Flymo TurboLite 400













  • Easy and light to use
  • Powerful motor 1500W
  • Good cutting width (40cm)
  • Cutting height is easy to adjust (15mm - 41mm)


  • No grass box for collection

Flymo TurboLite 400 Review 2019 – Electric Hover Lawn Mower Non-Collect


Flymo TurboLite 400 Review

The Flymo TurboLite 400 is 40cm electric hover lawn mower with a powerful 1500 watt motor, rotary metal blade, 5 height adjustments, 12 metre cable and foldable handles making it very easy to maneuver, store and provides a professional cut from heights between 15 mm to 41 mm.

The feature that really put Flymo on the map is their hover ability. This model has that famous feature. It literally floats on a pillow of air making it super-light and easy to maneuver. With the decent 40cm metal cutting blade and the strong 1500watt motor, it will make mowing the lawn quick and easy.

Flymo have chosen to make a compromise between weight and durability. While this might not be the toughest lawnmower on the market it is light and nimble enough to hover everywhere with little effort. It is a pleasure us operate. Obviously, more durable construction would be heavier and harder to move around. It is a good balance.

The 12-meter cable is a bit more than you get with most electric mowers but still not enough for all. An extension cord will sort that out. One of the downsides to this mower, for some users, is the lack of collection box. If you mow regularly this is not a major issue but otherwise, you might need to rake up a bit. The benefit of cutting more frequently is that the clippings will mulch the lawn and return nutrients to the soil. This will lead to a healthier and more water-wise lawn.

This model is light and easy to move as well as compact to store. The handles can be folded down if necessary. It is easy to clean and can handle wet grass.

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Flymo TurboLite 400

Bosch Flymo TurboLite 400 Main Features:

  • Rating: 9.5/10
  • For lawns of up to 650 m2
  • Blade length: 40 cm
  • Weight: 8.2 k6
  • Number of Cutting Height: 5 (15mm – 41mm)
  • Grass box capacity: N/A
  • 1500w Power
  • Cable lenght: 12m

To find out how the Flymo TurboLite 400 hover works, please see the video below.


Key features:

  • Hover feature for ease of movement
  • Powerful motor
  • Good blade length


  • Easy to use
  • Good cutting width
  • Cutting height is easy to adjust


  • Not the lightest or most compact Flymo
  • Durability is less than heavier lawn mowers
  • No grass box for collection

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Flymo TurboLite 400

Roller (stripes)

The Flymo TurboLite 400 is a hover mower and therefore does NOT have a rear roller for a stripey lawn.

Safety Features

The Flymo TurboLite 400 comes with a standard central starter button that must be pressed in order to start this mower. This mower also has an integral blade brake for safer mowing.


The Flymo TurboLite 400 does not have the ability to mulch the lawn.

Flymo TurboLite 400 User Manual

You can download the Flymo TurboLite 400  user manual guide here



The Flymo TurboLite 400 carries a full 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty covering both faulty materials and faulty workmanship, it does not cover general wear and tear or damage, blades and other consumables.

What’s Included in the box?

  • 1 x Turbo 400
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Guarantee Registration Card


Flymo TurboLite 400 Review

The Flymo TurboLite 400 is a great all round mower that is designed for the maintenance of medium-to-large sized lawns.

The large 40cm deck size along with the 1500W motor make this mower ideal for larger lawns and really does make cutting the lawn a breeze. This mower is light at only 9kg, combine this with the Flymo air cushion and the fact that there is no grass box and you really can mow a large lawn very quickly and will tackle the most neglected lawn without a problem.

The build quality is what you would expect from Flymo, it is not the highest quality but then Flymo are trying to keep this mower as light as possible.

What I like about this mower is the 5 different cutting heights, however you will need to add or remove spacers to the fan to adjust the height – see the video below on how to adjust the Flymo’s height.

The Flymo TurboLite 400 is great value for money and will fold away flat when not in use. The fact that this is non collect mower with no grass box may put some people off, but if you simply want a mower that will mow your lawn quickly and easily then this may well be the mower for you.

Remember if the 40 cm deck size is a little large for your lawn then you may want to consider the smaller Flymo TurboLite 330 with a smaller deck size of 33 cm but the same power motor at 1500W. If the 33 cm deck size is still too large for your lawn then there is always the Flymo Turbo Lite 250 with a smaller deck size of just 25 cm and is more suited to a small lawn (under 150 sqm)

All in all this is a fantastic mower full of features that can be used to help make mowing your lawn that bit easier and enjoyable.

Where should I purchase this model?

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Flymo TurboLite 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Non-Collect
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Flymo TurboLite 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Non-Collect
  • Powerful 1500watt motor
  • 40cm metal blade
  • 5 heights of cut (15 - 41mm)
  • 12 metre mains cable
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Cutting height adjustment - Spacers

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Additional Specifications

Working Area 650 m²
Cutting width 40 cm
Cutting height steps 5
Cutting height max 41 mm
Cutting height min 15 mm
Cutting height adjustment Manual
Collector volume N/A
Cable Length 12 m
Height 56 cm
Length 144 cm
Vision Window No
Right or left start switch Left and Right
Foldable handles Yes
Grass bag filling indicator No
Roller No
Weight 8.2 kg