Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W Review

Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W Electric Lawn Mower Review

Tacklife 1600W Lawn Mower
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Mulching plug to shred and disperse grass clippings as a natural fertiliser.
Lightweight and compact machine — easy to store.
Quick-release clamps to alter the handlebar height.
Central deck-height adjustment lever.
Leaf Collect blade.
What I Don't Like
A solid grass box takes up more storage space unless you take it apart each time.
Having a power cable restricts the range of the machine unless you get an extension cable.
Some owners have had issues with changing from mulching to grass collection.
My Overall Rating


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The Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W is an electric corded lawn mower that has a 38cm cutting width, a large 40 litre grass collection box and is designed for lawns up to 500m². The Tacklife corded lawn mower has a powerful 1600W motor that has side grass combs to allow closer to the edge cutting and comes supplied with a mulching plug. This mower has a range of 6 cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm that is easily adjusted via a single lever mounted on the side of the mower. The Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W has foldable handles for reduced storage and a central carry handle for easy transportation. The Tacklife Lawnmower comes with a very respectable two-year warranty.

Tacklife’s 1600-watt mains-powered lawnmower is perfect for small to medium-sized lawns between 300 m² and 500 m². The lightweight frame and compact design make it easy to manoeuvre and store. And homeowners love this machine so much that it has gone straight to the top of the recommended list for mowers of its size — often selling out.

Main Features

  • For Lawns of Up to 500 m²
  • Blade Length: 38cm (15-inch)
  • Weight: 14 Kg
  • Number of Cutting Heights: 6 (25mm to 75mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 40 L
  • Motor: 1600-Watt Brush-Motor
  • Handle: Double Hinge Folding with Foam Grip
  • Mulching Plug Supplied

Power System

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Tacklife’s 1600-watt main-powered Power Drive+ motor will give you all the torque you need to get through those tough patches of grass. The 1600-watt electric motor is strong and large enough to make short work of long grass. But Tacklife’s motor is also small and lightweight enough to keep the unit down to a compact and easy to store size.

And the electric motor is also not so large, that it demands a lot of power. Neither will the motor produce a significant amount of noise, as would be the case with a petrol mower. An electric motor is less maintenance, and they do not need any preparation before or after long storage periods.

The mower comes with a 10-metre power cable, which is a little short for a mower that is going to run around a 500m2 lawn. So if you are going to use this machine to the upper end of its ability, you are going to need an extension cord or another cable.

Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W Video

To give you a visual representation of this Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W lawn mower please see the video below. (Video is not English)


Wide plastic wheels enable the Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W to traverse uneven and soft ground without sinking in and taking large chunks out of your lawn. And these wheels are not weak either, with the manufacturer claiming that the frame of the mower can support loads up to 70 kilograms.

The 1600-watt electric motor is quiet and efficient. The best part of using an electric motor is that they are quick to start and stop. So unlike a petrol mower when you are not mowing, the electric Tacklife is silent — and even when it is running, the motor is quiet and emission-free.


Tacklife sharpens their hardened steel blades to produce some of the sharpest cuts we have seen on a small electric lawn mower. The mulching blade’s design allows for the shredding of grass and leaves. And the blades do cut with less noise and vibration production than some other blades.

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Height Adjustment

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To make the Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W more comfortable to push for people of different heights, it is possible to adjust the handlebar height. There are multiple handlebar angles to choose from, each is fast to make, with the quick-release wrenches on the sides of the deck.

And you can also change the deck height with the centralised height lever. There are 6 cutting heights to choose from — ranging from 25mm and going as high as 75mm. This lever is on the left-middle of the machine, beyond the reach of the operator standing behind the handlebar.

Cutting Diameter

The Tacklife 1600W uses a 38-centimetre blade, which works out to a 0.45m2 cutting area per rotation. Though this width does not sound like much, it is a hard steel blade, which makes the most of each cutting rotation.

38-centimetres is a standard diameter blade for most 1600-watt mowers. A wider blade would have more trouble with thick and damp grass. And a smaller blade would spin faster, but be much less efficient with the cutting area.

And although the deck is mid-sized — it does have an integrated grass comb. The grass comb helps to pull in grass blades from behind the front wheels, which helps increase the effective cutting width of the machine.

Grass Box Capacity

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Tacklife’s grass box for the 1600-watt mower is solid plastic and comes disassembled. But the whole grass box, including the handle, clip together, so you do not need any tools. This also makes getting the mower ready to go, out of the box, that much faster.

The box has plenty of venting holes around its sides, to encourage airflow and thus the amount of grass that flies into it. Good airflow lessens the chance of grass sticking to the underside of the deck and the grass chute, which otherwise will end up clogging shut.

This is a 40-litre grass box, which is more than enough for a 500m2 garden, though it may take a few emptying trips for a larger lawn. The top of the box has a mechanical fill flap to tell you when it is time to empty the box.


Below I have summarised the main practicalities of this Tacklife Lawnmower 1600W.

