Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer Review

Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer Review
Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Long Blade
Low Emission
Reputable and Quality Brand
0 degrees and 45/90 degrees left and right
What I Don't Like
Small Protection Guard
Smaller Engine
My Overall Rating

Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer


Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer Review

The key features of this Makita EH7500W 22cc Hedge Trimmer are that it is small, lightweight, and has a good engine. Makita is a long-respected brand, and they deserve their reputation for one of the best tool makers on the market. The trimmer is efficient, easy to move about, and versatile. The EH7500 has a long blade and a respectable cutting thickness.

Where there is a way to cut down on weight, Makita has done so. This is a machine to do the job fast and with no drama. And you know with Makita that you will not be spending hours trying to get it started in the morning.

Main Features

  • 2-Stroke, 22cc, 4390 rpm
  • 0.4 L
  • Double Reciprocating, 75cm (29.5in)
  • Anti-Vibration
  • Rotatable Handle, Fixed U-Shaped Front Rail
  • 5.2kg
  • 32x138x24cm


The Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer is also a 2-stroke, a little smaller at 22cc, and runs at twice the speed of similar engines (4390 rpm). This will mean that the faster reciprocations will slice through light leaves a lot faster. The trimmer may have trouble getting through thick branches.

This engine runs rich for a 2-stroke, using a mix of 50:1 fuel to oil mix. This makes for a cleaner run, but it can lessen a 2-strokes lifespan as it runs hotter. Makita makes the very best garden tools, so you have to assume that they know what they are doing.

Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer Review

This Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer is an environment-conscious trimmer that follows the latest emission laws. Because of the more efficient engine, the fuel tank is a little smaller. A smaller tank of 0.4 L, a smaller engine, and better mechanics contribute to shaving off a kilo in weight.

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The blade is where the real difference is made, and the small tolerances between each blade make for a fine cut. The blade on this Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer is nickel plated to reduce the wear from abrasion and help the blade last longer than a regular steel blade.

  • 75 centimetre blade length makes it excellent for single passes and quick work. It will also help you to cut taller hedges without the need for a ladder.
  • Teeth are spaced to accept and cut branches up to 2.15 cm in thickness. And if Makita says so, you know that is what it will do.
  • For such a long blade, the protection is a little limited, but there is a small guard. The teeth also have an extra safety guard that covers them from halfway to the base.


The motor is mounted on four floating points inside the housing of the trimmer. The four dampening springs soak up shaking from the engine to reduce fatigue on the user’s grip on the front and rear handles.

Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer Review

The rear handle has 5-presets that it can rotate to, depending on the angle that you want to hold the trimmer at. These are 0, 45 and 90 degrees in either a left or right direction. A click of the thumb switch and the handle will smoothly rotate to the next locking position. Makita has placed the switch on both sides of the handle for left and right-handed users.

The user should check the grease levels for the blades between each use, but the Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer is rated for 50 hours of cutting before it needs topping up.

Model Comparison

Makita has used a smaller engine, kept the power, and kept the weight down. They have done an incredible job, and they have even taken into consideration people that favour different hands. There is no protection on this Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer for the fuel tank to save it from being cracked on a hard surface. But they did think about a translucent blade guard so that you can see right to the bottom of the blade without having to get your face too close.

Safety Features

Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer Review

The control handle has a kill switch mounted on top so that you can cut off the engine with a thumb. And to keep the engine running at speed, there is a throttle lock, also mounted for the thumb to activate. This needs to be depressed before the throttle will move.

The front of the Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer has a small guard, it is a little larger than the width of the blades, so not a lot of protection there. Makita did make it with a transparent screen so that you can see what you are cutting closer to the neck.

Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer User Manual Download

Click here to download the Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer user manual 


  • Goggles

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer
  • Blade Cover
  • Socket Wrench
  • Hex Wrench

Pros & Cons

  • Long Blade
  • Low Emission
  • Reputable and Quality Brand
  • Lightweight
  • Small Protection Guard
  • Smaller Engine



This is a good label, and it is unlikely that you will ever have heard someone saying something bad about their tools. This level of excellence comes at a premium, and the Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer is one of the more costly choices. The blades are good, sharp, and they will last far longer than those of the opposition. The engine is efficient and robust, and you know that you will never have any bother starting it.

The only slight issue with this model is the safety aspects, and it seems they could have made more effort in making a better safety guard. This can always be overcome by ensuring you are wearing the appropriate safety ware. The Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer will make short work of a tall hedge. And you know that a Makita engine and blade are made at the highest of standards.

Where should I purchase this Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer?

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Makita EH7500W 22.2cc 75cm Hedge Trimmer
  • Double sided blade Hedge trimmer
  • Equipped with 22.2cc 2 stroke engine in accordance with carb tier 3, EPA phase 2, EU stage 2 safety regulations of the EC directives
  • Stain-free shear blade of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolysed nickel plating that features high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating
  • Forward exhaust direction
  • 5 position rotating rear handle can be locked a 0 degrees and 45/90 degrees left and right for vertical or angled trimming
  • Anti-vibration system

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