The Ultimate Guide to Knowing When to Replace Your Mower

The Ultimate Guide to Knowing When to Replace Your Mower

When To Change Your Lawn Mower: Signs And Options For Cordless Battery, Petrol, Electric And Push Manual Models

Ultimate Guide to Knowing When to Replace Your Mower

Your lawn mower is a tool that you’ll use often during the spring and summer months. Modern mowers are well built and designed to last a good few years. But, as with everything, there will come a point that you need to replace your once trusty mower. But how do you know when it’s the right time or whether your mower just needs a bit of TLC?

Understanding what signs to look for in your mower will help you get a better grasp on knowing when it’s time to upgrade. Good mower maintenance such as changing the oil (in petrol models), keeping the blade sharp and removing debris, among other things, will improve the lifespan of your lawn mower.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through some of the common signs that different types of lawn mowers might show as they get older and more worn.

When To Replace Your Lawn Mower

It might sound crazy but many people become attached to their lawn mowers. With so many models out there, it’s not always easy to find one that exactly meets your needs. When you do find the perfect mower, you naturally don’t want to let it go.

In some cases, that same model may still be available, in which case, you can simply swap it out for a new one. However, lawn mower manufacturers are always upgrading and some models get discontinued.

Avoiding replacing your lawn mower can lead to all kinds of problems and eventually, it’ll give up the ghost. So, it’s better to start looking at replacement when you begin noticing problems.

Signs To Show Your Lawn Mower Needs To Be Replaced

Signs To Show Your Lawn Mower Needs To Be Replaced

On average, a lawn mower will last around eight and a half years. Of course, this lifespan can vary according to how often it’s used, the maintenance it receives and the type of lawn mower it is. The following points may help you to determine whether it’s time to take on the attitude of out with the old and in with the new!

Age Of Lawn Mower

Nothing lasts forever and even the highest quality lawn mowers will eventually need to be replaced. If you’ve had your lawn mower for more than ten years then it’s definitely time to replace it. As I mentioned, the average lifespan of a lawn mower is around eight and a half years but this can stretch to ten years with excellent maintenance.

The problem with older lawn mowers is not only that they’re more likely to fail but you’ll also find it harder to repair them. If you’ve had your lawn mower for a decade then there’s a chance that the manufacturer will no longer offer replacement parts. Mower technology has moved pretty quickly in recent years so the model you have will likely be very outdated.

Performance Issues

Lawn Mower Performance Issues

When you first purchased your lawn mower, it would have cut better than it ever will again. New mowers are ready and raring to go and deliver a neat cut with no power or performance issues.

But after some time, you may notice that your machine stops performing as well as it did when it was new. Now, if these performance issues begin within just a couple of years of buying the mower, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to perform some maintenance such as sharpening the blades which should solve the issue.

But as performance problems become more frequent, it could be that it’s simply time to buy a new mower. While the problems you experience may vary, some of the most common include a poor cut quality or unevenness. You may also find that the lawn mower doesn’t start as easily as it once did and it may even lose power in the middle of mowing. If it doesn’t lose power, the machine may make excessive noise or vibrations.

Where power problems are concerned, you have to think about the type of lawn mower you have. For example, with electric models, it could be that the cord has become frayed whereas with a petrol model, the problem could be with a part that needs replacing, like a spark plug.

With regard to cordless battery models, it may not be the mower but the battery that is starting to fail. As the battery deteriorates, it will begin to loose power and running times will also start to decrease. Depending how old the mower is, you should be able to simply replace the battery, however, some manufactures change their battery range(voltage) making it impossible to purchase a new battery.

Maintenance Costs

If there’s one thing that all of us can agree on, it’s that we want to save money. We’re in the middle of a global financial crisis so spending unnecessary money on mower maintenance is a big no no.

Therefore, I’d recommend looking at the amount you’ll spend on maintenance over the next 12 months compared to the cost of a new lawn mower. If the problems you’re encountering are superficial then maintaining the mower will likely be cheaper; for example, that spark plug replacement I mentioned earlier.

But if you’re going to spend a small fortune on replacement parts as well as a good amount of time actually doing the work, it’s probably best to admit defeat and start shopping for a new tool.

When Is The Right Time To Change Your Lawn Mower In The UK?

