Webb WEER36 Review ER36

Webb WEER36 Review
Webb WEER36
Performance/Cut Quality
What I Like
Central height adjustment lever.
Large 1600-watt corded electric motor for high torque.
Large rear wheels for better control.
Quick-release handles to make folding and unfolding of the handrail faster.
2 Year Warranty
What I Don't Like
The mower does not have a foam grip for the handrail to absorb the vibrational energy.
Small plastic front wheels that may get caught up with long grass.
My Overall Rating

Webb WEER36 Review


The Webb WEER36 is from the respected and trusted British brand Webb. This model has a 36cm blade and a 1600-watt electric motor. The 1600 W motor and blade, offer a combination of speed and grass cutting efficiency. The WEER36 is as easy to store as it is to use.

Main Features

  • For Lawns of up to 450m²
  • Blade Length: 36cm
  • Weight: 13.5 Kg
  • Number of Cutting Height: 5 (20mm – 60mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 45 L
  • 1600-Watt Motor
  • Cable Length: 10 m
  • Central Height Adjustment
  • Folding Handle
  • Push-Mower


Power System

The powerful 1600-watt motor on this Webb WEER36 is more than adequate to power the 36-centimetre blade. As a result, this mower has a good power to blade size ratio. And the larger motor does not make a significant difference to the weight of the machine, which comes out to 13.5 kilos gross weight.

Webb WEER36 Video

To give you a visual representation of this Webb WEER36 mower, see the video below.


At no load, the blade spins at 3700 revolutions per minute. This speed is a little higher than other small mowers, so the momentum is there to get through thick and tall grass with less trouble. And set back from the front wheels of the mower is a grass comb. This comb helps to pull grass in from the edges of a pathway without having to scrape the mower along the edge of the concrete.

The mower makes 96 decibels at the base of the mower, and around 80 decibels at the operator. Because this mower is for a smaller lawn, the exposure time to this noise is short, but the user should still wear ear protection.

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Webb WEER36 DeckThe mower uses a Webb 36cm lifting blade. It is possible to sharpen and simple to change these blades with basic DIY skills and tools. Webb makes the blades, replacements that are easy to find, are reasonably priced and good quality steel.

Webb do manufacturer a 40cm version of this mower called the Webb WEER40 ER40, it also has a slightly more powerful motor 1800 W to drive the larger blade.

Height Adjustment

There is a single height adjustment lever in the middle of the left-hand side of the mower. The lever has a good-sized handle, like that of a gear-stick handle. There are 5 heights to choose from, ranging from 2 centimetres and rises to 7 centimetres.

Controlling this handle changes the blade height in an even way across all four wheels. And being able to control the height from the rear, is far safer than changing heights across individual wheels.

Cutting Diameter

A 36-centimetre cutting diameter gives the mower a cutting area of 0.41 square metres per rotation. To put that in perspective, this is over 30% more cutting area than a 30-centimetre blade. Combined with the large and powerful motor on the Webb WEER36, getting through a 400 square metre garden is a fast and painless process.

Grass Box Capacity

Webb WEER36 Grass CollectionThe grass box is a large 45 litres, more than enough space to store the clippings from a medium-sized lawn. The top of the box is solid plastic, from which a mesh-fibre bag hangs. The mesh helps with airflow and the smooth transition of grass from the blade to the bag. The solid top has a large carry handle to make it easier to lift on and off the rear of the machine.

There is also a bright-green mechanical fill indicator, which pops up when the box is full. This indicator is at the rear, made visible to the operator, and will return to being flush with the box, after emptying. You would think that all mower have this handy feature, but surprisingly this is not the case.

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  • This model has a grass comb that jets out from behind the front wheels to grab the grass next to a wall, without the need to grind the wheels along the bricks. These combs also allow you to mow the grass further away from a flowerbed or prevent the risk of getting too close to an electrical wire.
  • The main handrail folds in two and tightens up with quick screw latches. Folded, the mower takes up little space. And weighing 13.5 kilograms, the mower is within the limits of what most people can lift — to put on a shelf or hang from a wall.
  • Larger rear wheels make it more stable and easier to push over uneven ground, but these wheels are plastic, so do not expect too much grip.
  • A large central height lever makes changing the deck height safer and easier to do from the rear.
  • And the large grass box means that you will be spending less time on trips to empty it when mowing a medium-sized lawn.
  • The throttle spans the full width of the handrail, though the user still needs to activate the throttle by pushing a button with their left hand.

