Mountfield S42-PD Li Review – 4-in-1 Power-Driven Cordless Lawnmower

Mountfield S42-PD Li Review
Mountfield S42-PD Li
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Strong steel deck with skid plate.
Powerful 60-volt 4 Ah lithium-ion battery.
Long battery run-time.
The mower comes with a mulching plug.
Self-propelled with independent throttle control.
What I Don't Like
No rear roller for striped lawn (Roller model available S42R-PD)
Longer charging time (Will mow up to 800m² when fully charged).
My Overall Rating


Mountfield S42-PD Li ReviewThe Mountfield S42-PD LI is a self-propelled cordless battery powered lawn mower, is driven by a powerful 60 volt 4 Ah battery and brushless motor and designed for lawns up to 800m². The steel deck is 41cm wide and the mower has 4 mowing modes including bag, mulch, rear-discharge or side-discharge your cut-grass.

The Mountfield S42-PD LI has a huge 60 litre grass collection bag that incorporates a grassbag full indicator, has 6 height positions ranging from 22mm to 65mm, has foldable handles and comes with a two year warranty.

Mountfield’s S42-PD is a 1300-watt self-propelled mower, with a 60-volt 4Ah lithium-ion battery. This large capacity battery gives the machine enough power to mulch through your lawn without interruption. The self-propulsion also reduces the fatigue on the operator.

Main Features

  • Rating: 9.8/10
  • For Lawns of up to 800m²
  • Blade Length: 41cm (16-inch)
  • Weight: 27 Kg
  • Number of Cutting Heights: 6 (from 22mm to 65mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 60 L
  • Motor: 2900 RPM 1300-Watt Brushless-Motor
  • Battery: 4Ah 60-Volt Lithium-Ion 216Wh
  • Deck Noise: 90 Decibels (77 dB at the operator level)
  • Handle: Folding and Ergonomic

Power System & Batteries

Mountfield S42-PD Li PowerMountfield had a vision and design for a 60-volt lithium-ion battery pack, and they have used it well. On full-charge, this battery has an average run time of a little under 40 minutes — depending on conditions and the age of the battery.

This high capacity 4Ah battery on this Mountfield S42-PD LI is going to be more than powerful for the owners of large lawns — though a backup is always useful.

This is a large battery that takes time to charge, and it sits in the top mounting area of the machine that resembles a petrol mower engine. There is also a key slot next to the battery — this key needs inserting to activate the machine for additional safety.

The battery also has temperature protection, which shuts down the pack if its temperature goes below 0oC or above 40oC. You can also see the remaining charge on the batteries 4-LED lights by pushing a button.

The 1300-watt motor provides the drive for the rotation of the blade, and there is a separate motor that drives the rear wheels. There are separate levers to throttle the blade and wheels, for greater control. And you can choose to conserve battery power — if want to push the mower.

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Mountfield S42-PD LI Cordless Lawn Mower Video

Below is a video of a Mountfield battery mower in action to give a visual representation. (Please note this is the different model)

Battery Charger

The Mountfield S42-PD LI comes with a standard charger that will charge the 4Ah battery from flat in 140 minutes. Charging time will depend on the temperature and the age of the battery. 140 minutes is a long time, and it would be nice to have another power-pack as a backup ready to go.

This is a basic charger with a two-tone light to state any battery errors, the charging status, and if the battery has a full charge.

Features In Detail


The Mountfield S42-PD LI uses a single steel lifting blade, which provides a smooth — swift cut through the grass. Both the blade and the deck are strong steel and can take a bit of abuse.

Replacements are inexpensive — for the time when the blade becomes dull, and it gets to a point beyond needing sharpening.

Height Adjustment

Mountfield S42-PD Li HandlesThe S42-PD Li uses a double folding handle, so you reduce the storage space you need, to the footprint of the deck. The middle section of the handrail uses quick-release levers. Whereas the bolts holding the handlebar to the deck need removing to fold over the handlebar.

There are 6 deck heights to choose from, starting from 25mm — the deck will go as high as 65mm. A single lever, over the right rear wheel controls the deck height in a level and safe way.

Cutting Diameter

Mountfield’s S42-PD Li blade is 41 centimetres in length, giving the mower a 0.53m2 cutting area per rotation. There are no grass combs behind the front wheel, as with some other brands, which would help pull in more grass.

Roller (Stripes)

This Mountfield S42-PD LI version of the mower does not have a striper or a roller. But if you want stripes on your lawn, Mountfield makes an alternative mower called the Mountfield S42R-PD. The S42R-PD does not have a side-discharge unit or mulching plug, but it does have a built-in roller to give your lawn some fresh stripes as you mow it.


This Mountfield S42-PD LI comes with both a mulching blade and a mulching plug, so you can recycle the grass clippings as fertiliser. The mulching plug allows the clipping to circulate and disperse under the blade, or out through the side-chute.

Mulching is a much more environmental process — since you are not adding to landfills or using artificial fertilisers. But, mulching also reduces the load that the mower needs to carry around, making the battery last longer.

To learn more about the benefits of a mower that has the ability to mulch the lawn, please see my article “The Benefits of Mulching Grass – Complete Guide with Pros & Cons“.

Grass Collection Box

This mower has a large 60-litre grass box, so if you decided to collect the clippings, there is plenty of room to collect them. The box is a hybrid of solid plastic with a hanging mesh fabric bag.

A fabric bag makes it easier to get the mower ready for storage. And a solid lid on the box, with integrated handle, makes it easier to lift off from the back of the mower.

