Webb Classic WER460SP 46cm Review (WER460ES)

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Webb Classic WER460SP


Performance/Cut Quality











  • Self-propelled drive
  • 4-in-1 cutting features
  • 141cc powerful engine
  • 7 cutting heights (25mm - 75mm)
  • Great build quality & 2 year warranty


  • No grass box full indicator
  • No hose wash port


The Webb Classic WER460SP is a self-propelled petrol lawn mower designed for medium lawns up to 1,500m² thanks to its good size 46cm cutting width and large 55-litre grass collection box. It offers 4-in-1 cutting functions including cut & collect, mulching, side discharge and rear discharge. There is an excellent choice of 7 cutting heights from 25mm and 75mm.

Webb Classic WER460SP Review

The Webb Classic WER460SP is a generously-sized lawn mower which offers an impressive range of features that makes cutting larger lawns something of a dream. This mower is an entry level Webb mower and forms part of their “Classic” range. It has a very efficient and powerful engine and while it may not be quite as powerful as the higher spec model from the same range, it certainly packs a punch!

This lawn mower has a large 46cm cutting width and a self-propelled drive that makes mowing over rough terrain a breeze. It features four mowing modes allowing you the freedom to handle your garden in a way that suits you as well as a range of seven cutting heights.

Not only does this mower offer power, durability and reliable performance, but it is comfortable and easy to use. With practical features like a folding padded handle and a generous folding grass collection bag, everything is just simple and enjoyable. If mowing the grass has ever felt like a chore to you, then this might be the answer to your problems.

In my Webb Classic WER460SP review, I will walk you through all the important features to help you make the right choice about whether this mower would work for you.

Note: There are two different versions of this Webb self-propelled petrol mower, shown below are the differences between them.

Webb WER460SP (This review)

  • No Electric Start
  • Engine – Webb DVO140 141 cc engine (2.5kW @ 2800rpm/min)

Webb WER460ES

  • Electric Start
  • Engine – Webb DVO173 173cc Engine (3.3kW @ 2800rpm/min)

Details of the Webb WER460ES here.

Main Features of the Webb WER460SP

  • 46cm cutting width
  • 7 cutting heights
  • 4-in-1 mowing features – Cut & Collect, Rear Discharge, Side Discharge and Mulch
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful 141cc Webb engine
  • Self-propelled drive
  • Steel deck and durable design
  • 55-litre grass collection bag
  • Soft grip foldable handle

Webb Brand

Webb Garden Power products have been designing and manufacturing mowers for over 80 years and are synonymous with a quality British brand. Whilst they have indeed changed ownership, they still pride themselves on cut and build quality utilising their many years of experience in the lawn mowing industry. The Webb Classic range is ideal for anyone that wants to buy into the brand at an entry level and where they have a small to medium sized lawn.

Does “entry level” mean a compromise on quality? Absolutely not! As mentioned above, for small to medium sized lawns, and for domestic use, the Webb Classic range have the normal Webb high quality build and are such good value for money.

The “Classic” range utilise Webb’s own engines (Sanli engines) that have proved to be reliable, effective and quiet with low emissions.

The “Supreme” range of Webb mowers all use Briggs & Stratton engines.


Webb Classic WER460SP Engine

The engine on this machine is seriously impressive. If you want something that is going to make light work of even the most demanding lawns, then you won’t be disappointed. It features a 141cc engine (DVO140) with a power output of 2.5kW producing 2800rpm. This is great for most people, however, if you need something even more powerful then this mower has an older brother that is even more big and powerful.

The bigger brother Webb Classic WER460ES has a 173cc engine with a power output of 3.3kW producing 2800rpm. In addition this model has an electric start. As mentioned above, both models are suitable for most domestic needs.

The whole range of Webb four-stroke engines are exceptionally fuel efficient and produce very low emissions; great if you are conscious about your carbon footprint. Furthermore, they offer reliability and beautifully smooth operation.

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Not only does the Webb Classic boast an engine that is ultimately powerful and smooth, with low emissions, the performance far exceeds your expectations. The operation is incredibly quiet for a petrol mower, so if you live in a built up area and want to keep the peace with the neighbours, this may be a good option.

What’s more, the mower gives the blades incredible power for a precise, accurate and clean cut leaving your grass looking perfectly manicured. You would not expect anything else from a Webb petrol mower.

Webb Classic WER460SP Video

Self-Propelled Drive

This is a self-propelled petrol mower that boasts rear wheel power drive. This not only means that moving it around is effortless, but also it is perfect for use on a variety of terrains. If your garden is less than even, the Webb Classic WER460SP will make light work of manoeuvring across any slopes, bumps and imperfections.

Blade and Deck

Webb Classic WER460SP Blade and Deck

This Webb Classic mower has a 46cm steel cutting deck that is robust and built to last. If you have used flimsy mowers in the past, then you had better prepare yourself for this extremely well-built model that offers durability in leaps and bounds.

