Best Petrol Pressure Washers

Best Petrol Pressure Washers 2023

Best Petrol Pressure WashersLooking for the best petrol pressure washer to clean your vehicle, decking, patio and a whole host of other uses? If so, then this article will not only list my top picks, but I will also share my experience on what I believe you should look out for when purchasing your next petrol pressure washer.

Guide To Buying A Petrol Pressure Washer

Petrol tools have long been praised for their superior power and long-lasting reliability. However, when it comes to choosing the right petrol pressure washer for the job, it is important to take a few things into consideration.

In this guide to buying a petrol pressure washer, I’ll be giving you a run down of my top buying tips and telling you what you should expect from a good petrol-powered pressure washer.

What Makes A Good Petrol Pressure Washer?

What Makes A Good Petrol Pressure WasherOne of the main reasons that people opt for a petrol pressure washer is that these robust machines are super reliable and harbour far more power than any other type. Across the board, petrol powered tools are known for their long-lasting and robust design.

When thinking about a petrol powered pressure washer, you would expect a top quality model to be easy to use. There is a stigma attached to petrol tools that says they are much more difficult to operate. However, modern technology has come a long way and the petrol pressure washers that are on offer today are far more user friendly and simple to get your head around.

Much more than this, a superior petrol pressure washer will be powerful enough to tackle all your domestic and even commercial jobs and be made from hardy materials that will stand the test of time.

Naturally, a petrol pressure washer will be much heavier compared to its electric counterparts, so ensuring a good design of the handles, wheels etc is essential for easy and effective manoeuvrability. Also do not forget that your pressure washer will need to be stored when not in use, so a design accommodating accessories, transportation requirements and storage availability is essential.

Here Are Some Of My Favourite Petrol Pressure Washers

Best Overall
P1PE P3500PWAP1 Petrol Pressure Washer 3000psi / 207 Bar, 212cc...
Best Premium
Hyundai 2800psi 212cc 8.75L/min Powerful Petrol Pressure Washer with...
Best Value
RocwooD Petrol Pressure Washer 2970PSI 173cc Jet High Power Plus Free...
Best Quality
✦ Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI ✦ 196cc Petrol Engine Powered...
P1PE P3500PWAP1 Petrol Pressure Washer 3000psi / 207 Bar, 212cc...
Hyundai 2800psi 212cc 8.75L/min Powerful Petrol Pressure Washer with...
RocwooD Petrol Pressure Washer 2970PSI 173cc Jet High Power Plus Free...
✦ Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI ✦ 196cc Petrol Engine Powered...
Best Overall
P1PE P3500PWAP1 Petrol Pressure Washer 3000psi / 207 Bar, 212cc...
P1PE P3500PWAP1 Petrol Pressure Washer 3000psi / 207 Bar, 212cc...
Best Premium
Hyundai 2800psi 212cc 8.75L/min Powerful Petrol Pressure Washer with...
Hyundai 2800psi 212cc 8.75L/min Powerful Petrol Pressure Washer with...
Best Value
RocwooD Petrol Pressure Washer 2970PSI 173cc Jet High Power Plus Free...
RocwooD Petrol Pressure Washer 2970PSI 173cc Jet High Power Plus Free...
Best Quality
✦ Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI ✦ 196cc Petrol Engine Powered...
✦ Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI ✦ 196cc Petrol Engine Powered...

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Best Petrol Pressure Washer Reviews

Select your requirements by ticking the applicable checkboxes below; so I can help you pick the perfect petrol pressure washer for your requirements.

Pressure Washer Features
Pressure Washer Features
Pressure (bar)
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Water Flow (l/h)
Water Flow (l/h) - slider
Hose Length (m)
Hose Length (m) - slider

Choose The Right Petrol Pressure Washer Here

Power Type: Petrol
Power Rating: 210 cc
Max Pressure: 272 bar
Water Flow: 660 l/h
Total Hose Length: 30 metres
Weight: 38 kg


Drain Cleaner Extension Hose Gutter Lance Hose Reel Lance Multiple Spray Nozzles Turbo Lance Wheeled


Drain Cleaner
Extension Hose
Gutter Lance
Hose Reel
Multiple Spray Nozzles
Turbo Lance


Finding a good petrol pressure washer isn’t a difficult task since there are so many excellent models on the market. But finding an excellent petrol pressure washer is another matter entirely. However, when I came across the Wilks TX750i, I have to admit I was wildly impressed.

