, so it’s definitely worth considering making that investment.

I would recommend the Luba AWD 5000 for anyone who wants to jump on the RTK bandwagon as early as possible. This technology is still very new and really only being rolled out in 2023, so if you’re someone who likes to stay on top of new features then you’ll love this robotic mower.

Practically speaking, the Luba AWD 5000 would suit anyone who wants a reliable robotic lawn mower that doesn’t require a lot of work or effort to set up. Part of the attraction of a robotic lawn mower is that it saves time and that’s really something I can vouch for after testing this one.

This is a mower that you can set up and leave alone, so you really don’t have to worry about whether your garden will be well maintained.

It’s also a great choice for people who have very specific and complex lawn needs because of the many adjustments and configurations available within the app. Without the need for a boundary wire, I found the Luba was easy to get started with and extremely reliable.


I found the Luba AWD 5000 to be an incredibly high tech and well designed piece of equipment that’s so easy to use. If you like the idea of having something top of the range without needing a degree in software engineering or robotics, then this is going to be right up your street.

The RTK navigation system on the Luba AWD 5000 had no problems getting around or between the two mowing zones I set up. The performance and final result of the cut were seriously impressive.

All in all, there wasn’t a lot I didn’t like about this mower. In fact, I really struggled to come up with any negative points and those that I did were far from dealbreakers. I truly believe that this model will be the pioneer for many more wonderful things to come within the world of robotic lawn mowing.

However, what I would say is that I’d like to test this on a more complex lawn which is why I’ve enlisted the help of my neighbour. While my lawn is very flat without many obstacles and it’s easy to get from the front to the back, my neighbour’s lawn is much bigger and has more complex obstacles, like a lake.

So, we plan to really put the Luba AWD 5000 to the test on his lawn for a few months and I’ll continue to update this post and let you know what we discover.

But judging by what I’ve seen up until now, I am under no illusion that the Luba is going to do an excellent job.

Where Should I Purchase the LUBA AWD 5000

Purchase direct from Mammotion using the links below.

The LUBA AWD 5000 (UK)

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The LUBA AWD 5000 (US)

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Other Models AWD 3000 & 1000 (UK)

Check Today's Price (UK)


Other Models AWD 3000 & 1000 (US)

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LUBA AWD Comparison Table

ModelLUBA AWD 5000LUBA AWD 3000LUBA AWD 1000
Lawn Sizeup to 5000m2 (1.25 acres)up to 3000m2 (0.75 acre)up to 1000m2 (0.25acre)
EngineAll-Wheel Drive(AWD)All-Wheel Drive(AWD)All-Wheel Drive(AWD)
Vertical obstacle passing ability50 mm50 mm50 mm
Cutting height30-70 mm30-70mm30-70mm
Cutting width400mm400mm400mm
Area capacity per hour, max500m2350m2350m2
Battery capacity10Ah10Ah4.5Ah
Typical charging time150 mins150 mins90 mins
Mowing time on one charge3h3h2h management1063
Battery Voltage21.6V21.6V21.6V
Battery Wh capacity207wh207wh97.2wh
Charging systemAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Battery typeLithium-lonLithium-lonLithium-lon
Virtual boundary
Plan cutting modes
Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
Rain Sensor
User InterfaceMammotion AppMammotion AppMammotion App
Mowing schedule
GPS Anti-theft
Lift sensor
Tilt sensor
Waterproof LevelIPX6IPX6IPX6
Noise Level60dB60dB60dB
Product size70D*53W*25H cm70D*53W*25H cm70D*53W*25H cm



What is the benefit of a perimeter wireless robotic lawn mower?

Boundary wires can be time consuming to install and they’re often easily damaged meaning you have to repair them regularly. Having a boundary wireless lawn mower takes away this hassle while still having a GPS system reliable enough to remain within the mowing area.

What happens if my front and back lawns are separated by a fence?

In the event that your two lawns have a fence or other boundary between them, you will need to create a path for the Luba AWD 5000 to pass through.

What happens if my WiFi goes down?

Once you have set everything up, the Luba AWD 5000 doesn’t need WiFi to run. However, if there is an interruption to the signal, you won’t be able to see the status of the mower and other features within the app.