The rotary blade is also made from strong and robust metal that is built to last. The generous 46cm cutting width means that this mower is ideal for medium lawns.

If you are looking for a more compact mower or perhaps have a smaller lawn, then Webb have you covered. They offer the Webb Classic WER401SP that has a smaller 41cm (16″) deck and is powered by the slightly less powerful Webb DVO130 132cc Engine.


Using this mower is nothing short of a dream, and this is partly thanks to the ergonomically designed handle, that is curved to fit your hands. What’s more, it features a soft padded grip that is easy on the hands. The controls are easy to reach and when the hard work is done, the handles fold down for easy and compact storage.

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Height Adjustment

The best lawn mowers have a vast range of cutting heights and I was very impressed with the seven choices you get with the Webb Classic. The cutting heights range between 25mm and 75mm making this a very diverse model that can tackle all of your changing garden needs.

Furthermore, switching between heights is beautifully simple thanks to the single lever; just switch and go. No more messing about.

Mowing Features

This lawn mower is diverse in many ways but one of the most impressive and notable features is the 4-in-1 cutting modes. These include grass bag collection, side discharge, rear discharge and mulching mode.


Webb Classic WER460SP Features

Mulching is great for delivering nutrients back to the lawn and is an essential option if you want a mower that promotes the health of your grass and keeps it looking greener. Not only this, but it will help the grass grow thicker and denser.

To learn more about the benefits of mulching the grass cuttings read my article – The Benefits of Mulching Lawn Mowers – Complete Guide.

Grass Collection Box

The Webb Classic comes with a 55-litre fabric grass collection bag, which is perfect for larger lawns. This generous size will eliminate the need for repeated emptying and once you are finished mowing, the grass bag will fold down flat for easy and compact storage.


In terms of weight, many petrol lawn mowers are incredibly cumbersome, however, the WER460SP is considerably lightweight at 31.65kg.

Furthermore, the lawn mower comes with larger rear wheels which is excellent for stability. The slightly smaller front wheels offer greater manoeuvrability, providing the best of both worlds.

This lawn mower is very easy to store, thanks to the folding handles and grass box.

Webb Classic WER460SP User Manual Download

Click here to access the Webb Classic WER460SP user manual.

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 x Webb Classic 46cm Self Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Mulching plug
  • Side chute
  • 55-litre grass collection bag
  • User manual

Pros and Cons

  • Great for large gardens with a 46cm cutting width
  • Robust deck
  • Affordable
  • 4-in-1 mowing options – Cut & Collect, Rear Discharge, Side Discharge and Mulch
  • Powerful 141cc engine
  • Larger rear wheels
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth running
  • Low emissions
  • 7 cutting heights
  • Less powerful engine than its older brother (WER460ES)
  • No grass box full indicator
  • No hose wash port


Should You Buy This Model?

Webb Classic WER460SP Conclusion

If you have a medium garden and need a diverse petrol lawn mower that can cut in any way you need, then this is a great choice. With 4-in-1 cutting modes and a generous cutting width, you have plenty of options. Couple these features with the seven cutting heights, and this makes an excellent mower for versatile use.

If you are looking for something stable and easy to move, then the wheel design on this model will give you both of these things by the bucket-load. Furthermore, this is a brilliant choice for eco-conscious gardeners who want to keep their carbon footprint in check.

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While the bigger brother, the Webb Classic WER460ES has the more powerful engine out of the two, the WER460SP is just as effective and offers the same impressive number of features (excluding electric start) that are great for diverse mowing needs and seasons. It boasts multiple cutting heights and you will have the ability to mulch, use the grass collection bag or opt for rear or side discharge.

This mower is incredibly well constructed and features a robust steel deck and blade that are designed to stand the test of time. I have been very impressed with this lawn mower and for such an affordable model, anyone can get in on the petrol mower action.

Where Should I Purchase This Mower?

Webb WER460SP Self-propelled with Webb DVO140 141 cc engine (2.5kW @ 2800rpm/min)

Webb Classic 46cm (18') Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower
57 Reviews
Webb Classic 46cm (18") Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower
  • Webb DVO140 141cc Engine
  • 4 in 1: Rear Discharge, Side Discharge, Collect or Mulch
  • Single Lever Height of Cut, 7 Cutting Heights (25-75mm)
  • 55 Litre Collection Bag, Steel deck, Metal cutting blade
  • Weight: 31.65kg

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Webb WER460ES Self-propelled with Electric Start and Webb DVO173 173cc Engine (3.3kW @ 2800rpm/min)

Webb Classic 46cm (18') Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Rotary...
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Webb Classic 46cm (18") Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Rotary...
  • Webb DVO173 173cc Engine
  • 4 in 1: Rear Discharge, Side Discharge, Collect or Mulch
  • Single Lever Height of Cut, 7 Cutting Heights (25-75mm)
  • 55 Litre Collection Bag, Steel deck, Metal cutting blade
  • Weight: 35kg

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