Unlike the previous version of this tool, the TX750, this one comes with a 30m hose and reel included as standard, which is a nice plus point. Being a petrol pressure washer, you can feel very confident of its power and performance, meaning that cleaning jobs don’t take anywhere near as long. There is another petrol model available, the Wilks TX625, but we will talk about that another review. For now, I want to focus on the Wilks TX750i review and share some of its amazing features with you.

With a massive range of accessories, this is a tool that you can fire up and get going with in no time at all. Everything you need is in the box and since this is designed to be used for a range of applications, you won’t need any other tool for your outdoor cleaning tasks.

Main Features

  • Pressure (bar): 272 (3950 PSI)
  • Flow rate (l/h): 660
  • Power Rating : 8.0 HP - 210cc four-stroke engine
  • Detergent capacity: 6 Litres
  • Weight (kg): 38
  • Dimensions - L x W x H (cm): 65 x 41 x 52
  • Comes with 20 + 10 = 30m hose
  • All accessories included (see below)
  • 12 month warranty and full customer support
  • Durable steel frame
  • Wheels
  • Recoil start


As far as petrol pressure washers are concerned, I feel like I’ve found a very good one in the TX750i. Not just because it performs excellently and delivers an immaculate clean, but because of how well equipped it is. Some pressure washers don’t come with everything you need, but with this model, right out of the box, users can hook up to a water source and get started.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes with all accessories  you need (apart from patio cleaner - sold separately)
  • Very durable design
  • Huge 30 metre hose reach
  • Built-in 6 litre detergent tank
  • Hose reel for compact storage
  • Dedicated UK support
  • Made for wide variety of applications and heavy duty jobs both domestic and commercial
  • Reliable, long-running engine
  • Options for how the washer is fed with water
  • Heavier than some other makes
  • Patio cleaner not supplied
  • Petrol engine will require maintenance and servicing

What Are The Benefits Of A Petrol Pressure Washer?

What Are The Benefits Of A Petrol Pressure WasherIt is clear that petrol pressure washers have a lot of advantages and their popularity doesn’t look set to wane any time soon. Before we move on to the things you will need to consider when choosing a pressure washer, let’s take a look at the benefits you can expect to see.

  • Being far more powerful than corded or cordless pressure washers, the petrol jet washer will get the job done much more quickly. For stubborn cleaning jobs, this is a must if you don’t want your chores taking over.
  • The general build quality of a petrol pressure washer is always going to be top notch. As a result of this, you get a much more dependable tool that will run for as long as you need it. While some maintenance will be required, you will be rewarded by many years of reliable action.
  • Since you do not need to connect to a power socket as you would when using an electric pressure washer, you are not limited to where you can go. These machines are far more portable as you are only reliant on supplying a water source.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Petrol Pressure Washers?

The petrol pressure washer is an amazing tool but as with anything, there are a few drawbacks. While these shouldn’t be a deal breaker, they may work against you depending on how you want to use the pressure washer. For this reason, I would always advise thinking about this prior to buying, so you can be certain that a petrol model is right for you.

  • Petrol pressure washers run on a powerful engine and as such, will produce more noise compared to other types.
  • More maintenance is needed to keep a petrol pressure washer running at its best.
  • Owing to the inclusion of the engine and other components, petrol pressure washers tend to be much heavier.
  • The cost of a petrol pressure washer is typically higher than electric models; both corded and cordless.
  • A petrol pressure washer does emit fumes and so may not be suitable for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

What To Look For When Choosing A Petrol Pressure Washer

What To Look For When Choosing A Petrol Pressure WasherGetting a petrol pressure washer is a no brainer for most people with larger, more demanding and frequent areas to clean. If you want the freedom of not being tied to a power socket combined with the reliability and high power of these machines, then you’re on the right track.

However, while most petrol pressure washers are excellent, different models may have certain features that will better benefit the way you intend to use them. Before committing to anything, take a look at my buying tips which will serve as a way to point you in the right direction.

Pressure And Power

One of the first things that most people look at when choosing a pressure washer is the amount of power that is driving the water jets. In the case of petrol pressure washers, you can feel confident that you are getting something superior. However, it is important to look at the maximum and minimum pressure produced.

In the case of all pressure washers, pressure is measured in pounds per square inch, commonly referred to as PSI. The higher this number is, the more powerful the tool will be. But depending on what you wish to clean, you may need higher or lower pressure. When cleaning delicate surfaces like your car or a softwood deck, you need to be mindful that higher powered machines could cause damage. However, using variable nozzles to redirect the spray making it gentler is an excellent way to avoid this.

Pressure washers come in all levels of PSI ranging from those that produce around 1000 PSI to 1500 PSI, which are suitable for delicate jobs like garden furniture and the car through to more than 4000 PSI. These high powered machines are typically used for more demanding jobs like stripping paint and removing oil stains from concrete. However, since the power on these models is so intense, you must be incredibly careful when operating them.

