What Is The Best Lawn Mower

What Is The Best 2024 Lawn Mower?

What Is The Best 2021 Lawn MowerMany people are asking me on a regular basis what the best lawn mower is and how they should choose one for their lawn.

The truth is that everyone has different circumstances and requirements, therefore there is no one mower that will satisfy and be suitable for all needs.

Before you start thinking about the best lawn mower, take a few minutes and consider the following…

Size of Your Lawn

Deck Size

If you have a smaller lawn you will be looking for a mower with a smaller cutting blade/deck, likewise with larger lawn you will be looking for a much larger deck. To help you out below I have included a cutting width for lawn size guide.

Electric & Cordless Mowers

Lawn Sizes to Lawn Mower Deck Guide

Petrol Mowers

Petrol Lawn Sizes to Lawn Mower Deck Guide

Size of lawnSquare metres (Square Feet)Deck Size
Small lawnUp to 500m² (5,400 Sq. Ft.)Up to 42cm (16.5")
Medium lawn500m² to 1000m² (5,400 to 10,800 Sq. Ft.)39cm to 45cm (16" to 18")
Large lawn1000m² to 1500m² (10,800 to 16,200 Sq. Ft.)45cm to 53cm (18"to 21")

Self-Propelled and Variable Speed Option

Another consideration, if you have a larger lawn, is a self-propelled lawn mower option. They come in a choice of two power sources – Petrol and Cordless. A self-propelled mower will take all the physical effort of pushing the mower away from  you and make the whole job much easier and enjoyable. But wait that is not all. If you are purchasing a self-propelled model, then you may also want to consider a variable speed option. This will naturally add to the cost of the mower, but will allow you to mow at a pace that best suits your needs. There is a wide choice of petrol mowers, however this is not the case when it comes to cordless. It is only recently that the advancements in battery technology have allowed for a cordless self-propelled option that rivals that of its petrol counterpart.

Types of Mower – Power

There are many types of mowers, consider what is the best type for your circumstances. To find out more about the advantages and disadvantages, including a guide to purchasing each type, click on the image below. The link will also take you to the best mowers within that category.

Best Petrol Lawn Mowers Link

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers LinkBest Electric Lawn Mowers LinkBest Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviews Link

Types of Mower – Cutting Method

There are many differences in each cutting method, if you would like to learn more about the suitability requirements, advantages and disadvantages click on each category below.

Rotary Mowers

Cylinder Mowers

Hover Mowers

Features Required

Once you have decided on the size of the blade and type of mower you need, the next consideration should relate to the features of your mower.

Rear Roller

Consider if you want a mower with a rear roller for that beautifully manicured striped lawn appearance. If you would like to learn more about rear rollers and see my best lawn mowers within each power type, click on the images below.

Best Petrol Lawn Mowers For A Striped Lawn

Best Cordless Mower for a Striped LawnHow To Achieve A Striped Lawn

Height Settings

Another consideration should be given to the height setting of each mower. Yes, all mowers can be adjusted higher and lower based on your requirements, but you may be surprised to learn that the number of settings can vary from 3 up to 10 and the cutting range can vary from 15mm to 80mm. This can be very important as the cutting height should be adjusted based on the condition of the lawn, the season of the year or simply your preference. Either way do not cut more than 1/3 of the total length of the grass at one time, as this could cause stress to your lawn and promote disease.

Another point worth noting with regards to the height adjustment is the system used to adjust the height. Most mowers will have a single central lever that will adjust all four wheels simultaneously. Other less practical models will require that all four wheels be adjusted individually, or the mower needs to be turned over and the axle moved into the desired height setting. Some higher end models, such as the Bosch AdvancedRotak, have a push button system for adjusting the height that is extremely simple and user friendly.

Folding Handles and Vertical Storage

What about folding handles if you are short on storage space? Some handles fold at the mid-point, others fold at the deck point too – don’t forget to read my full reviews of each mower to find out how easy this is to do, as the mechanism vary. If you are short on storage you may want to consider vertical storage too, that will save you up to 70% of the total storage space needed. I know that many customers do not even know this feature exists, so if you are one of these people read my full article here for more information.

