P1PE P5100SPE Review

P1PE P5100SPE Review
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Quality powerful Hyundai engine
Easy electric start (Key start)
Self-propelled, tough and durable
Mulch and side discharge
7 cutting heights
What I Don't Like
Despite being self-propelled some people found it a little heavier than competitors
My Overall Rating


P1PE P5100SPE Review

P1PE are known for creating durable lawn mowers. One of their top models is the P5100SPE, equipped with a powerful 173cc 6 hp engine. This mower starts conveniently with either the electric starter or a recoil backup. Security is improved with a key start.

With a wide 52cm cutting width, the P5100SPE handles medium to large lawns efficiently. It can mulch grass clippings or side discharge them. Self-propulsion makes navigating the lawn quick and effortless. Rear-wheel drive allows it to manage inclines or banks without issue.

Cutting options include standard bagging, mulching, side discharge or dropping clippings. An ample 60-litre grass collection bag is among the largest available. Comfortable handles fold compactly for convenient storage.

P1PE provides reliable support through spare parts and a 2-year warranty. The P5100SPE operates quietly compared to some competitors.

Its 52cm deck is suitable for manicured large gardens. Fuel capacity and efficiency are also strengths, with a 1.1-litre tank. Seven cutting heights from 25mm up to 85mm allow customising the lawn height. Adjustment is fast using the convenient lever.

In this review, we will take a look at the P1PE P5100SPE petrol lawn mower, assessing its key features, performance and value for money.

P1PE P5100SPE Features

P1PE P5100SPE Review
  • Hyundai 173 cc 6 hp motor
  • Self-propelled
  • 51cm cutting width
  • Electric starter
  • 60 L grass bag
  • Low noise
  • 7 cutting heights
  • 2-year manufactures warranty
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P1PE P5100SPE Pros and Cons

  • Quality powerful Hyundai engine
  • Easy electric start (Key start)
  • Self-propelled
  • Light on fuel
  • Tough and durable
  • Good customer care
  • OPC safety control
  • Large 60 L grass collector bag
  • Despite being self-propelled some people found it a little heavier than its competitors


There is also the option to purchase this mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine. A full review of the P1PE P5100SPBS can be found here.

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P1 Powered by Hyundai Petrol Lawnmowers Self Propelled Push Button...
  • ✔ 51cm cutting width ideal for medium to large sized lawns

  • ✔ Powered by a reliable hyundai 173cc 4 stroke petrol engine

  • ✔ Simple single lever cutting height adjustment with 7 different cutting heights from 25mm to 85mm

  • ✔ Self propelled rear wheel drive to take the effort out of mowing

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5 thoughts on “P1PE P5100SPE Review”

  1. great machine but a complete lack of vision by the designer.
    firstly, the mulch plug is on the rear flap and leaves a large cavity (140x130x90) that cut grass fills. it then builds up a lump of grass which then falls and drops and leaves a clump behind it that needs to be recut on the next turn. this cuts the cutting size from 21″ to 16″ as you need to overlap.
    as you say, there is no forward speed adjustment as the drive is run, by belt, from the blade to the rear wheels. there is also a build up of grass around the belt cover as it leaves corners for the grass to settle into.
    lastly, the hose fitting is a waste of time as it does not clean the underside of the machine. they have tested it with already cut and dried grass and not with live moist grass which sticks to the casing.

  2. Can the throttle be used to give any speed adjustment? Just a bit worried it will be slightly too fast or slow. It looks so similar to the Hyundai 510SPE except for the speed adjuster. Is it the same engine too?
    The similar one with the B&S engine doesn’t seem to have electric start though – so not quite an alternative if you need that function?
    Also, some things I read say the battery needs charging every so often by plugging in and others say it ‘self charges’ – which is it? Is the battery easily removed to do this if needed?
    Thanks, great review.

    1. Hi Steve

      No speed adjustment on this one and yes this model and the 510SPE do use the same engine – model IC200VE.

      The battery would need to be charged. The battery does not come come away from the machine and has got a cable that plugs into the machine so it would need to be next to a power source while charging.

      Before use, it would need to be charged for around 5 hours beforehand and then you would get on average around 10 uses out of the battery per charge.

      Hope this helps

      1. Many thanks Mark.
        I was hoping the throttle gave a little speed adjustment (the one it’s replacing has a hare symbol one end and a tortoise the other :-) ) – not an ‘all or nothing’ lever like I assume this one is.
        Other than the extra year’s warranty and the speed lever, this looks identical to the Hyundai 510SPE and is sold for less as it’s by P1/Genpower ‘badge’.
        I really like the option pullcord for when the battery could be flat.
        Thanks again!

  3. Hyundai P5100SPE petrol self propelled four wheeled lawn mower.

    Great mower 9.5/10
    User manual 2/10.. “Complete lack of proper instructions for the electric start version:.

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