While the things I have talked about above are certainly things you should look out for when deciding whether to change your mower, the signs can vary between mower types. For example, a spluttering petrol mower will show vastly different signs to a rusty old push manual mower. Let’s take a look at what you can expect as your mower ages depending on its type.

Signs To Replace Cordless Battery Lawn Mowers

Signs To Replace Cordless Battery Lawn Mowers

Cordless battery lawn mowers are incredibly popular among domestic users. They offer convenience, freedom of movement and a lot of features to make mowing a breeze. They’re typically a little pricier than their corded counterparts but are often cheaper than petrol mowers.

It’s important to keep in mind that your cordless lawn mower battery won’t last as long as the machine itself. It’s not uncommon to have to buy a replacement battery at least once in your mower’s life. If the battery struggles to hold its charge then this is a sign it needs to be replaced.

However, there will come a time that, no matter how new the battery may be, the mower’s motor gives up. You’ll notice that the machine is much more difficult to start or that the motor sounds weak. Eventually, it just won’t start at all.

Your mower blades can be sharpened or replaced and when you notice that they become dull, it’s time to get new ones. Rather than delivering a clean, even cut on the first pass, the blades may tear or rip the grass and the result will be anything less than uniform. Not only does this ruin the look of your lawn but it could make it unhealthy.

Some of the things I have discussed here don’t require an entire mower replacement. However, if the ongoing maintenance costs of things like changing blades or batteries becomes more expensive than buying a new mower, I’d recommend replacing it.

Electric And Cordless Lawn Mower Maintenance

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Signs To Replace Petrol Lawn Mowers

Signs To Replace Petrol Lawn Mowers

Petrol lawn mowers are among the most robust and long lived but it’s important to look for signs that the machine is degrading as it gets old. Engine problems are usually the main reason that people look to replace a petrol mower and you may notice things like billowing black smoke. This indicates a problem with the carburettor which, in theory, you can clean or replace. However, as before, if this is continual and starts to cost a lot, it may be more cost effective just to buy a new lawn mower.

You might also notice that the engine cuts out part way through mowing or that you struggle to get it going. In some cases, the engine may just not start at all.

As with the cordless mower, it is possible to maintain the blades by sharpening or replacing them as opposed to replacing the entire mower. Should you notice that the cut quality diminishes, this is a surefire sign that the blades have had their day.

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Signs To Replace Electric Lawn Mowers

When I talked about cordless mowers, I mentioned that one of the signs of deterioration is a weak-sounding motor or one that refuses to start. This can also be a problem with corded electric lawn mowers and is one of the first signs to look out for.

Again, we have to consider the blades and, if they start needing to be repaired or replaced too frequently and the cut quality is not there, it might be better to buy a new mower. In any case, where the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of purchasing something new, it’s time to take that leap.

With electric lawn mowers, I’d also suggest keeping an eye on the power cable. Over time, this can become frayed or it may sustain damage. Not only could this affect how well the mower runs but it can also be incredibly dangerous. As soon as you notice cord damage, start looking at replacement options.

Electric And Cordless Lawn Mower Maintenance

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Signs To Replace Push Manual Lawn Mowers

For people with a small lawn or for those who want to be eco-friendly, a manual lawn mower is a great option. They’re affordable and modern versions deliver a very impressive cut. However, if you begin to notice that the blades don’t cut as well as they once did, it could be time to replace your mower.

Manual push mowers are pretty well built but they will deteriorate over time. You might notice that the handle starts to become loose or may break entirely. It’s unlikely that this can be repaired so buying a new lawn mower may be your only option. What’s more, the mower wheels will start to wobble over time or you might notice that it becomes difficult to turn the mower.

As with other things, it might be possible to repair this problem but where maintenance costs mean you’re going to spend a small fortune, it’s better just to buy a new mower.

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When Is The Right Time To Switch To A Cordless Battery Lawn Mower?

When Is The Right Time To Switch To A Cordless Battery Lawn Mower

Cordless mowers are one of the newest types of lawn mowers on the market. Many people are yet to make the change but are curious as to whether this is something that would benefit them. If you’re still using a petrol or electric lawn mower then there may be some things you’d like to consider to help you decide if it’s time to switch to cordless.