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  • The easy to install mulching plug makes a big difference in improving the efficiency of the machine.
  • There are independent motors to control the speed of the blade and the speed of travel.
  • Thick and wide tyres with a rubber grip to help them get over the lumps and bumps around your lawn.
  • The skid plate at the front underside of the machine helps the mower to get over bumpy areas and prevents scalping.
  • There is a side chute if you are not going to collect or mulch the clippings, as another option.

Safety Features

  • The operator must insert a safety key to allow the machine to run.
  • The battery has heat sensors to protect it from overheating while charging or when in use.
  • A single height adjustment lever at the back of the machine is much safer for the operator.
  • An operator must also press an activation button on the handlebar before they can control the blade’s motor.
  • And before the operator can engage the drive, the blade-motor must be running.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • The Mountfield S42-PD Li 60V Cordless Lawnmower
  • 1 x 60-Volt 4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • Mulching Plug
  • Side-Discharge Chute
  • Grass Collection Box
  • Owner’s Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Strong steel deck with skid plate.
  • Powerful 60-volt 4 Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • Long battery run-time.
  • The mower comes with a mulching plug.
  • Self-propelled with independent throttle control.
  • There is a side-chute.
  • Single deck height lever.
  • Collapsible grass box.
  • Low-noise emission.
  • Trusted, high quality brand.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • No rear roller for striped lawn (Roller model available S42R-PD)
  • Longer charging time (Will mow up to 800m² when fully charged).


Should You Buy this Model?

Mountfield’s S42-PD is an interesting machine — more environmental than a petrol mower but with the same advantages. The powerful battery and large grass box will give you around the same amount of cutting time as a petrol mower would.

The design looks as if Mountfield have used the same base and configuration as one of their petrol mowers, and swapped the engine for an electric motor. This makes sense since they would be using tried and tested innovations rather than testing new ones.

This mower is ideal for those that:

  • People with gardens up to 800 m2 in size.
  • Those looking for a trusted UK brand with excellent service and support.
  • Those looking for a premium powerful battery mower with great features.
  • People looking for a genuine alternative to a petrol powered mower.
  • Those that would like the option to mulch the grass cuttings.
  • People looking for a mower that has the option to side discharge
  • Those that like the option of rear discharge.
  • Storage is limited as handles and grass box fold flat.
  • People looking for a longer warranty period (2 years domestic on mower)


Mountfield S42-PD Li ConclusionMountfield also makes the S46-PD, which has the same specifications and a similar price. Except the S46-PD has a larger blade, 46 centimetres in diameter.

The S42-PD has all the best parts of a petrol mower but without the hassle, fumes and maintenance requirements that come with petrol mowers.

Petrol mowers have strong metal decks and wheels, and this cordless mower has both of those things. A petrol mower is often self-propelled with a long run-time, as does the S42-PD. And a mower that gives the options of mulching, collection, and side and rear-discharge is more than enough choices.

You will not be disappointed with this mower as it is a genuine alternative to a petrol mower. After all this is a Mountfield, a trusted pedigree lawn mower brand that prides itself in quality, innovation, and fantastic after-sales support.

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Where Should I Purchase This Mountfield S42-PD Cordless Lawn Mower?

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Mountfield S42-PD Cordless Lawn Mower FAQs

Does the mulching plug come supplied with the Mountfield S42-PD?


Is the deck on the Mountfield S42-PD made of plastic or steel?


How much does the Mountfield S42-PD weigh?


How long is the warranty on the Mountfield S42-PD?

2 years (for domestic use)

Does the height adjustment change the height of all 4 wheels together?

Yes, there is a single central height adjustment.

How large is the grass collection bag on the Mountfield S42-PD?

60 litres

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2 thoughts on “Mountfield S42-PD Li Review – 4-in-1 Power-Driven Cordless Lawnmower”

  1. Hi Mark
    I was investigating high end cordless lawnmowers (such as the Mountfield S42(R) PD you reviewed. Many manufacturers don’t make mowers which can both mulch and have a roller. Smaller blade cheaper versions often have combined functionality but the higher end, larger cut-width versions for larger lawns seem not to (eg see the Mountfield range and many of the other large-lawn mowers you have reviewed in your website). I checked this out with Mountfield and they claimed that this was deliberate because mulching was not really compatible with achieving stripy lawn. Did you observe any significant compromise in your tests and can you mulch while achieving a reasonable stripe effect? Mountfield also said that stripes were best achieved with a heavier steal cutting deck as opposed to the lighter plastic ones. I was also interested in the Bosch Rotak 36-850 which has both mulch and roller functionality but was concerned that the very light weight would make it ineffective in achieving stripes(especially while mulching). I’d appreciate your thoughts on these questions based on your own experience in testing this equipment.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Mig

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes, in general the rear roller on the lighter mowers are going to create an initial striped lawn effect but it will not last past a couple of days and will not flatten out the bumps and depressions.

      A separate garden roller will weigh at around 35kg when filled with water and 50kg when filled with sand.

      The Mountfield S42R PD LI does weigh in at 31 kg so will do a good job in that respect, anything lighter will have little long term effect.

      Again, with a lighter mower that has a roller and mulches I have had no issues, this is due to the roller not coming into contact with the fine clippings deep down in the turf. A heaver mower, on the other hand, will do just that causing some of the clippings to be picked up by the roller.

      Please let me know how you get on.

      Kind regards

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