FB Best Vertical Storage Lawn Mower

Length of Cable – Electric Mowers

If you have decided to purchase an electric mower, consider the length of the cable and where your power source is located. If your garden is 12 metres long/wide, then purchasing a mower with 10 metre cable will mean that you will have to use an extension lead. Whereas a mower with 12 metre cord will cover it. Just remember to always use a RCD (Residual Current Device) to protect you should you accidently cut through the electric cable.

Grass Combs

Grass combs is another feature many people are not aware of. Basically, the front and side combs of the mower direct the grass into the path of the blade, ensuring that the grass is cut to the edge or extremely close to it. This will of course reduce the amount of trimming that will be necessary after cutting your lawn, if like me you want your lawn to look manicured and perfect.

Grass Collection Box

Grass Collection BoxAnother consideration should be given to the grass collection box. The majority of lawn mowers are supplied with a grass collection box, but there are different types available. You can have a cloth bag, plastic box or a hybrid model. There are advantages and disadvantages of each in terms of longevity, air circulation, dust and storage; but my favourite type is the hybrid model. Also, many of the grass boxes are now fitted with a grass full indicator, again another handy feature that will let you know when the box needs emptying.

Just be sure to check that the size and capacity of the grass collection box matches that of the size of the deck. Most manufacturers get this right and increase the capacity accordingly on their larger models.

Cordless Battery and Run-Time

If you have decided to purchase a cordless lawn mower, which are increasing in popularity due to the recent advancements in lithium-ion battery technology, consider how long it will take to charge the battery and the run-time. Some mowers are sold as bare tool (a mower with no battery / charger), which is fine if you already have batteries that can be power shared. Other cordless mowers are sold with the battery or batteries and charger supplied – naturally the cost will be higher. Ensure that the battery lasts long enough to cut your lawn, alternatively it may be a good idea to purchase a spare battery to save you waiting around.

If you are purchasing a mower that comes supplied with two batteries, it is always a good idea to ensure that the charger supplied is a dual charger, so both batteries can be charged simultaneously. As mentioned above, lithium-ion batteries can take a long time to charge. Some manufacturers will offer optional fast chargers that can reduce the charge times by up to 50%.

Without going into too much technical detail, the amount of power that is delivered over a period of time is known as what is called Amp Hours (Ah). Below is an example of a Mountfield mower’s battery charge and run-times, which is all dependent on the Ah of the battery that is supplied with the lawn mower.

  • 2 x 4.0Ah batteries – 35 runtime for lawns 550 m² – 180 MINUTES CHARGING TIME WITH STANDARD CHARGER/110 MINUTES WITH FAST CHARGER
  • 2 x 5.0Ah batteries – 40 runtime for lawns 600 m² – 220 MINUTES CHARGING TIME WITH STANDARD CHARGER/120 MINUTES WITH FAST CHARGER

Grass Cutting Options Available

When you have decided on the type of mower that is best suited for you and your lawn, you should also consider how you will dispose of the grass cuttings. For this reason, you need to be aware of the options available. Generally, there are 4 cutting options that may or may not be supplied with the mower you purchase. These options are Cut & Collect, Mulching, Side Discharge and Rear Discharge. A mower that offers mulching will need to be supplied with a mulching plug to close off the collection chute to engage the mulching method. Likewise, a mower that has a side discharge may also have a separate side chute that will need to be attached to the deck to engage this cutting method.

If you would like to find out more information about the benefits of mulching and the best mulching mowers currently available, or more information about side and rear discharge, click the links below.

Best Mulching Lawn Mower Link

Best Petrol Mower with Side and Rear Discharge Link

More Help – Video Guide to Buying the Best Lawn Mower

Best Selling Lawn Mowers

If you are still undecided and need some additional assistance, why not use my perfect mower selection tool by clicking on the link below. By simply selecting the type of mower, the features and functions you require, you will be presented with the best selling and suitable mowers based on your specific requirements.

Find Mower Banner Mobile

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  1. Hi I have found your website really helpful. I used your suggestion and measured my lawn area using google maps.
    Total area 13.09m2 (140.89ft2)
    Total Distance 16.47m (54.03ft)
    I know I have a small sized Lawn but I want it looking really good. I would prefer cordless as Corded means pulling out an extension lead. I could really do with your help in finding a good solid mower that will last. What would you recommend.
    The lawn area is pretty flat and rectangular.

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