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Update March 2020

Please note that WORX has introduced a new range of Landroid robotic mowers, there are 6 models to choose from that cover lawns from 300m² to 2,000m². As you can see from this review below the Landroid robotic mowers have always led the way in advanced technology and features, and this new range of robotic mowers continues to ensure they are at the cutting edge of robotic mower technology. To see my full reviews of these new robotic mowers, and why they are amongst the best and most configurable mowers available in the UK today, click on the link below. 

New WORX Robotic Mower Range


The WORX WG798E Landroid robotic lawn mower can be seen as the bigger, more mature brother of the WG790E – that is why it’s named the Landroid L (large).

The WG798E has more gardening features – such as AIA cutting technology and the multi-zone programming – and is able to handle much more complex gardens as it can cover areas reaching 2,000m² in size (over 5 tennis courts).

However for a more accurate comparison you are probably best not to compare it to its little brother.

They are two completely different models, designed and manufactured for different jobs.

I would instead compare it to something like the Honda Miimo 310 or the Ambrogio L30 Elite Plus. They have similar qualities to the WG798E which makes it easier to judge how good of a mower it is.

Here I’ll be running through all the features and functions built into this model so you understand exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Main Features

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Covers areas reaching 1,500m² in size
  • Artificial intelligence navigation system
  • Mobile phone connection
  • Multi-zone function
  • AIA cutting technology

WORX WG798E Video

To give you a visual representation of the WG798E (or all Landroid L models) please watch the video below:

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Power System

Like all robotic mowers, the WG798E is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and electrical motor which will automatically charge itself using a charging station.

You will not have to guide it or instruct it to re-charge itself, as it senses when its battery is running low, at which point it will stop mowing the lawn and retreat back to the charging station.

This isn’t that unique in the robot mower world but definitely puts it ahead of conventional push mowers.

There is a downside however.

For each time this battery needs charged, it could take up to 2 hours to fully recharge and will only produce a mowing time of 1 hour.

This ratio isn’t great and is an aspect which its competition actually betters it. But in saying that the mowing/charging time doesn’t directly affect you, after all the lawn will still be getting mowed!

Also the power system is completely electric so it produces zero emissions and works extremely quietly.

So you can set it out to work at any time you want without it annoying you, your family or your neighbours, keeping the environment happy and healthy.

Model Comparison
Mowers Robomow RS615 Husqvarna 315 Worx WG798E
Lawn Coverage 1500 m² 1500 m² 1500 m²
Noise Level 72-66 dB 58 dB 57 dB
Mowing Time 55 – 70 minutes 70 minutes 120 minutes
Charging Time 90 – 110 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Dimensions 73.5x66x31 cm 63x51x25 cm 70x52x26cm
Weight 20 kg 9 kg 11.7 kg
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes
Rating 8/10 9/10 8/10


The WG798E is equipped with one pivoting disk with 4 separate razor blades attached. They are very small and are able to spin freely due to the force of the rotator disk. This gives them two very effective benefits…

  1. Because they are very small and sharp, they deliver much finer slice of the grass, much like the cut you would get from a sharp knife with vegetables. Making the overall cut of your lawn much better than the one you’d receive from a mower with one large blade.
  2. Whenever the Landroid comes into contact with any obstacles when out on a mow (e.g. stones, toys etc.) the blades with flick back under the rotator disk. This causes much less damage to the obstacles and much more importantly, the blades.

This again does not necessarily put it ahead of competitors but it’s good that WORX have taken advantage of what is clearly the most effective cutting system in the market.

Worx WG798E LandroidHeight Adjustment

In order to combat the changing season and to continually improve the look of your lawn, you can adjust the height at which the WG798E cuts at. This is done very easily using the large dial located on top of the mower.

It lets you choose to cut from anywhere between 20mm and 60mm. Just make sure you don’t set it at the shortest setting from the get go.

This results in long grass clippings which you will either have to pick up yourself or just leave. What a pain.

Instead start at a much higher setting and gradually work your way down. This gives the areas of small grass time to catch up with the long, resulting in a more even garden.

If you need to change your blades, which you will and should on a regular basis, then just look through the WORX manual. It takes you through each step and even gives you diagrams to make this process very easy.

Navigation System

All WORX robotic mowers are packed with artificial intelligence which allows them to not only navigate around your garden, but also make decisions while working. Making it much smarter than competitors.

In fact, this model will easily make its way through the narrowest of passages that others would just bypass. And it will mow while doing so.

The navigation system is really the focal point of all WORX mowers. They are just able to a much better job than others within their price range.

Putting it ahead of the competition and giving you maximum value for money.

Worx WG798E LandroidMulti-Zone Feature

To those with many lawns in your garden, you’ll find this feature most useful.

Unlike most mowers, the WG798E can work in two separate areas. Reliving you of the need to mow one yourself.

During installation, you will need to run your wire around both areas so the WG798E can operate in them.

However there is a definite downside to this.

If there is no passage way between both areas then you have to lift the mower from one area to the other. Which you can imagine will get annoying.

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Mobile Control

Now this is a feature you would usually find on high end models so it’s safe to say you’re getting your fair share of value here.

Provided you only have one lawn, this is a great feature. You can adjust settings, tell it to start and stop, receive notifications about progress and pretty much anything you can do using its manual control panel.

All can be done on the go, anywhere you are. So if you have a very busy lifestyle (or just like techy things) then you’ll love this feature.

This really will make lawn care much easier and makes the entire experience much less dependent on you.

Also, the programmers at WORX regularly update their software which you can install yourself very easily. It’s just like updating an app on your phone.

This means you don’t have to buy the upcoming model to take advantage of the newest features.