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  • There is a grass box fill indicator on the collection box.
  • There is a single height adjustment lever, which controls the height of all four wheels at the same time.
  • Grass combs behind the front wheels help to pull in more grass to the blade. And the combs are useful when mowing around trees or next to walls.
  • There are three handlebar height levels to choose from. Changing the angle makes the pushing height more comfortable for operators of different body frames.
  • The main handlebar has a foam grip, which helps to absorb vibrations and reduce the noise.
  • The full-width throttle bar means that both left and right-handed operators can use this machine in comfort.
  • The grass box is fast to clip together, without the need for any tools.
  • Wide plastic wheels to aid in traversing uneven and sodden ground.
  • The handlebar assembly folds into two, resulting in a machine that is easier to store.

Safety Features

  • To start the mower, the operator first needs to press a start button to release the throttle bar.
  • A single height lever on the top side of the machine means that there is no need to venture near the wheels.
  • If an operator attempts to get through a forest of grass — they can strain the motor. There is a thermal cut-off switch that deactivates the motor if it overheats, a nice additional safety feature.

Roller (Stripes)

The Tacklife 1600W does not have a roller or a striper. This machine does not leave any form of stripes as it goes, and there is not enough space to attach an after-market roller. If you want stripes, you will need to get a separate after-market lawn-roller.

If you simply must have a mower that leaves a stripped lawn appearance, then click the link below to see my alternative mower that is supplied with a rear roller.

Bosch UniversalRotak 550


The Tacklife 1600W uses a mulching blade, which also has Leaf Collect to shred leaves as they disappear into the grass box. And the blade’s design helps it to both cut the leaves and the grass blades into small pieces so that they take up less space in the grass collection box.

This mower also comes with a mulching plug. So, rather than collecting the grass in the box and having to empty it, you can mulch and redistribute the clippings as fertiliser. Mulching is also better for the environment.

Mulching reduces your contribution to landfills. And recycling the grass reduces the amount of artificial fertiliser you would otherwise use.

To lean more about the benefits of mulching your lawn, click the link below.


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What’s Included in the Box?

  • The Tacklife GLM4A 1600W Lawnmower
  • 2 x Cable Clip
  • Grass Chute
  • Mulching Plug
  • 10-Metre Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • 24-Month Warranty Card

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and compact machine — easy to store.
  • Quick-release clamps to alter the handlebar height.
  • Double folding handlebar for ease of storage.
  • Mulching plug to shred and disperse grass clippings as a natural fertiliser.
  • Central deck-height adjustment lever.
  • Wide wheels.
  • Leaf Collect blade.
  • A strong and simple to assemble grass box.
  • Soft foam on the handlebar.
  • Safety start button.
  • Powerful 1600-watt electric motor.
  • A solid grass box takes up more storage space unless you take it apart each time.
  • Having a power cable restricts the range of the machine unless you get an extension cable.
  • Some owners have had minor issues with changing from mulching to grass collection.

Should You Buy this Model?

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Tacklife’s 1600-watt mower is such a popular model that outlets are often finding themselves sold-out. A 1600-watt lawn mower also has a mulching plug, it is uncommon in models of this price range.

It is also unusual to find a solid grass box on a mower in this range. A solid grass box is easier to wash out, and you are not going to tear it when you drag it over the thorns of a rose bush when full. The disadvantage being, a solid grass box is harder to store unless you take it apart.

On the comfort side, it is great to see that Tacklife has gone with an adjustable handlebar. This handlebar allows both tall and short operators to mow with the same level of comfort. And a little foam on the handlebar makes a big improvement in lowering the vibrations coming from the machine, and therefore not hurting your wrists.

Tacklife could have put a longer power cable into the box. A 10-metre power cable is not much once you have plugged it into your home’s wall socket. And a 10-metre cable is not going to be long enough to get the machine around a 500m2 lawn.

The Tacklife 1600W is popular, and most owners have nothing but praise for the machine. This lawn mower is simple, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. This mower will do everything that you could want from a small electric mower. And if there are issues with the mower, the customer service is excellent.

This mower’s ideal for:

  • People with medium to large lawns in size (around 500m² – around 2 tennis courts).
  • People that do NOT require a stripy lawn appearance.
  • Those that like the option to mulch the grass cuttings.
  • People looking for a quiet lawn mower.
  • Those who want a wide range, easy to adjust cutting heights (6).
  • People who require a powerful 1600W electric motor for longer/thicker lawns.
  • Those looking for a mid-size 38cm cutting width.
  • Those who require a large grass collection box (40L).

Where Should I Purchase This Tacklife 1600W Mower?

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Tacklife 1600W FAQs

How long is the cable on the Tacklife 1600W?

10 metres

Is the Tacklife 1600W self propelled?

No, this is a push mower.

Can the Tacklife 1600W mulch the grass cuttings?

Yes, this mower is supplied with a mulching plug and blade.

How long is the warranty on this Tacklife 1600W?

2 years.

Is the Tacklife 1600W supplied with a UK 3 pin plug?


Can I get support for the Tacklife 1600W?

Yes, support is via the email address below. support@tacklifetools.com

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