Safety Features

Webb WEER36 SafetyThe Webb WEER36 has the normal features, to protect the motor from overheating if the blade becomes stuck or has trouble with thick wet grass. The manufacturer recommends that if the grass is very long that the user begins on the highest setting to avoid overloading the motor.

This is a push mower, so there are no issues of it running away from you. There is a safety button on the right side of the control handle that needs pushing to activate the throttle. And if you release the throttle lever, the motor will stop, and the safety button will need pushing again.

Roller (Stripes)

This model does not come with a roller or a striper. Webb does make other mowers with a roller, but again this function adds to the price and is only found on Webb petrol mowers such as the Webb WERR17P ‘Supreme’ Hand-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower .

If you still want to have perfect stripes, there are many makers of rollers with universal attachments that will fit this mower. The alternative is to use a yard broom, though this will not last as long, and it takes some practice to get the lines straight.

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There is no mulcher on the Webb WEER36, although the high speed and power of the blade make the grass clippings small. There is no mulching plug for this unit. And shutting the grass box flap in an attempt to mulch, will result in clogging of the chute, and a less efficient machine.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of mulching your lawn and seeing a list of my best mulching mowers, click here.

Webb WEER36 Lawn Mower User Manual

You can download the Webb WEER36 Lawn Mower user manual guide here.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Webb WEER36 Lawn Mower
  • 45-Litre Grass Box
  • 10-Metre Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Pros and Cons

  • Central height adjustment lever.
  • Large rear wheels for better control.
  • Large 1600-watt corded electric motor for high torque.
  • Quick-release handles to make folding and unfolding of the handrail faster.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • The mower does not have a foam grip for the handrail to absorb the vibrational energy.
  • Small plastic front wheels that may get caught up with long grass.


Should You Buy This Model – Verdict

Webb WEER36 PracticalitiesWebb has put together a simple mower and attempted to put on all the functionality of a more expensive mower. It is much safer to have a central height lever, over a mower where you need to change all the wheels, and venture near to that sharp blade.

The front smaller wheels are the biggest problem with this mower, as they do not have enough surface area to ride the grass, more so when the ground is wet. And mower handrails should all come with foam covers. Foam on handrails helps to absorb vibrations from the blade and makes the mowing experience that much more pleasant.

With some of those small issues aside, the WEER36 is a good mower. It does what Webb says it can do, and the motor promises the power and longevity you would hope to get from a new mower. From a value for money perspective, this is a good mower, and it will last and perform well if treated with some respect.

Where Should I Purchase This Model?

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Webb Classic WEER36 

Webb Classic WEER36 Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 5 Cutting Heights,...
  • 36cm (14") cutting width
  • 1600 Watt motor
  • Single lever height of cut (20-70mm)
  • 45 litre collection bag
  • 10 metre power cable

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Webb Classic WEER33 – Smaller 33cm Deck

Save £10.00
Webb Classic WEER33 Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 5 Cutting Heights,...
  • 33cm (13") Cutting Width
  • 1300 Watt Motor
  • Single Lever Height of Cut (25-65mm)
  • 35 Litre Collection Bag. 10 Metre Power Cable
  • Cutting Systems-Collect, Rear Discharge. Drive Type-Push. Handle Type-Folding

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Webb WEER36 FAQs

What type of blade does the Webb WEER36 have?

36cm Steel Blade.

How long is the warranty on the Webb WEER36?

2 Years

Can you use the Webb WEER36 without the grass collection box?

Yes, it will then rear discharge the cuttings.

Does the Webb WEER36 have a rear roller?


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Webb WEER36 ER36 Additional Specifications

Additional Specifications
Working Area 380m²
Cutting width 36cm
Cutting height steps 5
Cutting height max 70mm
Cutting height min 20mm
Cutting height adjustment Central Lever
Collector volume 45L
Battery Type N/A
Typical Charging Time N/A
Typical Mowing Time N/A
Vision Window No
Right or left start switch Right & Left
Foldable handles Yes
Battery power indicator N/A
Grass bag filling indicator Yes
Roller No
Dimensions 67 x 38 x 29 cm
Weight 11.2 kg
Mulching No
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