Can I use the Luba AWD 5000 in the rain?

While the Luba AWD 5000 is waterproof, it’s not generally recommended to cut your grass in wet conditions as the blades can tug at the grass and affect its health. However, the Luba AWD 5000 has a rain sensor which will send it back to its charging station should the weather change.

Can the Luba app be used remotely?

The great thing about the Luba AWD 5000 app is that it can be used to control your lawn mower from anywhere in the world!

Do I have to have the charging station connected to the RTK station?

While you can have the two stations positioned together, this is not necessary as the RTK station comes with its own separate power supply kit.

Is the Luba AWD 5000 easy to set up?

The Luba AWD 5000 is incredibly quick and easy to set up in just a few simple steps. All the tools you need are included in the box and everything else can be done from within the app. Just make sure you install the latest version and update the mower’s firmware.

How large a lawn can the Luba AWD 5000 cover?

The Luba AWD 5000 is designed for lawns up to 5000 square metres. However, if you have a smaller garden, there are two other models designed for 3000 and 1000 square metres respectively.

How do I change the cutting height on the Luba AWD 5000?

The cutting height on the Luba AWD 5000 can be changed within the app where you can move from 30mm to 70mm in increments of 5mm.

How many zones can I set up with the Luba AWD 5000?

Within the app, you can program up to 10 different mowing zones for the Luba AWD 5000.


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  1. martin chambers

    Hello Mark

    Having watched your review and others, i purchased the 3000. Positioned base etc and downloaded the App. Finds/connects to bluetooth and then wants to pair to Wi Fi. Signal is good at the base but it will not connect, so i cant get any further. Have made contact with support and also lodged the issue with sales incase i need to return it.
    Other than registering receipt of my mail i have not had any reply. I have looked on line and seen/read how others have had this issue and what is recommended to rectify the issue but nothing so far has worked.
    Do you have any thoughts for fixing this.

    1. Hi Martin

      Sorry, can’t help with this as I did not experience this issue. Has support contacted you back? How long have you been waiting for a response?


  2. I enjoyed your review and the Luba is impressive. However, it seems that there is no after-sales infrastructure in place to service, repair, purchase spares and so on. As far as I can see there are no distributers of the Luba in the UK (apart from Amazon). The only address for contacting Mammotion is in China so returning/replacing a machine would be problematic (I have experience of the difficulties). You don’t mention the after-sales in your review. I wonder what your thoughts are because at the moment this situation is putting me off buying a Luba. Kress, for example, has a good network of distributors. Should I Iook at that as an alternative?

    1. Hi Mark, Luba are looking to expand their support and distribution here in the UK. I am hoping to test a Kress robotic mower soon and also Worx vision range too for comparison purposes. You can then decide what is more suitable for your needs. Thanks Mark

      1. Good morning Mark,

        This is the text of an email I received from Luba this morning: “We have three repair points in Germany, the United States and China. If the product needs to be repaired, we will register it first, and then send someone to pick it up and send it back.Hope me answer can help you.
        Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.”

        Response to my info request was good, but I had to tell them that the absence of a UK based after-sales support network was, for me, too risky for an investment of that size. It’s a shame. However, I think reviewers referring to the drawbacks of a product would give a more complete picture. The logistics of what Luba presently provide do not inspire confidence in the product though the machine itself seems very good.

  3. Hello

    Thank you for your review. This looks a great machine and perfect for my garden. I have a few questions which I hope you can help with
    1 – Please could you confirm that no line of sight is required between the antennae (as opposed to the station)?
    2 – We have along drive – about 120m long – far from the antennae can the LUBA travel?
    3 – There appears to be no way to talk to a sales team or to test a machine to check that it will work for my lawn (which has some slopes). Is this right?
    4 – Is there any way I can check out the company that makes this machine to get some comfort that it hopefully won’t go bust

  4. Ellis Whitcomb

    Does the RTK antennae have to be in line of sight of all zones? Our ground is L-shaped with trees, sheds and a dividing wall (bit with a passage for the mower to pass through)
    Many thanks for a very good review

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