P1PE P2600HT Review – Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review 26cc 2-Stroke

P1PE P2600HT Review
P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Hyundai Engine
UK after sales and service centre
Safety Features
Extra Tool Kit
What I Don't Like
Shorter Blade
25:1 2-Stroke is Less Efficient
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P1PE P2600HT Review – Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review 26cc 2-Stroke

P1 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review


This P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer is a lightweight trimmer for the purpose of trimming and relining hedgerows. The engine is small to keep the weight down and 2-stroke to keep it simple and easy to maintain. The blade has a respectable 55 centimetre (22-inch) reach and can cut branches of up to 22mm.

The grip and handle are designed to let you rotate the machine without compromising your grip, and still giving you a lot of control. Hyundai has proved itself as a reliable manufacturer of power tools, and this trimmer is no exception.

This was my first petrol hedge trimmer I have reviewed, and I was a little sceptical that it would be too heavy compared to my battery powered hedge trimmer. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that the performance of this hedge trimmer far outweighs the slight increase in weight.

Main Features

  • 2-Stroke, 26cc, 2800rpm, Recoil Start
  • 0.6 L
  • Double reciprocating, 55cm (22in)
  • Anti-Vibration
  • Handle
  • 6.2 kg
  • 140x21x22cm


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The engine on this P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer is a 26cc 2-stroke from Hyundai’s own line; it uses a recoil pull cord for quick and reliable start. The engine uses a 25:1 fuel to oil ratio, which needs to be mixed on-site by the user, in the bottle provided. With this engine, there is no need to run it at top speed; the best torque comes in the mid-range. This also saves fuel, making it an efficient engine to run. High efficiency means that you do not need such a large fuel tank. The engine can do the same amount of work as a much heavier engine. The good power to weight ratio makes it light enough to use for longer periods.

As you can see from my video, there was some smoke from the 2 stroke engine. This was partly my fault as I did mix a little too much oil to the fuel. You will always get a little smoke from these 2 stroke engines, this is normal.

The tank on this petrol hedge trimmer is a whopping 0.6 litres, now this may not sound much, but is twice the size of most hedge trimmers. This would be great for larger gardens and jobs as it means you can get the job done quickly with fewer, or even no stops.

As you can see from my video, mixing the fuel is easy with the supplied measuring jug. Starting was also very easy and never let me down.

P1PE P2600HT Review


  • The double reciprocating blade is a respectable 55 centimetres, or 22 inches long. A good length for shrubs, bushes, and short hedgerows.
  • The blade will cut through branches up to 22mm thick. And powered by a 26cc engine, the blades should manage this thickness with ease.
  • Towards the base of the blade, there is a covered area, as an extra level of protection from wider objects finding their way to the blades.

The cut was really very good with this P2600HT due to the double reciprocating blade. Having both blades working means I could cut much quicker and with fewer passes on the thicker hedge. This was another benefit over my battery powered trimmer that has one fixed blade. I guess having a double reciprocating blade on a battery power trimmer would significantly reduce the battery run time.

P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer Practicalities

There are two handles, the front steadying handle, and the throttle control handle. The front handle is a good size, U-shaped, for a controlled grip when having to hold the trimmer at different angles.

The control handle will rotate 90-degrees in either direction so that you can utilise the best trimming angle. There is a flip switch on the side of the rear handle to unlock it and allow for rotation, which should then be re-locked before going ahead and cutting. The handle houses the throttle and throttle lock, as well as the on-off switch for the engine.

The combination of the powerful 26cc engine, double reciprocating blade and the large 0.6 litre fuel tank means that this hedge trimmer will work incredibly well for you. It will cut larger branches and thicker hedges easily with fewer passes, it will just keep going making it a very efficient and practical petrol hedge trimmer.

The large semi transparent guard gives you a sense of safety whilst working and not blocking your view of what you are cutting, such a nice touch from P1PE. All these features, along with the great build quality made me feel I could cut and shape anything in the garden quickly and easily.  It’s easy to get carried away with this hedge trimmer as it’s such a pleasure to work with.

Model Comparison

Other than being the least expensive of my top 5 trimmers, the P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer has the largest fuel capacity.  The P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer has the largest blade guard of the 5 models, and for some, this may be a welcome safety add-on feature. There is no underestimating of this decent label, it is a good model and will make a great purchase.

P1PE P2600HT Video Review

Safety Features

As mentioned above and in my video, in front of the engine, there is a steadying handle and a guard. This guard on the P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer is secured to the base of the blade and extends beyond the size of the handle. It is also set at an angle so that any debris that get kicked back hit the plate and bounce down, rather than up and into your face or the back of your hand.

P1 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

There is a lockable throttle on the rear handle with a quick release. The handle has a small kill switch so that you can turn the engine off with your thumb, keeping both your hands on the grips. And just under the engine block, there is a cap for the blade grease, that will keep it moving freely through sticky leaves.

Safety Accessories

With all hedge trimmers, safety is of paramount importance and I would recommend using the following accessories that are not supplied with this hedge trimmer.

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Ear defenders
  • Suitable clothing – long sleeved top, steel capped boots.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • P1 Petrol Hedge Trimmer 26cc 2-Stroke 2600HT
  • 2-Stroke Mixing Bottle
  • Tool Kit
  • User Manual
  • Cover Guard

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Safety Features
  • Extra Tool Kit
  • Shorter Blade
  • 25:1 2-Stroke is Less Efficient


P1PE P2600HT Specification

The P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer is a good trimmer; it is light and well built. The obvious weak point is going to be the swivel handle. That may be remedied by treating the unit with a little oil or WD40.

The safety feature is good, and there is plenty of protection from flying debris and flick backs. The protection cover at the front also gives fingers plenty of protection from the reciprocating blades. In case of accidentally dropping the machine, the guard should provide some decent protection.

As mentioned above, the 26cc Hyundai engine, great build quality, large fuel tank, reciprocating blades and rotating handle makes this hedge trimmer my top choice for a mid sized blade. You simply can’t go wrong with this hedge trimmer and as for value, well at under £100 you just have to have one.

I would never go back to using a battery hedge trimmer now I have used this petrol one. I have a small garden so perhaps I’m not its best suited user, but for those with larger gardens then battery and even electric corded hedge trimmers simply cannot compete. Yes this is not the lightest petrol hedge trimmer and does weigh more than a battery or corded one, but it is worth the payoff due to all the other benefits mentioned above.

All in all, I found this P1 P2600HT petrol hedge trimmer performed very well, cut quickly, efficiently and was a breeze to use.

As of February 2020, obtaining the P1 P2600HT may be little difficult to purchase due to low stocks in the UK. This is due to the Coronavirus delaying imports. There should hopefully be more stock arriving in early March 2020.

Where should I purchase this P1 P2600HT Petrol Hedge Trimmer?


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P1 Petrol Hedge Trimmer 26cc 2-Stroke 550mm, 22inch Hyundai Engine,...
  • ⚫ Powered by a P1 26cc 2-stroke engine with recoil easy start
  • ⚫ Durable 22” (550mm) double reciprocating cutting blade
  • ⚫ 3 point low vibration technology for user comfort & supplied with tool kit and 2-stroke mixing bottle
  • ⚫ Lightweight 6.2kg design & 180 degree rotatable handle for precision cutting
  • ⚫ Covered by P1 Power Equipment 2 year warranty

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