Water Temperature

Petrol Pressure Washer - Water Temperature - BrandIf you are looking for a domestic pressure washer, you will only find tools that work using cold water. However, there are commercial machines out there that benefit from hot water and these are ideal for very tough and demanding jobs.

That said, since these do require some previous experience, I would always advise consulting a professional who will be able to get the job done for you. If you want to do the work yourself with a domestic pressure washer, there are some excellent detergents out there that will make stain removal much simpler.


There are a tonne of brands that make petrol pressure washers and you will find that most are pretty good. However, if you want something that is truly built to last then it is worth investing a little more and going for one of the more reputable brands.

A petrol pressure washer should be seen as an investment and if you look after it correctly, it will last you a lifetime.

Some of the best petrol brands are Briggs & Stratton, Wolf and Hyundai. These brands have built up a solid reputation for quality and reliability over the years. That said, there are some excellent up and coming brands that are demonstrating modern innovation and excellence; Wilks is a prime example of this. No wonder it is my top pick and many peoples favourite.


If you are looking for a pressure washer that is powerful, reliable. built to last and designed for tougher, larger and more frequent jobs, then I wouldn’t advise going for anything other than a petrol model. These tools make incredibly light work of challenging outdoor cleaning tasks and boast more power than any other type.

When choosing a petrol pressure washer, it is imperative to look at the features, pressure power and quality and compare these with your needs.

Pressure Washer Pressure Guide

Task Light Duty
40-110 Bar
600-1600 PSI
Medium Duty
110-130 Bar
1600-1900 PSI
Heavy Duty
130+ Bar
1900+ PSI
Block Paving
Fences & Garden Furniture
Commercial Vehicles


Best Petrol Pressure Washers FAQs

Are Petrol Pressure Washers Better?

Whether or not a particular type of pressure washer is better depends on your needs. Petrol pressure washers are, without a doubt, the most powerful type so they’re great for larger areas, stubborn dirt and more demanding cleaning jobs. Moreover, you’re not restricted by a power cable or battery runtime, so you have more freedom of movement and working time.

Can I Use A Petrol Pressure Washer In The Rain?

Most petrol-powered pressure washers will have some degree of splash protection; after all, they’re bound to be sprayed by their own jets at some point. If it is very light rain, then you should have no problems using your petrol pressure washer. However, these machines are not designed to be exposed to heavy rainfall or to sit in puddles of water. This may damage them.

How Many PSI Do I Need To Clean Concrete?

If you have a concrete driveway or patio that is only lightly soiled, then you might get away with a pressure washer with around 2300 PSI. However, if you’re looking to remove harsh stains like oil then you may need something up to 3000 PSI. Fortunately, petrol pressure washers are usually very powerful so are ideal for more challenging cleaning tasks.

What Should I Look For In A Petrol Pressure Washer?

The main things to look at when choosing a petrol pressure washer are the figures that tell you how powerful and efficient it is. The PSI tells you how much pressure the water comes out with while the LPH (litres per hour) tells you how much water flows through the pressure washer in one hour. But you should look at other things including what accessories you get, how well made the pressure washer is, warranty and support.

Can You Leave Petrol In A Pressure Washer?

If you’re going to use your pressure washer again within 30 days of filling up the tank, there won’t be any reason to empty it. However, after this length of time, the fuel can go bad and this can cause damage to the components inside the pressure washer. For this reason, it’s good practice to drain the fuel and leave your machine empty while not in use. Alternatively add a fuel stabiliser to the fuel, which should preserve the life of the fuel for the season and also assist with easy starting.

How Long Can You Run A Petrol Pressure Washer Without Water?

It is not recommended to run your pressure washer without water even just for a few moments. Doing this means that the pump will have to work much harder and potentially overhear as the water passing through cools the pump. It could ultimately lead to poor performance and damage to your pressure washer.

How Do You Drain Fuel From A Petrol Pressure Washer?

The most simple way to get rid of all the fuel from your pressure washer is to run it until the petrol runs out. Of course, this isn’t the most eco-friendly method, especially if the tank is as good as full. Instead, it’s better to use a hand siphon which will quickly and safely remove any remaining fuel in the tank.

How Does A Petrol Pressure Washer Work?

Petrol pressure washers rely on a combustion engine which powers the machine allowing it to pump water from a source before expelling it at high pressure out of the nozzle. The benefit of this type of pressure washer is that it yields far more power than electric or cordless models.

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