Summer Lawn Care Schedule

Summer Lawn Care Schedule

Summer Lawn Care Schedule Feeding To get you prepared and ready for the upcoming summer, I thought I’d list out all the activities you’ll be required to do throughout the season in order to keep your lawn in shape.

Seeing as the weather is good during this time of year (well it’s supposed to be!) just remember that this is the peak time to enjoy your garden, so don’t get too wound up about all the little jobs you need to do. Even though they need to be done don’t let them ruin your summer lawn!

I think it is important to find a healthy balance between maintaining a happy garden and enjoying the space – this is not as difficult as you may first think, especially if you can create a gardening plan.

Where your lawn is concerned, getting organised couldn’t be any more simple. Just follow the steps in this article to stay on top of your lawn and keep it looking fresh, green and beautiful all summer long – and then you can get on with the more important things like kicking back a cold drink and spending time with your family.


During the summer the temperatures are expected to rise, and the weather is likely to get drier so it’s likely that your grass won’t grow as fast.

Try to mow at least once a week because whilst this may seem like a lot, less is more and doing a quicker job more frequently will yield better results.

However, you should be careful not to cut the grass to any less than 3cm in height, and make sure you don’t take off any more than a third off the length of each blade (most lawn mowers will cover height range from 2cm to 7cm). Cutting too short will only damage your lawn, and makes it more likely for weeds and moss to make their way to the surface. This is, without doubt, something that you don’t want.

If the weather does get really hot and dry, then it might be best to lay off the mowing and let the lawn rest and grow out a little more, otherwise, it will become stressed and damaged.

But on the other hand, if conditions are really good for growing, then you can increase it to twice a week to keep things looking sharp. Owing to the unpredictable British weather, it does pay to be flexible in your approach, and certainly be prepared to scrap your plans and rethink your schedule at the drop of a hat.

Summer Lawn Care ScheduleAlso if you are planning on going away on holiday, then try to cut the lawn as close as possible to your leaving date, and remember to trim the edges every now and then. This will keep your lawn looking at its best.

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When Does Lawn Mowing Season Start?

It is worth noting that lawn mowing season usually begins in March and ends in around October, but as we mentioned, due to the unpredictable weather, you may find that you have to work outside of these months or go without cutting the lawn for a period of time within them.

Why Is Lawn Mowing Important?

There are several reasons why keeping your lawn trimmed and pruned is important, the most obvious being for aesthetic reasons. Additionally, you will be able to stay on top of removing any debris from the grass, which will prevent an unwanted build-up of this.

However, regular cutting will also prevent pests from setting up their home in your lawn, Furthermore, the overall health of your lawn will be improved, leaving it looking greener and thicker.

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Summer Lawn Care Schedule HelpAs summer is the most likely time for drought to occur, you are going to need to water your lawn on a regular basis.

When a lawn is exposed to dry, hot weather there are several things that can happen. Primarily, the lawn will become stressed which can lead to a process that ultimately ends in its death, if you don’t act fast. You will notice that the grass will begin to look slightly dull before turning brown and straw-like.

If you notice that this is happening, it is important that you treat the problem as soon as possible. If you do, there is a good chance of reviving the lawn to its former glory.

It is also important to keep in mind that when treating the grass for dryness, mowing should be kept to an absolute minimum.

That being said, it is much easier to avoid drought completely instead of treating it, just make sure you are watering the lawn about once or twice a week to keep it nice and moist.

Usually, the best time to do so is either in the early morning or in the evening, this gives the lawn a chance to absorb all the water before it gets evaporated.

Rather than giving the lawn a light sprinkle of water every day – which is a common gardening mistake, it is preferable to thoroughly soak it once or twice a week.

Doing this will allow the water to absorb right down to the roots, which won’t be achieved with daily, light watering. This will also help prevent disease from occurring which could be devastating for your lawn.

Make sure you check out my post “Best Time to Water the Lawn” for more information on understanding when you need to water the lawn.

Also for better results try aerating and scarifying your lawn before watering, this gives the water more chance of reaching the bottom of the roots.


Like watering, how you feed your lawn really depends on how good the growing conditions are. Although applying a suitable organic fertiliser at the beginning of

spring should give your lawn sufficient nutrients to last until autumn. But if the summer is quite wet and cold then you might be required to apply another dosage as some may drain out.

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If you do begin to see weeds springing up then apply a selective weedkiller to the area to target and kill the weeds without damaging the grass. Or if you don’t want to apply any chemicals to your lawn, you can pull them out by hand or use a mechanical weeder, just make sure you get the root of the weed when doing so. Alternatively you can make your own organic weed killer – Recipe For Homemade Organic Weed Killer.

To prevent weeds try to keep the lawn in the best condition possible by properly watering, mowing and feeding it – also try raking it as this may help.

Top Tips For A Beautiful Summer Lawn

Summer Lawn Care Schedule Tips I mentioned earlier that having a plan in place is essential when it comes to ensuring that your lawn looks immaculate all summer long, and this is certainly true. However, along with this and working to maintain your grass, here are my top tips on creating a beautiful summer lawn.

  1. Be sure that you are using a good standard of equipment (mower blades need to be sharpened or replaced). At the beginning of spring, it pays to audit your gardening equipment and make repairs or replacements where necessary.
  2. Before you attempt to mow your lawn, be sure to clean up any leaves or fallen debris first. The last thing you want is to run your mower over a piece of debris and cause damage. To learn more about Cordless or Best Electric Leaf Blowers and Vacuums and what to consider before your purchase to ensure it meets your requirements, you can read my Buyers Guide.
  3. Do not cut your lawn whilst it is wet as it will make it much more difficult and you will get a less even and poor-quality result. If the grass is not collected due to it being wet, it will cause clumps that will remain on the grass, restricting light and nutrients.
  4. Consider mulching and its benefits for your lawn. If you are using a mulching mower, dry mulch is far easier to work with and will produce finer and smaller cuts.
  5. Water your lawn thoroughly on a regular basis.
  6. Stick to a regular lawn care schedule (including fertilising, scarifying, raking, over-seeding and weed removal).

Now that you have put in all that hard work to create a stunning summer lawn that will be the envy of all the neighbours.

To achieve that perfect finish in your garden, remember that your hedges may need to be pruned, your patio / decking may need to be pressure washed and your soil may need some help from a tiller or cultivator/rotavator to be ready for second replanting…

You can then sit back and relax whilst soaking in that beautiful green view!

Summer Lawn Care Schedule Video

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