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Robomow RC312 Premium Mähroboter with docking station
The largest model from the RoboMow RC Series.
For max. 1000 m² lawn * *. Perfect surfaces also 1200QM
Includes remote control app for iPhone and Android.
Out Thanks To Its special Mähsystem the lawn can also something longer, for example, in accordance with on holidays, or for a long period of time bad weather sleeping phase.
The mower mäht across the rear wheels, so that Kantengenau can be of cutting.
Can be work is significantly less.
The product shown in the image RC306 yet, as identical from the outside
Robomow Premium RC312 PRD7012 A Technical Data: Mähleistung Max. 1000 m²; on perfect surfaces also 1200QM cut width 28 cm (mäht 1 cm beyond wheel edge) mower 200 W mowing (4000 RPM) Mähsystem mulch/Grass Recycled 15 – 60 mm stepless height adjustment pitch: Max. 36% (20 °) Integrated rain sensor weekly program fully automatic week program theft prevention pin code and acoustic alarm entry, dots 4 entry points Mähflächen/zones 1 main area + 3 as well as surfaces plus two separate zones safety features tilt and pop up sensor with blade brake signal before work & a child safety lock Bumper Case Skin Cover several shock sensors battery 26 V 3Ah lithium lithium-iron battery Remote control optional Bluetooth Remote Control App RoboMow app, remote control app (iPhone and Android) connections optonal Bluetooth, cellular radio module wheels 22 cm Power Wheeler, Trac profile is wider than the RC304 Dimensions device 63X46X21 CM Weight 11,4kg (including battery)
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