All you do is download it onto your phone and you’re good to go.

Safety Features

Like all robotic mowers, there must be some safety features to make you feel comfortable with it roaming around your garden on its own.

PIN and Alarm System

So that not just anyone can use the mower, the WG798E is locked using a PIN code. Meaning your kids will not be able to play with its sharp razors and burglar will not be tempted to steal it.

And if anyone attempts to use it without permission, the alarm will sound and, if you are connected to the app, you will receive a notification to your phone as well.

Giving you complete peace of mind.

Worx WG798E LandroidBump Sensors

Whenever the WG798E runs into an obstacle and gives it a little bump, the mower will automatically turn off its rotator disk, obviously stopping the blades from spinning.

The Landroid will then stop in motion, recalculate its route, turn slightly and continue with the mowing.

So if in any case, you are unknowingly standing in line of the mowers route (or just happen to bump into it) then have no fears, you will not be harmed.

Within two seconds the blade will turn off ensuring no harm to you or your family.

Lift & Tilt Sensors

Whenever you decide to show the blades off to your friends, not only will an alarm sound but the blade will also turn off. This quick-stop-blade function prevents any harm caused to your hand, so you will not have to make any surprise trips to A&E.

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Rain Sensor

The WG798E can sense whenever the grass gets wet and stops it from mowing. No matter if it’s already away mowing or just sitting in the docking station, the mower will not begin mowing until the grass is dry again.

As you probably know, wet grass can be bad for the mower as it will clog up its underside. Meaning it will use more power to operate, which only leads to shorter mowing times, and therefore poorer results.

Making this feature absolutely necessary.


  1. This mower does take a long time to charge, some competitors can charge much quicker and still produce the same working time. But this doesn’t affect you too much so you need to worry about this.
  2. If you need to set up the Multi-zone function because you have two (or more) separate garden areas which aren’t connected to one another then you’ll have to lift the WG798E from one area to another every time it needs to mow. This can be quite an annoying task but not as annoying as actually mowing!
  3. As with all robotic mowers, this model cannot mow outside of its boundary line. So in areas beside fences, bushes or the side of your house, you will be required to get the trimmers out and cut them yourself. This won’t take a lot of effort but it is a downside none-the-less.

Now I am being a little bit picky with these but you have to take them into consideration anyway. They are part of the package and it’s better being aware of them before a purchase than after.

Worx WG798E LandroidConclusion

Update March 2020 – please note that WORX has introduced a new range of Landroid robotic mowers, there are 6 models to choose from that cover lawns from 300m² to 2,000m². As you can see from this review below the Landroid robotic mowers have always led the way in advanced technology and features, and this new range of robotic mowers continues to ensure they are at the cutting edge of robotic mower technology. To see my full reviews of these new robotic mowers, and why they are amongst the best and most configurable mowers available in the UK today, click on the link below. 

New WORX Robotic Mower Range

Overall this is a very good mower, I actually rate it higher than the other WORX model I’ve reviewed (the WG790E).

The extra features like the mobile phone connection and the Multi-Zone function, combined with the common mowing features really do make it a very effective mower.

And you’re getting it for a very reasonable price.

But do I think it’s better than its closest competitors?

Yes I do!

It has more features than the Honda Miimo 310 and just slightly out does the Ambrogio L30.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic mower and I encourage everyone with a garden up to 1,500m² to purchase one. In fact I think it’s the best mower you can get right now!

Should You Buy This Model?

Well there are a few factors to consider first, whether or not you purchase this model really depends on your garden and situation.

To give you some guidance on which type of customer would suit this model best, below I’ve got a list of the categories they would fall under:

  • Their garden is about 1,500m² in size
  • Their garden is split up into different areas, which are connected to one another
  • They don’t mind doing a little trimming from time to time
  • Their lawns don’t slope more than 20°
  • They’re interested in using the mobile app
  • They have the time to maintain the lawn themselves or want a more effective mow
  • They’re interested in a high-end model

Of course this is open to interpretation so if you don’t fall under every single one then don’t worry I’m sure you’ll still love this product. It has loads of great features that I’m sure you make use of even if you’re not its perfect customer.

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Amazon have the best prices that are difficult to match and probably the most reliable delivery system on the web. Considering how valuable this piece of equipment is you want the most for your money and the best service possible making Amazon the best place to go.


Additional Specifications
Working Area 1500m²
Max Incline 20°
Timer Yes
Battery Type 28 V max Lithium-Ion
Typical Charging Time 120 minutes
Charging System fully automatic
Typical Mowing Time 60 Minutes
Cutting System 3-pivoting blade rotary disc
Blade Motor brushless
Cutting Height (min-max) 20-60 mm
Sound Level 57dB
Alarm Yes
PIN Code Yes
Drive Wheels all-terrain tread
Time Lock Yes
Lift Sensor Yes
Tilt Sensor Yes
Boundary Wire 200m
Product Size LxWxH 70x52x26cm
Weight 11.7 kg

Review Date
Reviewed Item
Worx WG798E Landroid
Author Rating
Product Name
Worx WG798E Landroid

2 thoughts on “Worx WG798E Landroid Review

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your web page on this robot lawn mower. We have recently put drought resistant landscaping in our front yard and only have a small patch of grass left in our back yard. I’m really tired of paying a gardener when he only cuts this small patch and barely does anything else in the yard. This will be perfect! :)

    1. Yeah these robots are perfect for the job but maybe not this one in particular. If it’s only a small patch then you’re probably best checking out some of the other smaller models. They’ll be able to cover this no problem and will also save you a bit of money too!

      Check them out on the my review page using this link – https://easylawnmowing.co.uk/robot-lawn-mower-reviews/

      Hope this helps,


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