For starters, if you find it difficult to get a petrol lawn mower started, a cordless model might be a better choice. They start at the push of a button so no more messing about with stubborn engines and recoil starts. What’s more, a cordless lawn mower is much more eco friendly which is one of the main reasons many homeowners make the change. On top of that, cordless models are far quieter than their petrol counterparts.

For those of you considering swapping from corded to cordless, you need to consider your freedom of movement. Do you find that the lawn mower cable gets in the way or restricts where you can mow? If so then it might be wise to use a cordless battery mower instead.

When Is The Right Time To Switch To A Petrol Lawn Mower?

There is no doubt in my mind that petrol lawn mowers are among the best garden tools on the market. They’re robust, built to last, powerful and ideal for large, challenging lawns. If you have a medium to large lawn that has bumpy terrain, slopes, dense grass or other challenging areas then a petrol lawn mower is going to make light work of it.

I would never waste my time trying to mow a 500 square foot lawn with a 36 cm cordless mower. For starters, the battery probably wouldn’t last long enough to cover the whole lawn in one sitting and secondly, you’ll spend far longer mowing than is necessary.

When Is The Right Time To Switch To An Electric Lawn Mower?

Earlier, I mentioned that a lot of people switch to cordless because they want a quieter, more eco-friendly option. If you have a smaller garden and don’t mind the power cable then you can also achieve a more eco friendly mow with a corded lawn mower. There’s no more fumes and much less noise.

I’d also recommend changing to an electric mower if you’re tired of maintaining your petrol model. While petrol mowers undoubtedly deliver the best cut, power and performance, this comes at a cost; maintenance. There’s regular oil changes, fuel changes, cleaning, spark plug replacement, carburettor cleaning, blade sharpening and much more. Buying an electric model means much less work.

When Is The Right Time To Switch To A Push Manual Lawn Mower?

When Is The Right Time To Switch To A Push Manual Lawn Mower

Manual push lawn mowers aren’t quite as popular as other types of mower but there are still plenty of people that would benefit from them. In the same way that I wouldn’t use an electric mower for a massive lawn, I would not consider using a petrol mower with a hefty cutting width if I was working on a small patch of grass.

Not only are these mowers perfect for smaller gardens but they’re also a lot cheaper. If your lawn is small and you’re not going to get a lot of use out of an expensive cordless mower, what’s the point in spending all that money?

I’d also suggest a push manual lawn mower for anyone who wants a workout while doing the garden. Don’t get me wrong, modern push mowers are much easier to use than the ones our parents and grandparents struggled with some decades ago, but they still require a degree of effort from the user.

When Is It Best To Purchase A New Lawn Mower To Get The Best Deal?

If your lawn mower breaks and cannot be repaired then you’ll unfortunately have to replace it as soon as possible. Either that or put up with an out of control lawn. However, if you start noticing signs that the mower is going to give up but there’s a bit of life left in it then I’d recommend waiting a little while.

In the summer months, lawn mower sales are much higher because that’s when people can use these tools. As a result of this demand, retailers will keep their prices higher in order to make the most money.

However, as the mowing season comes to an end, any leftover stock needs to be sold and you’ll start seeing mowers going on sale. This usually starts to happen around September and the sales will typically continue until around February.

What’s more, the following mowing season will see manufacturers launching new models so it’s important that old stock is sold off quickly. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t save a few quid and buy the previous year’s model in the sale. Just make sure that any replacement parts are still available.

Below is a table showing some of the best times of the year to purchase a new lawn mower.

Time of YearBest EventReason for Best Deal
Late SummerEnd-of-Season SalesRetailers are clearing out their inventory to make room for new models.
AutumnBlack Friday SalesDiscounts on all types of products, including lawn mowers.
SpringEaster SalesRetailers offer discounts on lawn mowers to attract customers during the holiday season.
Early SummerBank Holiday SalesRetailers offer discounts on lawn mowers to attract customers during the holiday weekend.


There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of mowing the lawn to find that your mower cuts out and won’t start again. But you can avoid this situation by keeping an eye out for signs that your lawn mower needs replacing. As soon as you notice these signs, I’d recommend you start shopping for something new.

Generally speaking, your lawn mower should last around eight and a half years. However, without proper maintenance, it may not last more than a couple of mowing seasons. So, in order to get the best lifespan out of your mower, make sure to take proper care of it.

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